Code Names for U.S. Military Projects and Operations

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1 Names — Another Form of Designation

1.1 Code Words
1.2 Nicknames
1.3 Exercise Terms
1.4 Alphabetical Blocks for Nicknames and Exercise Terms

2 List of Names

3 Sources

1 Names — Another Form of Designation (by Andreas Gehrs-Pahl)

Project Names and Code Words were used by military and intelligence organizations around the world for many years. They came into their own during World War I, and were virtually everywhere in World War II. The Cold War left a legacy of secrecy and a huge bureaucracy, that contributed a lot to the prevalence of Code Words and classifications, a bureaucracy which continues to dominate the US intelligence community and military to this day. There is probably only one other thing that this bureaucracy likes more than codes and classifications, and that is using abbreviations and acronyms :-). The rest of this article will deal specifically with US DoD and related Code Words, Nicknames, etc., and not with Names and Codes of any other country.

There are several different types of Names used in the US military, mostly for the purpose of designation but some simply for concealment. Most of those Names are public but deal with or describe secret things, but some Names or Code Words are actually secret by themselves.

Some of the different kinds of "Names" used are:

  1. Code Words
  2. Nicknames
  3. Exercise Terms
  4. Call Signs
  5. NATO ASCC Reporting Names
  6. Popular Names
  7. Unit and Base Names
  8. Vehicle Names

Of those, "Code Words" are classified, but only while they are "Active" or "Cancelled". "NATO Reporting Names" and "Call Signs" are sometimes also classified, but not always. All others, like "Nicknames", "Exercise Terms", and "Popular Names" are usually unclassified, as are "Available" (or unassigned) Code Words.

A list of all US DoD "Code Words", "Nicknames", and "Exercise Terms", as well as US and Allied "Call Signs", their meaning, and rules and regulations on how to assign and use them, can be found in the following documents. Most of those documents are classified and are prepared for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) or other agencies on a regular basis. For additional details see also "CJCSM 3150.01A", which is available at

  1. Document Name: "CJCSM 3150.29B"
    Document Type: "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM)"
    CJCSM Title: "Code Word, Nickname, and Exercise Term (NICKA) System"
    Short Name: "NICKA"
    Available at: (old edition CJCSM 3150.29A; access to current edition (3150.29B) is restricted)
  2. Document Name: "CJCSM 3150.06"
    Document Type: "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM)"
    CJCSM Title: "JRS, Reconnaissance"
    Short Name: "RECON" (was "RECON 1")
  3. Document Name: "JANAP-119"
    Document Type: "Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP)"
    Full Name: "Joint Voice Call Sign Book"
  4. Document Name: "JANAP-299"
    Document Type: "Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP)"
    Full Name: "U.S. Joint Code Work Index"
  5. Document Name: "ACP-100"
    Document Type: "Allied Communications Publications (ACP)"
    Full Name: "U.S. Call Sign and Address Group System-Instructions and Assignment"
  6. Document Name: "DoD 5200.1-R"
    Document Type: "Department of Defense Regulation"
    Full Name: "DoD Information Security Program"
    Available at:

Those documents describe how Nicknames and Code Words are assigned, and which Code Words, Nicknames, Call Signs, Exercise Terms, and alphabetical blocks for Nicknames, have been assigned to which agency. Nicknames and Code Words are usually assigned in blocks, by the Director of Operations, Joint Staff (JCS-J3), and assigned to specific DoD components.

1.1 Code Words

Code Words are always classified (CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, or higher) and always consist of a single word. The assignment of TOP SECRET Code Words requires Director, Special Programs, ODTUSD(P), approval. Code Words or blocks of Code Words are assigned to DoD components by the Joint Staff (JS). If a Code Word has been assigned, it is considered ACTIVE. Active Code Words always need to be shown with their classification, like (S) for SECRET or (TS) for TOP SECRET, and can not be discussed on unclassified networks or lines. Normally, Code Words are printed using all capital letters. [Note: In this document, Code Words are written in Small Caps to enhance readability.]

If a Code Word becomes compromised (or is suspected of being compromised), a new Code Word is assigned and the old Code Word is CANCELLED. Code Words are also cancelled, if the project, program, operation, or mission they were assigned to, was either completed or disbanded. All cancelled Code Words are still classified (at least) CONFIDENTIAL for (at least) another two years, before they become AVAILABLE (and Unclassified) again. Available Code Words can be re-used and assigned again for a different purpose. Because of this, the only Code Words that we (the general public) know about and that we discuss here, are usually Code Words that have been cancelled at one time or another. It is highly unlikely that such well-known and publicized Code Words as Oxcart or Tagboard are ever re-used, but it is possible. It may even be beneficial to re-use previously cancelled Code Words for the very same reason, as this "game" is all about deception.

Code Words should not describe or suggest the nature of what is classified. Follow-on projects or phases of a program must receive different Code Words. For example, follow-on phases of Project "Gusto" can't be assigned Code Words like "Gusto II" or "Gusto III".

Code Words can be assigned to virtually everything that might be classified, including Programs, Projects, Geographical Areas or Locations, Operations, Objectives, Missions, Plans, Tasks, Information types, etc. So called "Special Access (required) Programs" (SAP), also known as "black" programs, may have a classified Code Word assigned to them, but this is optional. Code Words are usually not assigned to Tests, Drills, Exercises, or Budget Identifiers, but many Special (Nuclear) Weapons Tests have received Code Words. Those Code Words might have originated from the DoE rather than the DoD, though.

The DoD only assigns single-word Code Words, but also sometimes uses Code Words that originate from other agencies (CIA, DoE, etc.), commercial companies, or foreign countries, which might not follow DoD directives for assignments of Code Words. Any and all Code Words that are used must be registered, to prevent double assignments or confusion. All Code Words and Nicknames are stored in the "Code Word, Nickname, and Exercise Term System" database, also known as NICKA, which was available through the military's Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS) network, but is now only available through the JS LAN (Joint Staff Local Area Network).

Code Words are not really used to conceal the classified object itself, as the Code Words themselves are classified, too, but are used instead to implement a Need-To-Know system for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), which is designed to keep individuals or groups from knowing too much about a specific system or topic, and to limit their access to only the information needed to do their specific job. There are several different SCI categories used in the DoD, and Code Words are assigned within those categories. For example, photos or tapes created by SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) or PHOTINT (Photographic Intelligence) can be viewed and analyzed by interpreters that have Special Intelligence (SI) and/or Talent-Keyhole (TK) clearances. SI covers all sorts of signals and overhead reconnaissance data, while TK covers overhead reconnaissance (both, aerial and satellite). The collecting systems (or Assets) of the NRO are covered under Byeman clearances, and receive separate Code Words. Even the individual systems and missions, like a particular satellite or launch, or a particular reconnaissance mission or flight, receive one or more numerical Codes. Those numerical codes are not covered in this article, though.

Specific types of information may also receive specific Code Words, for example Umbra, which covers particularly sensitive communications intelligence (COMINT) or Ruff, which covers specific intelligence based on satellite imagery. Some of those Code Words (like Cosmic, Gamma, Umbra, Byeman, Talent, and Keyhole) are still used, even though they are publicly known for a long time.

1.2 Nicknames

Nicknames are always unclassified, and (usually) consist of two separate words. The first word must start with two letters selected from a range of alphabetical blocks that are assigned to different agencies by the Joint Staff (JS) (see section 1.4). Often, specific First Words from those alphabetical blocks are reserved for specific types of users, projects, or operations. This practice exists since at least the early 1970s, but I don't know how any earlier Nicknames were assigned, and if similar rules were followed.

Nicknames should not contain the words "Project", "Operation", "Exercise", or consist of two separate words that also exist as a single word, like "Moon Light". Sometimes, three words are used, and the first or second word is sometimes an acronym. Follow-on projects or additional phases of a program often receive Roman Numeral suffixes, like "Peace Vector II" and "Peace Vector III", etc. In case of such multi-phase programs, the first, original project often receives a Roman Numerical "I" suffix, even if it originally did not have that extra "I" assigned to it. In the above example, "Peace Vector" and "Peace Vector I" would be equivalent and would address the same program. Nicknames are most often printed using all capital letters, but this does not seem to be a fixed rule. [Note: In this document, nicknames are written in Small Caps to enhance readability.] Nicknames should not be "exotic words, trite expressions, or well-known commercial trademarks". They should also "not express a bias inconsistent with traditional American ideals or foreign policy. Convey connotations offensive to good taste or derogatory to a particular group, sect, or creed, or convey connotations offensive to our allies or other nations."

All departments and agencies usually place additional restrictions on the assignment of Nicknames, such as that they should not contain words that are "close in spelling or pronunciation to a code word" or "any two-word combination voice call sign found in either JANAP-119 or ACP-119." In addition, sometimes First Words are assigned to specific departments, units, or project types.

Nicknames can be assigned to virtually the same things as Code Words, like Programs, Projects, Events, Geographical Areas and Locations, Operations, Objectives, Missions, Plans, Tasks, and Tests, etc. So called "Special Access Programs" (SAP), also known as "black" programs, must have an unclassified Nickname assigned to them. Even though Nicknames are always unclassified, they should not be discussed or mentioned on unclassified networks or telephone lines, unless all aspects, including organizational associations, are completely unclassified. SAPs usually also receive a trigraph or digraph (three or two-letter codes), which in case of digraphs, are usually the first two letters of the two unclassified words of the Nickname, like "TK" for "Talent-Keyhole" -- even though "Talent" and "Keyhole" are two separate Code Words, rather than a Nickname, in this example. An example for a trigraph might be "ONW" for "Operation Northern Watch" (even though ONW is not a SAP, of course).

Sometimes, whole groups of projects or programs are grouped under a single Nickname, like the NRO Nicknames Senior Keyhole or Senior Year, which (apparently) cover all overhead (photo) reconnaissance satellites and all overhead (photo) reconnaissance aircraft, respectively.

Many projects also receive a Project Number for logistical purposes. This "Number" actually consists of a three-character alphanumeric code. Where known, this code is also given in the accompanying list of Nicknames.

1.3 Exercise Terms

Exercise Terms should be considered a special form of Nickname, as they are always unclassified and for public use, and because they often consist of two words, and because they should be based on the same alphabetical blocks of possible words. Because exercises are often repeated on a regular basis, either quarterly, annually or bi-annually, specific exercises are often indicated by added numerical postfixes, like "Roving Sands '99", or "Red Flag 2/03", or "Balikatan 2000".

There is also usually no constraint on the meaning of Exercise Terms, and it is perfectly fine if the name used describes the exercise or any aspect of it. Some DoD components assign specific meanings to either the first or both words. As an example, all NORAD exercise terms use the first word to describe the organization or agency responsible, while the second word describes the type of exercise, test, or experiment that will be conducted.

1.4 Alphabetical Blocks for Nicknames and Exercise Terms

The following alphabetical blocks are assigned to the listed DoD components, agencies, and unified or specified commands, of which 24 different ones exist, as far as I know. Except for 'X', all initial letters are divided into four blocks, resulting in a total of 101 blocks (numbered alphabetically except for 'X', which appears to be regarded as a "special" letter). A few blocks are still unassigned. The table is from CJCSM 3150.29A, but it is not known if edition 3150.29B has changed any block assignments.


First Letters

Command / DOD Component / Agency



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USACOM (US Atlantic Command)



USSPACECOM (US Space Command)



USEUCOM (US European Command)



USPACOM (US Pacific Command)



USSOUTHCOM (US Southern Command)



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USSTRATCOM (US Strategic Command)



US Army



US Navy



US Air Force



US Marine Corps



NSA (National Security Agency)



DNA (Defense Nuclear Agency)



DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)



DCA (Defense Communications Agency) (note 1)



USCENTCOM (US Central Command)



JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff)



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USACOM (US Atlantic Command)



USSPACECOM (US Space Command)



USEUCOM (US European Command)



USPACOM (US Pacific Command)



USSOUTHCOM (US Southern Command)



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USSTRATCOM (US Strategic Command)



US Army



US Navy



US Air Force



US Marine Corps



NSA (National Security Agency)



DNA (Defense Nuclear Agency)



DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)



DCA (Defense Communications Agency) (note 1)



USCENTCOM (US Central Command)



JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff)



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USACOM (US Atlantic Command)



USSPACECOM (US Space Command)



USEUCOM (US European Command)



USPACOM (US Pacific Command)



USSOUTHCOM (US Southern Command)



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USSTRATCOM (US Strategic Command)



US Army



US Navy



US Air Force



US Marine Corps



NSA (National Security Agency)



DNA (Defense Nuclear Agency)



DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)



DCA (Defense Communications Agency) (note 1)



USCENTCOM (US Central Command)



JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff)



USEUCOM (US European Command)



USPACOM (US Pacific Command)



USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command)



USSTRATCOM (US Strategic Command)



US Army



US Navy



US Air Force



US Marine Corps



JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff)



USTRANSCOM (US Transportation Command)



USACOM (US Atlantic Command)






USSOUTHCOM (US Southern Command)



US Army



US Navy



US Air Force



US Army



US Navy



US Air Force



USEUCOM (US European Command)



USACOM (US Atlantic Command)



DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)



USPACOM (US Pacific Command)



OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense)



US Army



USTRANSCOM (US Transportation Command)



US Army



USTRANSCOM (US Transportation Command)



USACOM (US Atlantic Command)



US Army



USPACOM (US Pacific Command)



USSPACECOM (US Space Command)



USTRANSCOM (US Transportation Command)






DMA (Defense Mapping Agency) (note 2)



US Army



USTRANSCOM (US Transportation Command)






DIS (Defense Investigative Service) (note 3)



USTRANSCOM (US Transportation Command)



USSTRATCOM (US Strategic Command)






OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense)












White House Military Office

1) DCA (Defense Communications Agency) has been renamed as DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency)
2) DMA (Defense Mapping Agency) has been incorporated into NIMA (National Imagery and Mapping Agency), now named NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
3) DIS (Defense Investigative Service) has been renamed as DSS (Defense Security Service)
4) DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) is listed without any assigned blocks

Those assignments could very well change over time, especially when new organizations and commands are created or deactivated. Recently, many of the US-led Operations and Exercises received more often Nicknames that are not in line with the assigned blocks, but instead are supposed to sound "patriotic" or maybe "inspiring". For some insight on how some of the more popular operations' names were assigned, see the following interesting article at

2 List of Names

The listing includes mainly two-word nicknames for U.S. military aviation-related projects, operations, exercises and foreign aid programs from around the 1960s and later. A few names (e.g. single-word CIA codes), which would fall outside that scope are included nevertheless, when one of our authors happened to come across it ;-).

Additional Names

In addition to the list following below, we have made available all two-word nicknames listed in the "Code Names Handbook", published by Defense Marketing Services (D.M.S.) in 1983. The D.M.S. listing can be downloaded as a ZIP'ed PDF file (323 KB). Many thanks go to Per Nyström, who has done a fantastic job in scanning and OCR'ing the printed publication!

For the time being, the D.M.S. data is provided "as is", to make it available to the interested community as soon as possible. In the long term, however, it is planned to integrate the nicknames from D.M.S. into the HTML list, and sort out inconsistencies and outdated information.


Note: The D.M.S. data is made available with the permission of Forecast International Inc. ( Forecast International is the current owner of all former D.M.S. assets, and holds the copyright to all D.M.S. publications. Regarding the publication of parts of the 1983 "Code Name Handbook" on the Designation-Systems.Net website, Forecast International issues the following disclaimer:

This data is circa 1983 and is not reflective of current and/or active codenames. Forecast International Inc. accepts no responsibility for any actions which may arise due to data inaccuracies.


Quick links to the most important first words of the nicknames, together with their suspected scope:


Able Mable

Deployment of RF-101C Voodoos to Vietnam

African Eagle

Exercise (or Contingency), Morocco, 1997

Airlift Rodeo

Excercise/Competition, AMC (was MAC), International Air Mobility Competition (airlift-tanker competition), biannual, since 1962, international since 1979, at Pope AFB, NC, until 1992; (R '94: Little Rock AFB, AS, R '96: ?, R '98: McChord AFB, WA, 06/21/1998-06/26/1998, R 2000: Pope AFB, NC, 05/07/2000-05/../2000)

Allied Force

Operation, NATO, USA-led, attack on Serbia, part of Kosovo Campaign, 03/24/1999 - 06/10/1999

Allied Harbour

Operation, NATO, USA-led, XXX, part of Kosovo Campaign, 04/04/1999 - 07/10/1999

Ample Train

Exercise, United Kingdom, annual, 1997


US ELINT satellite, new designation of the platform previously known as Rhyolite


Initial program name for CIA-sponsored U-2

Arc Light

OpOrd for B-52D/Fs from Andersen AFB, Guam, and KC-135s from Kadena AB, and later CCK (1967+), bombing North Vietnames targets (and refueling the B-52s), 1965+

Arctic Candy

OpOrd, see Burning Candy

Ardent Ground

Exercise, NATO, Allied Forces Central Europe Mobile Forces, annual, live-fire, AG 2000: 05/01/2000 - 05/06/2000+, in Germany/Italy/Hungary


ELINT satellite (advanced Rhyolite)

Atlas Response

Operation and JTF, for increased (humanitarian) assistance to flood-ravaged African nations (Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe), first people in country: 02/16/1000, JTF established: 03/06/2000, aerial operations ended: 03/26/2000, all personell to be back at home bases: 04/04/2000, 7 C-130s (including 1 C-130 with 'Keen Sage' reconnaissance system) from 37th AS, 86th AW, Ramstein AB, 3+ HH-60Gs from 41st RQS, Moody AFB, GA, (some crews from 56th RQS, Keflavik, Iceland, and 4 MH-53Ms from 21st SOS, and 2+ MC-130Ps from 67th SOS, both from 352nd SOG, RAF Mildenhall, also deliveries by C-5A (including all the helicopters) from 436th AW, Dover AFB, DE, and also C-17A (earlier). DoD money allocated: $37 million, and $50+ million in aid. About 500 personell at Hoedspruit AFB, South Africa and about 710 (600 USAF) involved, more than 580 sorties flown, about 970 tons of cargo and 1,200 passengers transported. In addition, 14 aircraft were chartered under USAID grant and are planed for an expanded air support capability until emergency road repairs are completed.


USAF, classified program, most-likely for B-2A procurment


Operation, Evacuation of orphans from South Vietnam, 1972

Back Road

Operation, 27 B-52F strike on Laos, 02/27/1966

Bald Eagle

USAF counterpart to CIA's Aquatone; big-wing B-57 Canberra, became RB-57D

Baltic Candy

OpOrd, see Burning Candy

Baltic Challenge

Exercise, joint air/land/sea, NATO and PFP, annual, BC `98: Lithuania, 07/09/1998-07/19/1998

Balikatan 2000

Exercise, joint with Philippines, including HH-60G from 33rd RQS and MC-130H from 353rd SOG, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, C-130s from 36th AS, Yokota AB, Japan, etc.
"Balikatan" is Philippino for "shouldering the load together", Phase I: 01/31/2000 - 02/06/2000, Phase II: 02/21/2000 - 03/13+/2000)

Barrel Roll

OpOrd for daylight attack missions over Laos, 03/03/1965-1970+


USN, classified anti-submarine aircraft program


USAF, classified intellgence program

Best Ball

Operation [...]

Beverly Morning

PACAF (?) Exercise, monthly (?), joint, mobility, 98-05: at Kadena AB, 05/1998

Big Belly

Conversion program to enlarge conventional bomb load of B-52Ds, 12/1965-

Big Crow

NKC-135A/E '55-3132', Airborne Electronic Warfare Laboratory, used for ECM testing, 1973+

Big Daddy

NKC-135A '55-3134' (might be nick name), participated in "Starfish" nuclear tests, 1962

Big Eye


Big Four

'Mod 1000', B-52A/C/D/E/F/G/H modification program for low-altitude operations, 1959-1963

Big Lift


Big Look

Component of EP-3E Aries program

Big Safari

Conversion program for rapid fielding of various specially modified C-130, C-135, RPVs, and other aircraft, 1950s-today

Big Team

Conversion program for rapid fielding of specially modified C-135 and other aircraft, 1967+

Black Colt

smaller version of Black Horse TAV

Black Crow

Equipment to detect the ignition systems of piston engines. Fitted to AC-130 gunships

Black Fly

Program including Fairchild Sailwing drone

Black Horse

USAF study for HC-fueled air-refuelable TAV

Black Knight

Program to build (the first six Group A) RB-57D-1 ('53-3977' - '53-3982'), 1954-1956

Black Light

ARPA, classified RDT&E program

Black Spot

Conversion of two C-123K ('54-691' and '54-698') to NC-123K (AC-123K) night interdiction / reconnaissance missions

Black Velvet

U-2/TR-1 special radar absorbing, black paint

Blind Bat

OpOrd for C-130A '56-0477', '56-0533', plus otheres, flying flareship missions over Laos, 1965-1970+

Blue Band

First conversion program to fix B-52B/C/D fuel leaks, see also Hard Shell and Quickclip, 09/1957

Blue Bird


Blue Eagle


Blue Flag

Exercise, simulated, theater-wide operations, for leader ship, annual (?), first 1976, 04/2000: Barksdale AFB, LA, 8th AF

Blue Fox

Modification of the AN/FPS-80 tracking radar to the AN/FPS-80(M) configuration. Shemya, AK, 1964.

Blue Gill


Blue Sky

OpOrd for voice-intercept missions over Laos by SC-47s (?), 1 lost 03/23/1961 over Laos

Blue Springs

AQM-34 drone operations of 4028th RS/4080th SRW in Vietnam, Ryan 147 reconnaissance RPVs

Blue Straw


Bold Venture

CTF, seems to control 'Exercise New Horizons 2000'

Briar Patch

CIA-sponsord sub-version of Rivet Stand, KC-135A / KC-135R (I) '55-3121', '59-1465', modified for ELINT missions, 1967/1969 ?, modified under Big Safari

Bright Star

Exercise, joint with 11 nations, including Jordan, and 26 observers, 10/1999

Brilliant Buzzard

suspected 2STO launcher/XB-70 like aircraft, maybe aka Blue Eyes

Brilliant Eyes

SDIO, Space-based Laser/Recon

Brillant Pebbles

SDIO, Space-based Laser/Recon

Bubble Dancer

OpOrd for U-2, world-wide U-2 weather sampling operations

Buff Strike 2000

'Joint Training Iinitiative', for B-52s (2nd BW, 5th BW, and 917th WG) as well as E-3s, E-8s, and RC-135s

Buffalo Hunter

OpOrd (?) for AQM-34L/M low-altitude RPVs, 1969-1975

Bugle Rag

U-2 photos updating RBS sit chart production

Bullet Shot (I)

Deployment of 29 B-52s to Andersen AFB, and 10 KC-135s to Kadena AB, 02/08/1972

Bullet Shot II

Deployment of 6 more KC-135s (and 3 more under Bullet Shot II Extension) to SEA, 04/1972

Bullet Shot III

Deployment of 3 KC-135 to Kadena AB and 7 to U-Tapao RTNAB, mid of 04/1972

Bullet Shot IV

Deployment of 2 KC-135 to Kadena AB, end of 05/1972

Burning ... (SAC OpOrd)

Burning Candy

SAC OpOrd for RC-135C, RC-135D Rivet Brass, RC-135M Rivet Cord, and RC-135T Rivet Dandy missions, 1967-1971+;
including: Arctic Candy, Baltic Candy, Cuban Candy and Mediterranean Candy

Burning Cord

SAC OpOrd for RC-135M Rivet Cord missions, 1974+

Burning Hand

SAC OpOrd for C-130 overfly missions of USSR

Burning Light

SAC OpOrd for KC-135R (I) Rivet Stand/Rivet Quick and KC-135T Cobra Jaws/Rivet Jaw missions, 1967-1969+

Burning Pipe

also Burning Candy, SAC OpOrd for RC-135C, 1967+, modified under Big Team

Burning Star

SAC OpOrd for RC-135E Rivet Amber and RC-135S Cobra Ball missions, 1967-1969+

Burning Vision

SAC OpOrd for RC-135X Cobra Eye missions, 1989+

Burning Wind

SAC OpOrd for RC-135V and RC-135W Rivet Joint missions, 1974-1980+


Busted Jaw

also Cobra Jaws/Rivet Jaws/Rivet Jaw, KC-135T '55-3121', 03/1969-05/1971, modified under Big Safari

Busy Lawyer

U-2 reception plan for VIPs

Busy Prairie


Busy Rally

U-2 tactical squadron commanders seminar


Conference, reoccurring, Air Force leaders, Eglin, AFB, FL

Cast Glance

optical tracking and collection system on WC-135B (see also Star Cast)


classified intellgence program

Cefirm Leader

Crazy Dog follow-on program. Detection/Location gear integrated with ECM and INS. Associated with OV-1 and RU-21

Cefirm Lion

As Cefirm Leader, but with different frequency coverage

Cefirm Scavenger

Communications codebraking system fitted to RU-21

Cefly Lancer

Direction Finding/locator gear associated with RU-21


USAF, classified intellgence program, possibly a surveillance satellite

Central Enterprise

Exercise, NATO, Europe, 06/1998


SIGINT satellite, renamed to Vortex

Chalk Coral

USN, tactical RDT&E program

Chalk Eagle

USN, tactical RDT&E program

Check Mate

Operation, [...]

Chrome Dome


Classic Bullseye

USN, Surveillance or C3I project ?

Classic Outboard

USN, classified direction-finding equipment

Classic Outrigger

USN, Surveillance or C3I project ?

Classic Wizard

USN, Surveillance/SIGINT satellite, launched 04/1976


OpOrd for SR-71A flights near/over Cuba, flown from Beale AFB, was Giant Plate

Close Look


Cobra ... (RADINT/TELINT/SIGINT Intelligence-gathering Systems ?)

Cobra Amber

Adaptation of radar to collect re-entry data in support of ABM programme(s)

Cobra Ball (I)

Optical system for re-entry research; follow-on to Rivet Ball, 1 RC-135S '61-2663' Cobra Ball Minimum, then Cobra Ball I, 10/1969-1989+, modified under Big Safari

Cobra Ball II

1 RC-135S '61-2664', 1970-03/15/1981 (crash), modified under Big Safari

Cobra Ball III

1 RC-135S '61-2662', 11/02/1983-1988+, modified under Big Safari

Cobra Ball IV (?)

1 RC-135S '61-4128', 1995-?, to be modified under Big Safari

Cobra Bite

Measurement of unintentional electromagnetic readiation

Cobra Brass

Satellite-based detection of nuclear weapons/explosions/radioactive material [...]

Cobra Dane

Land-based phased array radar for TELINT and missile test surveillance; System 633L AN/FPS-108 at Shemya AFB; replaced AN/FPS-17, AN/FPS-80

Cobra Eye

OAMP - Optical Aircraft Measurement Program; RC-135X '61-4128', for midcourse optical identification and discrimination of ballistic missile re-entry vehicles, 08/1989-02/22/1993, modified under Big Safari; also US Army Boeing 767 with AOA - Airborne Optical Adjunct

Cobra Foam

Technical sensor programme

Cobra Gemini

Dual-band (S-band and X-band) land-/sea-based radar; AGM 23, T-AGOS??

Cobra Gold

Exercise, annually, joined combined US and Thailand, and Singapore (in 2000), observers (in 2000): Philippines, Australia, Malaysia; CG 2000 (19th): 05/09/2000 - 05/23/2000

Cobra Hood

Early-warning & electronic reconnaissance system: EC-47N/P

Cobra Jade

UHF radar, 84' antenna; installed in Thailand

Cobra Jaws

also Rivet Jaws/Rivet Jaw/Busted Jaw, 1 KC-135T '55-3121', 03/1969-05/1971, modified under Big Safari

Cobra Judy

Ship-based radar system for TELINT and missile test surveillance (impact area surveillance); AN/SPQ-11 on board 'USNS Observation Island', stationary in middle of the Pacific

Cobra Mist

Back-scatter over-the-horizon radar:System 441L at orofrdness, UK

Cobra Shoe

Installed in Mediterranean area

Cobra Spot

SIGINT equipment

Cobra Surf

Long-range surveillance radar; Pacific area

Cobra Talon

Radar installed in Thailand

Cobra Time

Airborne collection of technical electronic intelligence

Cobra Tune

Collection of technical electronic intelligence from airborne platforms


Cold Chuck

OpOrd for RB-57F

Cold Dome

OpOrd for RB-57F

Cold Fire

Exercise, Germany, 1984

Cold Flare

Study of solar flare activity at high altitude, in preparation for polar or high-altitude supersonic flights

Cold Hunt

Missions in support of the ALOC project

Cold Rap

NASA earth resources study

Cold Speck

OpOrd for RB-57F

Cold Wall

NASA heat-transfer experiments with YF-12A '60-6935'

College Eye

C-121s used as airborne command posts in Vietnam

College Girls

High level intercept activity against U-2

College Maiden

Addition of strip chart recorders to 3 channels of the AN/FPS-17(XW-3) Detection Radar. Shemya, AK, 1964

Combat ... (TAC (and/or PACAF ?) OpOrd/"Proword")

Combat Angel

Chaff-seeding, ordnance delivery by drone, 1967+; AQM-34G/H/J/Q/R; controlled by DC-130A using AN/APW-23, AN/UYK-15; AN/ALE-2/-38;
later AQM-34V, updated AQM-34H/J and new-built AQM-34V, used for ECM, 1974+

Combat Apple

also Burning Candy, PACAF OpOrd for RC-135M Rivet Cord missions, 1967+

Combat Arrow

USAFE OpOrd (unit code name) for Combat Talon C-130Es

Combat Beef

Build-up of a strategical reserve in the USA for TAC units in Vietnam (also Beef Broth)

Combat Bronco

Six-month combat evaluation of the Rockwell OV-10A Bronco in Vietnam, beginning 08/1968

Combat Bullseye

F-111A radar bombing tests, 1967+

Combat Dawn

OpOrd for Compass Bin AQM-34Q (Ryan 147TE) and AQM-34R (Ryan 147TF) medium-altitude SIGINT RPVs, from Korea, 1970-1975; ground segment AN/FSQ-86; gear also studied as a U-2 payload

Combat Eagle

F-4D with AGM-62

Combat Fox

PACAF OpOrd for tactical aircraft deployments to SEA (?) during Operation Port Bow, 1968+

Combat Hornet

OpOrd (?) for AC-119G/K gunships

Combat Knife

TAC OpOrd (unit code name) for (Combat Talon) Skyhook C-130E-Is, starting in late 1965 with the 779th Troop Carrier Squadron 'Blackbirds', at Pope AFB, NC

Combat Lancer

TAC OpOrd (deployment) of 6 F-111As from 428th TFS to Takhli RTAFB (was preceded by Harvest Reaper F-111A ECM and avioincs tests), 03/15/1968 - 11/1968; 3 lost: '66-0022' on 03/28/1968, '66-0017' on 03/30/1968, '66-0024' on 04/22/1968

Combat Lightning

PACAF OpOrd/modification program for KC-135A-III Radio Relay aircraft in SEA, 196x+

Combat Look

Radar mapping: 4 x RC-130A

Combat Martin

F-105Fs, carrying QRC-128 VHF jammers to block communications between MiGs and GCI-centers

Combat Pink

RC-135U OpOrd, SIGINT missions

Combat Pointer

Test of steerable jamming antenna

Combat Proof

Ground-controlled bombing: beacon-equipped F-4D; AN/MSQ-77 Skyspot

Combat Sam

part of 'Heavychain' OpOrds, PACAF OpOrd for C-130E-CT Rivet Yard special operations aircraft, 08/1966-10/1972

Combat Sent

(nicknamed "Combat Scent") Signal collection & analysis; 3 RC-135U '63-9792' 'Combat Sent 3', '64-14857' 'Combat Sent 1', '64-14849' 'Combat Sent 2', 04/1970-1987+, modified under Big Safari

Combat Shadow

TAC modification program for HC/MC-130N/P CSAR aircraft

Combat Shield

Provision of ECM and ECCM measures to combat units

Combat Skyspot

AN/MSQ-77 radar-assisted ground-directed bombing system, introduced SEA, 1966-

Combat Spear

PACAF OpOrd (unit code name) for original Stray Goose (Det 1, 314th Troop Carrier Wing (TCW) from Pope AFB, NC to CCK AB (Taichung), Republic of China (Taiwan), using 4 (Combat Talon) Skyhook C-130E-I / MC-130E-C Rivet Clamp, to 15th Air Commando Squadron (03/1968), at Nha Trang AB, Republic of Vietnam, (starting 1966), then 15th Special Operations Squadron (11/1968), and finally 99th SOS (11/1970), absorbed into 1st SOS (12/15/1972), probably also used MC-130E-Y Rivet Yank special operations aircraft, 09/08/1966-03/31/1972

Combat Sugar

Chaff tests

Combat Talon

TAC modification program for C-130Es to special operations aircraft, including: 2 Thin Slice C-130E-CT, 4 C-130E-CT Rivet Yard I / MC-130E-Y Rivet Yank, 2 MC-130-S Rivet Swap, 18 Skyhook C-130E-I / MC-130E-C Rivet Clamp

Combat Talon I

14 MC-130E-C Mod 70 (and later Mod 90) special operations aircraft, 1976-today

Combat Talon II

24+ MC-130H(CT) special operations aircraft, 1984-today

Combat Track

AFSPCOM, system for route tracking of aircraft with encrypted, real-time data transfer, using relay satellites

Combat Tree

F-4D with added pylon for ECM-pod

Combat Trident

F-111A pilot training

Combat Vulcan

Infrared countermeasures for tactical aircraft


Comfy Bee

AQM-34 related

Comfy Coat

AQM-34R related

Comfy Levi

part of Coronet Solo II/Volant Solo/Commando Solo, 5+ EC-130E(CL) '63-7783' (to C-130E(RR) Rivet Rider), '63-7815', '63-7816', '63-7828', '63-9816', configured for (Senior Scout' and/or Senior Hunter) ELINT/SIGINT missions

Commando ... (AFSOC or PACAF(?) OpOrd/"Proword")

Commando Buzz

AFSOC OpOrd (?) for EC-121Ss of 193rd SOS, deployed to Thailand 12/1970

Commando Hunt (I)

Campaign, AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail

Commando Hunt II

AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail

Commando Hunt III

AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail

Commando Hunt IV

AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail

Commando Hunt V

AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail

Commando Hunt VI

AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail

Commando Hunt VII

AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail/supplies from North Vietnam and PRC, end of 1971+

Commando Lava

AFSOC OpOrd (?) for C-130 Hercules missions over Laos, 41st TAS

Commando Nail

PACAF OpOrd (?) for F-105Fs, equipped with R-14A radar, low-level night bombing missions, Vietnam

Commando Royal

AFSOC OpOrd for KC-135s from CCK and later Kadena AB, to refuel tactical aircraft during Operation Port Bow, 02/1968+

Commando Sling

PACAF exercise with F-16s from 8th FW, Kunsan AB, Korea, at Paya Lebar AB, Singapore, and Singapore AF F-16s and F-5s

Commando Solo (I)

was Coronet Solo II and Volant Solo, AFSOC OpOrd for EC-130E(RR) Rivet Rider, PsyOps, Radio and TV transmission, and C3CM aircraft, and probably also covers EC-130E(CL) Comfy Levi SIGINT aircraft, operated by 193rd SOW

Commando Solo II

AFSOC OpOrd for EC-130E(RR) Rivet Rider, PsyOps and C3CM aircraft, updated to WWCTV standard, 1990s

Compass ... (ELINT/PHOTINT/SIGINT intelligence-gathering systems?)

Compass Arrow

High-altitude photographic surveillance with secondary infrared and elint functions; AQM-91A RPVs launched by DC-130s to replace U-2s, 1969+

Compass Bear

Tactical electronic support measures vehicle

Compass Bin

Low-altitude photographic reconnaissance with onboard recording; AQM-34G/H/J/K/L/M/P/Q/R RPVs launched by DC-130s

Compass Bright

Automatic ranging & direction-finding system for cryptologic missions; U-2, related to Compass Cope, Compass Dwell; ground segment AN/FSQ-86

Compass Buffalo

Reconnaisance drone; became Compass Cope

Compass Call

Command/control/communications jamming; 12+ EC-130H(CC) '62-1862', '65-0989', '73-1581', '73-1583', '73-1584', '73-1585', '73-1586', '73-1587', '73-1588', '73-1592', '73-1594', '73-1595';
Conflict? 6 x EC-130E; proposed for EF-111A; Compass Widget, Rivet Fire

Compass Clear

Interference suppression devices for radiating avionics: B-52

Compass Cookie

Program to gather data on the SA-2 'Guideline' SAM and 'Fang Song' radar with SIGINT drones

Compass Cool


Compass Cope

High-altitude long-endurance turbofan-powered drone for signal collection: YQM-94A, YQM-98A; 1972-1976; related to Compass Bright

Compass Counter

Radar location; Pave Nickel

Compass Dart

HF/VHF communications direction-finding system

Compass Dawn

AQM-34Q (Ryan 147TE) and AQM-34R (Ryan 147TF) SIGINT RPV program to locate ground-based enemy radars; related to Comfy Coat

Compass Dwell

Medium-altitude long-endurance piston-engined reconnaissance/SIGINT drone, for emitter location & photography; E-Systems XQM-93A & Martin Marietta Model 845A

Compass Eagle

Patricia Lynn RB-57E related project, testing/using an IR scanner

Compass Ears

used AN/UYK-14

Compass Ghost

Investigation of electro-optical countermeasures

Compass Go

Internally-mounted active ECM; used with AN/ALR-67; F-14, F-16, F/A-18

Compass Hammer

Advanced electro-optical countermeasures pod; AN/ALQ-179, AN/ALQ-180; tested in F-4

Compass Haste

Patricia Lynn RB-57E related project

Compass Home

SADRAM; modified AN/APQ-72 (QRC-350)

Compass Jade


Compass Jay


Compass Lane


Compass Link

Facsimile photographic transmission system; used with SATCOM terminals AN/MSC-46, AN/SSC-3, AN/TSC-54

Compass Matrix

Power management of ECM systems; F-4, AN/ALQ-119; related to Compass Tie

Compass Preview

Console for photographic interpreters & intelligence analysts

Compass Quick

ELINT update on EC-135; allows fine-grain analysis of signals

Compass Robin

Implanted sensor system/radar jammer; AN/ALE-2, AN/ALQ-71; delivered by AQM-34M or YAQM-34U

Compass Sail

Air Force/Navy joint programme for C-band & D-band direction finding; AN-ALQ-119, -162; AN/ALR-64,-69; related to Compass Tie

Compass Sail Clockwise

Compass Sail modified/developed to handle CW emitters; AN/APR-43; used in A-7, F-4, F-14

Compass Seven

Electro-optical collection reconniassance system; RC-135, RF-4C

Compass Sight

Air/ground infrared imagery data link; uses C-band link for air/air relay, Ku-band to surface; Patricia Lynn RB-57E, RF-4C; SEAOR-45 (South East Asia Operational Requirement)

Compass Strike

Radar location by time-of-arrival techniques; F-4; QRC-334/385

Compass Swing

Countermeasures equipment; F-4, RF-4C

Compass Tie

Modification of AN/ALQ-119 jamming pods; A-10, F-16, F/A-18; used with AN/ALR-46A, -64, -69; related to Compass Matrix

Compass Widget

Command/control/communications jamming: C-130 Compass Call

Compass World

Reconnaissance drone

Constant ... (TAC/ACC OprOrd/"Proword")

Constant Green

MH-53H Pave Low upgrade program

Constant Guard (I)

Deployment of tactical aircraft to SEA, 04/06/1972+

Constant Guard IIA

Deployment of 12 KC-135, Task Force established at Clark Field, 05/02/1972

Constant Guard IIB

Deployment of 11 KC-135, Task Force established at Clark Field, 05/10/1972

Constant Guard III

Deployment of 4 F-4 squadrons from Holloman AFB, NM, to SEA, 05/03/1972

Constant Guard IV

Deployment of tactical aircraft to SEA, 1972 ?

Constant Guard V

Deployment of 48 F-111s to Takhli RTAFB, 09/1972

Constant Guard VI

Deployment of 72 A-7Ds to Korat RTAFB, 11/1972

Constant Help

USAF, classified tactical support program

Constant Peg

Air Combat Training with MiGs from 4477th TES, at TTR, early 1980s - 03/1988, follow-on to Have Idea

Constant Phoenix

OpOrd for WC-135B, missions, 1965+


Cooperative Chance

Exercise, air defense (peace support/enforcement of 'no-fly zone'), NATO and PFP, anually (CC '98: Zvolen, Slovakia, 07/05/1998 - 07/10/1998)

Cooperative Zenith

Exercise, CAS/FAC/SAR, NATO and PFP, anually (CZ '98: Davis-Monthan AFN, AZ, 05/06/1998 - 05/14/1998)

Cope Thunder

Exercise, PACAF-sponsored, Joint and Foreign participation, 4 annually, 1976 to 1992, Clark AB, Philippines, since then in Alaska, at Eielson AFB and Elmendorf AFB (CT 98-02: 05/04/1998 - 05/18/1998, CT 98-03: 06/04/1998 - 06/19/1998, CT 98-04: 07/09/1998 - 07/24/1998)

Copper Canyon

USAF hypersonic research program

Copper Coast

USAF tactical evaluation and analysis program


Exercise, USAFE-sponsored, bi-lateral, PfP, Joint Service Engineering, USA and Republic of Macedonia, 2000-3: 06/05/2000 (?) - 06/23/2000

Coronet ... (ANG OpOrd/"Proword")

Coronet Cove

A-7D detachment at Howard AFB, Panama, 1979 - 2/1990

Coronet Havoc

F-117A deployed to Gilze-Rijen, Netherland, 1997 ?

Coronet Nighthawk

Deployment for Anti-Narcotics Operations, to Curaçao, South America, ANG F-16 units, reporting to USSOUTHCOM and 12th AF; 11/1999-12/1999: 6 16Cs from 120th FS, CO-ANG; 01/2000-03/2000: 121st FS, DC-ANG; 04/2000-current: 178th FS, ND-ANG; 08/2000-11/2000: USAF unit, Hill AFB, UT)

Coronet Sandpiper

F-15A detatchment of 32nd TFS at Camp New Amsterdam (Soesterberg AB), 09/13/1978

Coronet Solo (I)

OpOrd for EC-121S electronic surveillance aircraft

Coronet Solo II

OpOrd for EC-130E(RR) Rivet Rider and EC-130E(CL) Comfy Levi, PsyOp, WWCTV, C3CM, 1970s, to Volant Solo

Coronet Spider 22

2 B-52s with AGM-142s of the 2nd BW deployed (on a "global power mission") from Barksdale AFB, LA, to Andersen AFB, Guam, and Osan AB, Korea, early 03/2000


Cotton Candy

OpOrd for KC-135A-II / RC-135D Office Boy, and KC-135A Rivet Stand missions, 1962-1965+

Courageous Channel

Exersise, semi-annual NEO, Osan AB, Korea, Courageous Channel 2000-1: 03/24/2000-03/26/2000

Cover All


Crazy Dog

Detection/Location gear integrated with ECM and INS

Crazy Horse

SIGINT program based on the DHC Dash 7

Credible Chase

17 AU-23A '72-1304' - '72-1318' and 17 AU-24A '72-1319' - '72-1333' mini-gunships/COIN aircraft for the RTAF and Cambodian AF

Credible Light


Credible Sport

3 YMC-130H, modified for STOL with rockets, intended for Iran hostage rescue attempt

Creek Falcon


Cross Trak


Cuban Candy

OpOrd, see Burning Candy

Cut Back

Operation [...]


Operation, [...]



Decisive Edge

Operation, Bosnia, including F-15Es of 494th FS, 1995

Deep Well

Component of EP-3E Aries program

Deliberate Guard

Operation, air component of Joint Guard, 1997-1998

Deny Flight

Operation, enforcement of no-fly zone over Bosnia, 199.-1997, to Joint Guard/Deliberate Guard

Desert Fox

Operation, B-52 strikes against Iraq, 1990s

Desert Shield

Operation, deployment of troops to Middle East, 08/1990

Desert Storm

Operation, attack against Iraq to free Kuwait, 1990/1991

Desert Strike

Excercise, joint Army, USAF, 05/1964

Desert Thunder

Operation, planned against Iraq, but not executed, 03/1998

Determined Falcon

Operation, (Excercise), part of Joint Guard/Deliberate Guard, airpower projection to stop violence in Kosovo region of Yugoslavia, over Albania and FYROM, 15+ miles from border, 06/15/1998 (comprising 68 fighter and 17 tanker and reconnaissance aircraft from 13 NATO contries, launching from 15 airbases in 6 countries - United Kingdom, Germany, France, Holland, Italy and Greece)

Dice Game



NSA, classified SIGINT program

"Disco Light"

IR jammer for AH-64, probably just nick name

Distant Frontier

Excercise, Alaska, 06/1998



Dominic You





Operation, [...]

Duck Hook

part of Combat Spear, OpOrd for special oprations C-123, 1965-1972

Eagle Pull

Operation, Evacuation of Phnom Penh

El Dorado Canyon

Operation, attack on 'terrorist' targets in Libya, 04/1986

Elegant Lady

USAF, classified tactical program

Eligible Receiver

Exercise, DOD, testing vulnerability of US Infrastructure to 'cyber attacks', three-months during 1997

Enduring Freedom

Operation, "OEF", "Global War on Terrorism", Central Command, attack on Taliban and alQuaeda Terrorist Network in Afghanistan, 10/xx/2001 - 02/24/2003+


Operation, [...]

Fall Airglow


Farm Gate

Operation, Air Commandos, initially deployed to Bien Hoa AB, Thailand, counterinsurgency missions, "training" South Vietnamese (co-)pilots, 1961-196x, including A-1, A-26, AT-28, others

Fast Move

Operation, [...]

Fiery Relief

Operation, delivery of supplies to volcano evacuees in Legapi, Philippines, by 2 MC-130Hs from the 353rd SOG MC-130H, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, and others, during Excercise Balikatan 2000, 03/2000

Fire Fly

Ryan 147A RPV development, under Big Safari, renamed/continued under project Lightning Bug, operational 04/1962-08/1962


AQM-91A/Ryan 154 RPV development, renamed/continued under project Compass Arrow, sometimes also Dark Eagle, 1966-1971



Fish Bowl


Fish Hook

Area of Cambodia, north-west of Saigon

Flaming Dart

Operation/OpOrd, USN air raids on North Vietnam, starting 02/1965

"Flipper Drop"

Operation, probably just nickname, based on movie "Operation Dumbo Drop", see AFNS 981104

Foreign Legion TTF

was Yankee Team, OpOrd for KC-135s from Clark AB, to support tactical strikes in Laos, 09/03/1964-1965, to Tiger Cub

Forest Green

USAF, intelligence collection operation, possibly SIGINT program for NSA


Operation, P-51s of 4th FG, flying bomber support from England to bases in the Ukraine, 1944

Freedom Train

Operation, 04/06/1972 - 05/10/1972, followed by Linebacker



Frequent Wind

Operation, Evacuation of Saigon

Fresh News


Garlic Salt

sub-version of Rivet Stand, KC-135A '55-3121', '59-1465', '59-1514', 1964-1969, modified under Big Safari


classified (nuclear) strategic weapons program

Gerboise Bleu

Operation, [...]

Ghost Cabin


Giant ... (SAC OpOrd/"Proword")

Giant Bid

U-2 utilization of electronic recon equipment

Giant Cobra TTF

OpOrd for KC-135s from U-Tapao RTNAB, to supplement support of tactical strikes in Laos, 1966+

Giant Dragon

U-2 deployment to OL-20 (Bien Hoa)

Giant Fish

Modification of 4 B-52Hs: '60-0024', '60-0033', '60-0051', '60-0052' for atmospheric radiation sampling

Giant Nail

OpOrd for U-2s in SEA, operational employment of U-2 aircraft in SEA

Giant Scale

OpOrd for SR-71A flights over North Vietnam, flown from Kadena AB, Okinawa, 1960/70s

Giant Talk

SAC communications/radio network

Giant Plate

OpOrd for SR-71A flights near/over Cuba, flown from Beale AFB, code changed to Clipper, 1960s


Glass Key

OpOrd for KC-135s from CCK, to supplement Young Tiger and Arc Light missions, 1968+

Glory Trip


Glowing Heat

SR-71A swap-out excerise, replacing airframes from Kadena AB, Okinawa, with airframes from Palmdale, CA, 1968/69

Great Bear


Guardian Challenge

'Exercise', AFSPC, annual space and missile competition (1960s to 2000+), winner gets Blanchard Trophy, Aldridge Trophy, Schriever Trophy, GC 98: at Vandenberg AFB, CA, 05/04/1998 - 05/07/1998, GC 00: at Vandenberg AFB, CA, 05/01/2000 - 05/05/2000)


US Army program, operational in former Federal Republic of Germany and in the Republic of Korea; SIGINT and D/F gear platformed on the U-21 (Models RU-21E and RU-21H); active since 1970. Guardrail (Improved): Enhanced system becoming operational in the early-1980s; jam-proof datalink, automatic emitter acquisition and classification, accurate INS; based on U-21

Gunship (I)

26 C-47 converted to FC-47D, AC-47D gunships

Gunship II

C-130 gunships, including: 1 JC-130A, 7 Plain Jane AC-130A, 1 Surprise Package AC-130A, 10 Pave Pronto AC-130A, 11 Pave Spectre (I) AC-130E, 10 Pave Spectre II AC-130H 'Spectre', and 12+ (Pave Spectre III or maybe Pave Spooky ?) AC-130U 'Spooky')

Gunship III

26 AC-119G 'Shadow' and 26 AC-119K 'Stinger' gunships



Hard Shell

Second conversion program to fix B-52B/C/D fuel leaks, see also Blue Band and Quickclip, 01/1958

Harvest Reaper

Development project to make F-111A combat ready, lead to Combat Lancer


Project, evolved to Have Blue

Have ... (AFSC and/or DARPA/ARPA programs)

Have Atlas

USAF TPS project, ATLAS = Adaptable Target Lighting Array System

Have Bait

Analysis of a Czech MiG-17, which crashed in West Germany in 1968

Have Blinders (I)

USAF TPS project, looked at limited visibility for NASP

Have Blinders II

USAF TPS project, looked at limited visibility for NASP

Have Blinders III

USAF TPS project, looked at limited visibility for NASP

Have Block

Mechanical diverter consisting of sheets of plexiglass to be placed between bombs in storage configuration. The program's intent was decreasing the energy of fragments that might strike other bombs stored nearby. 1985

Have Blue

2 Lockheed XST prototypes

Have Boat

Analysis of a Chinese F-6 (MiG-19 copy) (c. 1978), possibly from Pakistan

Have Bounce

Tests of F-4E on runways repaired with AM-2 mats

Have Car


Have Charcoal

AN/ALQ-204 Matador IRCM, on VC-25A and others

Have Charity

U-2 test flights, Edwards AFB

Have Chrysalis

Limited evaluation of the Stemme TG-11A motorglider for the USAF

Have Dark


Have Dart

A study of the overall defensive environment of North Vietnam (c. 1968)

Have Dash (I)

Active-radar guided missile project

Have Dash II

Stealthy AMRAAM class air-to-air missile, flat graphite-composite fuselage, Mach 3+, IR / ARH guided, flight tested with AIM-7 rocket motor, Loral / Ford Aerospace

Have Desk

Analyses of Soviet scrap metals in Battelle Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio (1978)

Have Djinn


Have Doughnut

(or Have Donut, 1 MiG-21F-13, used for Air Combat Training at Groom Lake, USAF/USN joint project, predating Have Idea (1967-?)

Have Drag

USAF TPS project, flame-out approach profiles for F-16s with stores

Have Drill

2 ex-Syrian MiG-17F and 1 ex-Iraqi MiG-21F-13 ("007") all three rom Israel, used for Air Combat Training at Groom Lake, USAF/USN joint project, predating Have Idea (1968/69-?)

Have Dungeon

Project to detect and track mobile cruise missiles and their launchers

Have Echo (I)


Have Echo II

U-2 test flights, Edwards AFB

Have Exit

AN/ALQ-117 (Pave Mint/Have Exit Active Countermeasures Set; used in B-52G/H, C-130, E-3A, E-4A

Have Flag

Classified USAF tactical missile project (1993-??); possibilities include
- advanced dogfight missile
- ramjet-powered version of AMRAAM, supposedly used in Gulf War I
- long-range, high-speed stealthy air-to-surface missile

Have Flash

USAF stealth-related Special Access Program (c. 1980s)

Have Foam

Testing of the Soviet Radar Search Bomb Navigation (RSBN) weapon system (of a Soviet-bloc warplane) in Berlin (05/1978-06/1978)

Have Garden

Evaluation of Soviet R-13-300 turbojet engine (used in MiG-21) blade profiling and compressor maps by Pratt & Whitney (1978)

Have Glance

IR countermeasure program, Loral, 1987

Have Glass

Program to lower the RCS of F-16s

Have Gold

includes: NAIC program, launch of SVC AltAir target missiles (based on Minuteman ICBMs) from C-130s for TMD, ATSRDF Test on 01/30/1997

Have Idea

Air Combat Training with various MiGs, to Constant Peg

Have Jeep

Inflatable ICBM decoy deployment experiments

Have Key

USAF Special Access Program; design effort by General Dynamics, part of the design work that led to the A-12A Avenger II

Have Lace


Have Lance

Unknown classified operation (c. 1978)

Have Lite

Lighter version of AGM-142A Popeye, Rafael/IAI

Have Mover

SOCID-class air-to-surface weapon concept

Have Nap

AGM-142, TV/IR-guided missile, 750-pound warhead, based on IAI Popeye

Have Orator

Unknown project/operation (c. 1978)

Have Out

Pedestal dynamics testing of unknown system requiring "data reduction and target and missile receiver rechecking." (c. 1978)

Have Pad

Unknown classified operation (c. 1978)

Have Point

Cl-class air-to-surface munition concept

Have Poles

USAF TPS project, control system design using the A-7 DIGITAC

Have Quick

ECCM system for E-3C, secure com. etc.

Have Rebound

Bistatic radar concept for air-to-air guidance

Have Region

USAF (TAC ?) project, follow-on to Science Realm, production of

Have Rivet

Air Combat Training with MiGs ?

Have Shaver


Have Siren

ISDS (IRCM Self Defense System) IR Jammer, on E-3, C-137, RC-135, C-20C, VC-25A, and others

Have Slick

Development of low-observable submunitions dispenser (and possibly also standoff missile) for conformal carriage on stealth aircraft

Have Space

Lockheed HGV (Hypersonic Glide Vehicle); experimental aircraft- or booster-launched rocket-powered hypersonic ground attack missile

Have Star

Missile defense oriented program; supports NAIC in the evaluation and analysis of intelligence data on foreign developments in future weapon systems, subsystems and technologies (1999)

Have Stare

Developmental X-band radar for space debris tracking; tested at Vandenberg AFB

Have Stork

Foreign science and technology analysis support for ATIC/FTD; UFO statistical analysis as sub-project (c. 1952-54); previously "Project Stork", "White Stork"; 1950s, 60s?

Have Thrust

AIM-9M Sidewinder replacement with longer range

Have Torch

IR guidance concept for air-to-air missiles

Have Void

BLU-109/B 2000 lb class bom/warhead ("I-2000")

Have Wedge

Dual-mode (EO + ARH) guidance demonstration for Maverick


Hawk Eye

Direction finding missions using EC-47 aircraft, USAF in Vietnam


Operation, 314 airdrop missions, 460 tons of bales of hay, for stranded livestock in NM, C-130s of 137th AW and others, 5 days, 12/1997 - 01/1998


RB-50G ELINT configured aircraft, 15 of which were converted from the original 44 RB-50Bs, also sometimes referred to as "RB-50D"s, 1955-1961; (RB-50Gs: '47-133', '47-136', '47-143', '47-145', '47-147', '47-148', '47-149', '47-150', '47-151', '47-152', '47-153', '47-154', '47-156', '47-157', '47-161')

Hi Camp






Head Dancer

3 EC-135K '55-3118', '59-1518', '62-3536', 1961-1979

Heat Rise


Heavy Chain

OpOrd/Unit, clandestine, including Combat Sam missions of Thin Slice and Rivet Yard I C-130E-CTs (4 C-130s, 2 classified) and TFR-equiped B-26s, 1964-10/1972


Operation, return of Vietnam POWs from Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi, North Vietnam to Travis AFB, CA, and Andrews AFB, MD, in C-141A '66-0177' nicknamed 'Hanoi Taxi', starting 02/12/1973)

Hose Reel


Hot Fan

Modification of 894 TF33 B-52 engines, 1962-1964

Hula Hoop



CIA codename for development of U-2

Igloo White

Electronic surveillance network deployed in southern Laos

Intrinsic Moonlight

Excercise, combined arms tactical exercise with Jordan, near Aqabah, Jordan, 03/2000

Iron Hand

US Navy/Marines SEAD program in SEA; equivalent to USAF Wild Weasel

Iron Lung



CIA/General Dynamics Mach 4/5 rocket-powered, air-launched reconnaissance vehicle study to replace Oxcart, capable of reaching orbital velocities, not completed/never flown ("Isinglass" -> mineral/aka. Mica, also gelatin from fish bladders, also a 'famous' thoroughbred horse)

Island Sun

DISA, classified RDT&E program

Ivory Justice

Excercise, to improve UAE pilot readiness

JAG Flag

Excercise, ACC, JAG = Judge Advocate General (military lawyers), annual, Nellis AFB, NV, 1st: 1997, 2nd: 05/18/1998-05/22/1998

Project Jenny

Three C-121Js modified as transmitter/relay platforms to broadcast radio and TV programs to US servicemen in Vietnam (1966 - 1970)

Jet Stream


Jig Time[...]


Joint Endeavor

Operation, Peacekeeping, Bosnia, 1996 ?

Joint Forge

Operation, NATO-led, UN-sanctioned, planned follow-on to Joint Guard, SFOR, Bosnia, 1998-1999

Joint Guard

Operation, NATO-led, UN-sanctioned, SFOR, Bosnia, 1997-1998, follow-on to Deny Flight, maybe to Joint Forge

Joint Guardian

Operation, NATO-led, UN-sanctioned, KFOR, Bosnia, part of Kosovo Campaign, 06/11/1999 - 05/24/2000+, follow-on to Joint Forge/Joint Guard after Operation Allied Force

Jolly Well

Modification program replacing AN/ASQ-38 bomb/nav system of 480 B-52E/F/G/Hs, 1964

Jolly Polly


Jumping Jack

OpOrd for KC-135s from Andersen AFB, Kadena AB, and later CCK (1967+), emergency post-mission refuelings of B-52s in SEA, 1965+ ?

Just Cause

Operation, to arrest General Noriega in Panama, 1989

Keen Sage

System/OpOrd, photographic system / aerial surveillance missions, of 8 'slightly modified' USAFE C-130s "aerial assessment aircraft" of 37th AS, 86th AW, Ramstein AB, Germany; the system is a metal-encased sphere, slightly larger than a basketballis mounted on a pallet and strapped down in the cargo hold of the C-130; it houses three sophisticated video capture lenses (a daylight television, a 955mm fixed focal length zoom and infrared in six fields) that can scan full circle and along 90 degrees of elevation; 2 operators in the aircraft control the device; video and stills can be down-linked and viewd live and are also taped

King Cobra TTF

OpOrd for KC-135s from Takhli RTAFB, to supplement support of tactical strikes in Laos, 1965+

King Crow

NKC-135A '56-3596', 'King Crow II' (first) and NKC-135A '55-3134', 'King Crow I' (second), airborne electronic threat simulator, USN, 1975+

King Fish




Leap Frog

Operation, [...]

Left Foot

COMINT program based on RU-21D/E; active from 1966


Reagan-era strategic intelligence program for the nuclear war planners

Lightning Bug

Ryan 147B RPV development under Big Safari, follow one from project Fire Fly, operational 08/1964-12/1965

Lima Mike TTF

OpOrd for KC-135s from US and oversea bases, refueling fighters on Trans-Pacific deployments, 1962+

Linebacker (I)

Operation/Campaign, bombing of North Vietnam, 05/10/1972 - 10/10/1972

Linebacker II

Operation/Campaign, bombing of North Vietnam, 12/18/1972 - 12/29/1972

Link Iron

USN, tactical RDT&E program, Project U2136

Link Plumeria

USN, tactical RDT&E program

Linked Seas

Exercise, NATO, LS '00: 05/01/2000 - 05/12/2000, included two missions of RQ-4Q AV-4 '98-2004', from Eglin AFB, FL, to Portugal

Lisa Ann

1 RC-135E (originally C-135B-II) '62-4137', 1963-01/1967, to Rivet Amber, modified under Big Safari

Litter Bug

Operation, AQM-34H drones dropping propaganda leaflets in Vietnam

Little Brother

Study to equip Cessna Model 337 Super Skymaster as gunship

Little Crow

4 NT-39As, '59-2870', '59-2873', '60-3474', '60-3476', used as ECM threat simulators, see Big Crow and King Crow

Long Legs

Operation, [...]

Long Thrust


Looking Glass

SAC Airborne National Command Post (ABNCP) program to maintain command and control of US forces after a nuclear attack, usually based on the EC-135E

Lucky Boy


Lucky Dragon

Initial U-2 deployment to OL-20 (Bien Hoa), see also Giant Dragon and Trojan Horse

Project Magnet

Program associated with NK-121K electronic warfare test aircraft


ELINT satellite


Operation, [...]

Maple Flag

Exercise, multi-national, annual, located at Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, north of Edmondton, Canada, lasts six weeks (1997-1999 ?, 2000: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, 05/15(?)/2000 - 06/2000)

Market Time

Operation, US Navy anti-infiltration patrols, Vietnam

Med Flag

Exercise, medical, annual ?, MF 2000 in Garoua, Cameroon

Mediterranean Candy

OpOrd, see Burning Candy




USAF, classified strategic nuclear RDT&E program

Meteor Burst


Mighty Express


Millennium Challenge

Experiment, MC 2000, JFCOM, various sites, Summer 2000

Mobile Baker

Operation, [...]

Mighty Express

Operation, SAC KC-135s supporing B-52s, 01/1991-05/1991

Moby Dick

Free-floating balloons fitted with high-altitude optical cameras, 1947

Moon Dust

Coordination of information on decay and deorbit of space debris; included recovery of surviving debris

Music Blue

OpOrd for RC-135S Nancy Rae, RC-135E Lisa Ann, and RC-135S Wanda Belle / Rivet Ball missions, 1963-1967+

Mystic Star


Nancy Rae

1 JKC-135A '59-1491', 1961/1962+, later also RC-135S, 1963/1969, to Wanda Belle, to Rivet Ball, to Cobra Ball, modified under Big Safari

New Horizons

Exercise/Mission, annualy humanitarian mission or excerise, sponsored by the Army or Air Force-led and sponsored by US SOUTHCOM ?
(NH 2000: 03/2000 in Dangriga, Belize, including 307th RED HORSE Sqd., Kelly AFB, TX, and 49th MG, Holloman AFB, NM)
(NH 2000: 05/16/2000 in Moneague, Jamaica, JTF-Jamaica, including 823rd RED HORSE Sqd., Hurlburt Field, FL)
(NH 2000: 05/15/2000 - 08/2000 in St.George's, Grenada, JTF-Midas, including 820th RED HORSE Sqd., Nellis AFB, NV)

New Tape



Operation, including 2707 B-52D ground-support missions in support of Khe Sanh, 01/14/1968-03/31/1968

Nice Dog


Nickel Grass

FMS/MDAP program / Operation, resupply of 36 (to 40) ex-USAF F-4E (and other goods) for Israel during Yom Kipur War (1973)
(2 F-4E-32-MC (66-0313, 66-0327), 1 F-4E-33-MC (66-0352), 2 F-4E-35-MC (67-0326, 67-0340), 4 F-4E-36-MC (67-0346, 67-0362, 67-0368, 67-0383), 2 F-4E-37-MC (68-0331, 68-0333)) (1 F-4E-38-MC (68-0380), 2 F-4E-43-MC (69-7229, 69-7255), 1 F-4E-48-MC (71-0246), 2 F-4E-49-MC (71-1074, 71-1078), 3 F-4E-50-MC (71-1394/71-1395, 71-1398)) (10 F-4E-50-MC (72-0121, 72-0123, 72-0127, 72-0129, 72-0130/72-0133, 72-0137/72-0138), 2 F-4E-51-MC (72-0157/72-0158), 2 F-4E-52-MC (72-0163/72-0164), plus 2 to 8 more)

Night Watch


Noble Anvil

Operation, NATO/UN, US-led, part of Kosovo Campaign, 03/24/1999 - 07/20/1999

Noble Eagle

Operation, "Homeland Defense", CAP, AEW, surveillance, and interdiction missions over CONUS, after 9/11 attack, 09/11/2001 - 03/15/2002+

Northern Watch

Operation, "ONW", follow on to Operation Provide Comfort, enforcing of the UN-mandated No-Fly-Zone over Iraq, north of the 36th parallel, Incirlik AB, Turkey, 01/01/1997 - 1998

Ocean Wave

Operation, 24 B-52F strike on Laos, 01/14/1966

Office Boy

3 RC-135D '60-0356', '60-0357', '60-0362', 1965-01/1967, to Rivet Brass, modified under Big Safari

Old Grind

U-2 photography of SAC ZI bases


USAF, classified strategic nuclear RDT&E program

Olympic Fire

U-2R surveillance missions, from Patrick AFB, FL

Olympic Harvest

U-2R surveillance missions, from RAF Akroiti, Cyprus

Olympic Torch

U-2R surveillance missions, from Osan AB, South Korea


USAF, classified tactical program, possibly an aircraft

Open Skies

Program, OC-135B, TC-135B, OC-135W, WC-135W

Osan Eagle Flight

PACAF/USFK OpOrd, flights between Seattle, WA, (Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan), and Osan AB, South Korea, 1998


Project, [...]

Outlaw Bandit

USN, classified surveillance/C3I program ?

Outlaw Hawk

USN, classified surveillance/C3I program ?

Outlaw Hawkeye

USN, classified surveillance/C3I program ?

Outlaw Hunter

USN, classified surveillance/C3I program ?

Outlaw Prowler

USN, classified surveillance/C3I program ?

Outlaw Shark

USN, classified surveillance/C3I program ?

Oxeye Daisy

also Pacer Daisy, conversion program for 3 KC-135A '55-3118', '59-1518', '62-3536', to EC-135K Head Dancer, 1961-1979

Pacer ... (AFLC Conversion/Modification/Update programs)

Pacer Acquire

AFLC managed system acquisitions

Pacer Century

F-15 testing F100-PW engines, to max. operating time to 750 hours

Pacer Clerk

KC-135A '59-1518', bailed to FAA as flight-check aircraft, registered as 'N96', 10/20/1960-1975

Pacer Coin

3 C-130E modified for reconnaissance with photo, EO, IR and RF surveillance equipment, operated by the 192nd AS, 152nd OG, 152nd AW, NV ANG, Reno, NV

Pacer Crag

CRAG = Compass Radar And GPS, "Glass Cockpit" Modification program for C-135/KC-135s to 'Block 20' avionics configuration, including: Collins FMS-800 Flight Management System, FMR-200X multi-mode weather radar, INS/GPS, FDS-255 color flat panel flight displays, 'Block 30' updates are done at the same time, they include: EGPWS, RVSM (additinal digital air data computer, new digital altimeters and digital airspeed indicators), FDR, CVR, ELT

Pacer Daisy

also Oxeye Daisy, conversion program for 3 KC-135A '55-3118', '59-1518', '62-3536', to EC-135K Head Dancer, 1961-1979

Pacer Day

Conversion program for 10 C-135Bs to WC-135Bs (Modification 1421), by Hayes International, 1965

Pacer Fin

Modification program for KC-135 tail fins (enlargement), comprising 767 aircraft, 09/08/1968-09/27/1968

Pacer Journey

Conversion program for C-135A '60-0376' to 'VC-135A' VIP trasport, 09/1972-05/1973

Pacer Liner

Conversion program for 8 C-135As to EC-135Ns ARIA (and maybe also 4 C-135B to C-135B TRIA), 1966/1967

Pacer Link

Modification program to standardize EC-135 ABNCP versions, including MILSTAR equipment

Pacer Plank

B-52D life extension program (ECP1581)

Pacer Power

EC-135 upgrade program, including power bus

Pacer Six

Conversion of F-106As to QF-106As, 1986

Pacer Snow

C-5 avionics / ECM-systems update programm, including AN/ALE-40 and AN/AAR-47

Pacer Speckled Trout

Conversion program to create/update Speckled Trout

Pacer Strike

F-111F avionics update program

Pacer Swan

Conversion program for 4 C-135A to RC-135A (plus 5 cancelled), 1962-1968

Pacer Wave (I)

F-4C avionics update program, including AN/APR-35

Pacer Wave II

F-4C avionics update program, including AN/APR-35

Pacer Wing

C-5A update program, including stronger wing


Pacific Nightingale

PACAF Exercise, air evac, South Korea, 05/1998, 3 days

Palace Acquire

USAF Personnel Center, career program for officers/civilians

Palace Chase

USAF Personnel Center, separation program for professional athlets

Palace Compass

USAF Personnel Center, personnel management program for civilians, MDCPDS

Palace Front

USAF Personnel Center, retirement/separation program ?

Palace Tenure

USAF Personnel Center, individual tasking of support forces, changed 10/1999 (?) to scheduled expeditionary combat support teams, as part of AEFs


Operation, [...]

Patricia Lynn

6 RB-57E '55-4237', '55-4243', '55-4245', '55-4249', '55-4257', '55-4264', modified for IR reconnaissance in Vietnam, 1963-1971

Patriot Partner

Exercise, annual, to establish total integration of AFRC/ANG and active-duty USAF units, PP 98: 338th CAPS, Ramstein AFB, 06/1998)

Pave ...

Pave Aegis

Deployment of 105 mm howitzer in Pave Pronto AC-130E

Pave Arm

Air-to-air anti-radiation missile: "Brazo"

Pave Arrow

AN/AVQ-14 fixed IR-sensor pod (AIM-9 seeker) on two F-4D

Pave Bang

Test of preferred & alternate explosive fills

Pave Bounce


Pave Bow


Pave Buff

Follow-up to Pave Phantom; B-52D, AN/ARN-92

Pave Claw

GPU-5/A 30mm gun pod with four-barrel GAU-13/A gun

Pave Coin

* Counter-insurgency utility aircraft, used for close-support strike & forward air control; AU-23A, AU-24A
* Project to convert P-51Ds to F-51Ds and TF-51Ds for MAP, none delivered

Pave Cricket

YCEM-138A mini-drone for communications jamming; YCQM-121A Pave Tiger with AN/ALQ-176

Pave Crow

Detection & interdiction techniques against ground vehicles

Pave Delta

Strap-on telemetry package; AIM-9

Pave Deuce

Modification of F-102A to target drones; QF-102A, PQM-102A

Pave Eagle

Intelligence relay for unattended ground sensors; YQU-22A, QU-22B

Pave Fire

LLLTV system for night bombing, one F-4D converted

Pave Gamma

Radar modulation analysis & processing; F-15; AN/APG-63

Pave Gat

Low-light-level television combined with laser range-finder; 20 mm turret (gimbal mouted, downward firing M61A1 gatling gun in bomb bay); 1+ RB-57G '53-3906' modified

Pave Gulf

Radar system for Alaska

Pave Hawk

MH-60G, HH-60G, USAF special operations and rescue helicopters

Pave Knife

AN/AVQ-10 laser target designation pod with low-light-level television; A-6, F-4D (EF-4D), F-4E

Pave Lance

LORAN; F-111D, F-4D

Pave Lap


Pave Light

AN/AVQ-9 laser illuminator pod with direct viewer; F-4D

Pave Low

Modification of HH-53B for night/adverse weather operations: AN/APQ-141; AN/APQ-126B, AN/APQ-158, AN/AAQ-10

Pave Low II

1 HH-53C converted to YHH-53H, 8 plus 2 HH-53G converted to HH-53H, MH-53H Pave Low, 1975, 1979/1980, and the remaining 31 HH-53B/C to MH-53J Pave Low Enhanced, 1985

Pave Low III

MH-60G Pave Hawk enhancements, FLIR, com, nav

Pave Low IV

MH-53M, including '73-1648'

Pave Mack

Investigation of methods for attacking trucks

Pave Mint

B-52Gs with AN/ALQ-172(V)1 (with original AN/ALQ-117 antennas) and B-52Hs with AN/ALQ-172(V)2

Pave Mover

Long-range airborne side-looking radar for stand-off surveillance & strike; planned for F-111 as part of "Assault Breaker"

Pave Nail

OV-10D conversion of 15 OV-10A for night FAC, and maybe AC-130H upgrading of IR, laser, com, nav, ECM

Pave Nickel

Location of emitters using time-of-arrival techniques: RB-57F; formerly Compass [...];
possibly follow-on to Pave Onyx, target location system for U-2Cs

Pave Onyx

Targeting technique for anti-radar standoff weapons (defence suppression): TEREC-equipped RF-4C
AN/ALQ-125 Terec prototype target location system for U-2Cs, Litton, also tested on NKC-135A '55-3125', and possibly NKC-135A '55-3119'

Pave Panther

Anti-radar drone

Pave Pat

Development of fuel-air-explosive weapons; BLU-72/B, BLU-76/B

Pave Paws

PAWS = Phased Array Warning System radar AN/FPS-115; 4 BMEW sites at: Cape Cod AS, MA, 6th SWS, Beale AFB, CA, 7th SWS, Eldorado AS, TX, 8th SWS, Robins AFB, GA, 9th SWS, all 21st SW, Petterson AFB, CO

Pave Penny

AN/AAS-35(V) pod-mounted coded laser spot seeker (target identification set); A-4, A-7, A-10, F-111, F-4, F-16, OV-10A; also known as TISL

Pave Pepper

Small low-yield re-entry vehicles; ICBMs, tactical weapons

Pave Phantom

F-4D equipped with AN/ARN-92 LORAN, used for sensor dropping missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Pave Pillar

Advanced system integration demonstration, integrating airborne radio systems, programmable colour displays, high-speed fibre-optic multiplexers, fault-tolerant computers; became ICNIA (Integrated Communications Navigation Identification Avionics)

Pave Prism

Investigation of air-to-air missile seekers, using active laser, active radar, passive wide-angle infrared

Pave Pronto

10 AC-130A '54-1623', '55-0011', '55-0014', '55-0029', '55-0040', '55-0043', '55-0044', '55-0046', '56-0469', '56-0509'; 2 x 40 mm guns, 2 x 7.62 mm guns; digital fire control system; AN/AAD-4, AN/AAD-6, AN/ASQ-145, AN/AVQ-18, AN/AVQ-19; formerly Surprise Package

Pave Rider

ECM system (?)

Pave Rock/Rocket

Rocket for use against hardened aircraft shelters; RBU-1/A

Pave Safe

Base security systems: BISS; AN/GSS-26A

Pave Scope

Helmet sight with television display: F-4E, AN/ASX-1; used with Mk 84 bombs, AGM-65A

Pave Sesame

ECM device/system; F-4

Pave Spectre

FLIR in 11 AC-130E '69-6567', '69-6568', '69-6569', '69-6570', '69-6571', '69-6572', '69-6573', '69-6574', '69-6575', '69-6576', '69-6577'
Also?? : A-7D/E electronic suite

Pave Spectre II

10 AC-130H '69-6567', '69-6568', '69-6569', '69-6570', '69-6572', '69-6573', '69-6574', '69-6575', '69-6576', '69-6577', all updated ex AC-130E

Pave Spectre III (?)

12+ AC-130U, modified by Rockwell International (Boeing North American)

Pave Spike

AN/ASQ-153 pod-mounted laser target designator & low-light-level television; for F-4D (EF-4D) & F-4E; Westinghouse; other designations mentioned for Pave Spike include AN/AVQ-23A/B and AN/ASQ-152(V)2

Pave Spot

AN/AVQ-12 periscopic sight with laser illuminator/range finder; O-2A, OV-10, AC-130H

Pave Sprinter

ICNIA (Integrated Communications Navigation Identification Avionics); included EJS, GPS, Tacan, Mk XV IFF

Pave Star

Modification of HH-53C for night/adverse weather operations

Pave Strike

Systems for anti-armour, close air supporting dense SAM environment; Pave Strike elements:
  1) second generation modular guided glide bomb GBU-15/B, MGGB-2
  2) elector-optical guided glide bomb (modified HOBO)
  3) DME-guided version of SUU-54/B
  4) Precision Emitter Location & Strike System
  5) deployable database to input DME co-ordinates on photographs
  6) Airborne Location & Strike System
  7) EF-111A jammier aircraft
  8) advanced development of imaging infrared guidance
  9) laser-guided version of AGM-65
  10) Pave Tack
  11) multiple drone guidance for multi-mission RPV; AQM-34H directed by DC-130H, using AN/APW-26, AN/UYK-15

Pave Storm

GBU-2/B 2000 lb laser-guided cluster bomb; CBU-75/B (1800 BLU-63/B in SUU-54A/B) with KMU-421/B guidance kit

Pave Sword

AN/AVQ-11 pod-mounted laser seeker: F-4D, used with C-123 illuminator

Pave Tack

AN/AVQ-26 FLIR and laser designator/tracker pod (includes AN/AAQ-9 FLIR & AN/AVQ-25 laser designator); A-10, F-111E/F, F-4D/E; included in Pave Strike

Pave Tiger

YCQM-121A miniature-drone with jammer(s) for use against command/control/communications terminals; see also YCGM-121B Seek Spinner

Pave Way

Laser-designated guided bombs; renamed "Paveway":
  Paveway (I) (fixed wings): GBU-10, GBU-10A, GBU-12, GBU-12A, 1,000 lbs. LGB/Mk.83, Texas Instruments
  Paveway II (retractable wings): GBU-10C/D/E/F, GBU-12B/C/D, GBU-16A/B, British LGB CCG/CPU-123
  Paveway III: GBU-24, GBU-27, GBU-28

Peace ... (FMS/MDAP programs)

Peace Alps

FMS program, 66 F-5E (53 assembled by FFA) and 6 F-5F for Switzerland (1976):
  66 F-5E (76-1526/76-1591) to (J-3001/J-3066)
  6 F-5F (76-1592/76-1597) to (J-3201/J-3206)

Peace Alps (?)

also sold to Switzerland (FMS program) (1981 - 1985):
  32 F-5E (81-0826/81-0857) to (J-3067/J-3098)
  6 F-5F (81-0858/81-0863) to (J-3207/J-3212)

Peace Carvin

FMS program, 4 F-16A and 4 F-16B for Singapore:
  2 F-16A-15AA OCU (87-0397/87-0398) to (880/881)
  2 F-16A-15AB OCU (87-0399/87-0400) to (882/883)
  1 F-16B-15Z OCU (87-0401) to (884)
  2 F-16B-15AA (87-0402/87-0403) to (885/886)
  1 F-16B-15AB OCU (87-0404) to (887)

Peace Carvin (?)

also sold to Singapore (FMS program):
  6 F-16C-52 (94-0268/94-0273)
  10 F-16D-52 (94-0274/94-0283)

Peace Carvin (?)

also leased to Singapore (FMS program):
  5 F-16C/D-52 (96-5025/96-5029)
  2 F-16D-52 (96-5030/96-5031)
  5 F-16C/D-52 (96-5032/96-5036)

Peace Crown

FMS program, 8 F-16C and 4 F-16D for Bahrain:
  2 F-16C-40D (90-0028/90-0029) to (101, 103)
  6 F-16C-40E (90-0030/90-0035) to (105, 107, 109, 111, 113, 115)
  4 F-16D-40D (90-0036/90-0039) to (150, 152, 154, 156)

Peace Crown (?)

also sold to Bahrain (FMS program):
  8 F-16C-40CF (91-0025/91-0032)
  4 F-16D-40CF (91-0033/91-0036)

Peace Delta

FMS program, 18 F-16A and 6 F-16B for Venezuela
  1 F-16A-15K (82-1050) to (1041)
  2 F-16A-15L (82-1051/82-1052) to (0051, 6611)
  3 F-16A-15T (83-1186/83-1188) to (8900, 0678, 3260)
  8 F-16A-15U (84-1346/84-1353) to (7268, 9068, 8924, 0094, 6023, 4226, 5422, 6426)
  4 F-16A-15V (84-1354/84-1357) to (4827, 9864, 3648, 0220)
  3 F-16B-15K (82-1053/82-1055) to (1715, 2179, 9581)
  3 F-16B-15T (83-1189/83-1191) to (2337, 7635, 9583)

Peace Diamond (I)

FMS/MDAP program, for Turkey

Peace Diamond II

FMS/MDAP program, for Turkey

Peace Diamond III

FMS program, 40 F-4E for Turkey (1973 - 1974) and 32 F-4E and 8 RF-4E (1977 - 1978):
  12 F-4E-56-MC (73-1016/73-73-1027)
  15 F-4E-57-MC (73-1028/73-1042)
  13 F-4E-58-MC Phantom (73-1043/73-1055)
  24 F-4E-65-MC (77-0277/77-0300)
  8 F-4E-66-MC (77-0301/77-0308)
  8 RF-4E-66-MC (77-0309/77-0316))

Peace Diamond IV

FMS program, former USAF F-4E for Turkey; 15 (06/1981 - 1982), 15 (mid 1984), 15 (1986), 40 (06/1987 - 10/1987), 40 (03/25/1991 - 1992):
  1 F-4E-31-MC (66-0293)
  1 F-4E-32-MC (66-0312)
  3 F-4E-33-MC (66-0373/66-0374, 67-0215)
  4 F-4E-34-MC (67-0227, 67-0251, 67-0259, 67-0262)
  3 F-4E-35-MC (67-0304, 67-0336, 67-0338)
  + 3 more
  2 F-4E-32-MC (66-0307, 66-0318)
  3 F-4E-33-MC (67-0208, 67-0216/67-217)
  4 F-4E-34-MC (67-0221, 67-0233, 67-0248, 67-0258)
  1 F-4E-35-MC (67-0290)
  2 F-4E-36-MC (67-0342, 67-0387)
  + 3 more
  2 F-4E-32-MC (66-0305, 66-0323)
  1 F-4E-33-MC (66-0346)
  2 F-4E-34-MC (67-0222, 67-0273)
  4 F-4E-35-MC (67-0318, 67-0321, 67-0331, 67-0334)
  1 F-4E-36-MC (67-0389)
  + 5 more
  1 F-4E-31-MC (66-0297)
  10 F-4E-32-MC (66-0300/66-0301, 66-0303/66-0304, 66-0309, 66-0314, 66-0317, 66-0320, 66-0333, 66-0336)
  11 F-4E-33-MC (66-0339, 66-0344/66-0345, 66-0351, 66-0354/66-0355, 66-0361, 66-0370, 66-0379, 67-0210, 67-0218)
  8 F-4E-34-MC (67-0226, 67-0230, 67-0232, 67-0268/67-0269, 67-0272, 67-0274, 67-0280)
  3 F-4E-35-MC (67-0285, 67-0298, 67-0302)
  2 F-4E-36-MC (67-0344, 67-0354)
  4 F-4E-37-MC (68-0307, 68-0313, 68-0319, 68-0350)
  1 F-4E-39-MC (68-0448)
  1 F-4E-31-MC (66-0292)
  1 F-4E-32-MC (66-0328)
  1 F-4E-33-MC (66-0359)
  1 F-4E-35-MC (67-0301)
  7 F-4E-36-MC (67-0360, 67-0372, 67-0376, 67-0391, 67-0395/67-0396, 67-0398)
  4 F-4E-37-MC (68-0303, 68-0308, 68-0346/68-67-0347)
  3 F-4E-38-MC (68-0400, 68-0403, 68-0409)
  2 F-4E-39-MC (68-0427, 68-0446)
  4 F-4E-40-MC (68-0461, 68-0473/68-0474, 68-0482)
  2 F-4E-41-MC (68-0498, 68-0532)
  1 F-4E-45-MC (69-7585)
  + 13 more

Peace Eagle

FMS program, 2 F-15J and 12 F-15DJ for Japan:
  2 F-15J-24MC (79-0280/79-0281) to (02-8801/02-8802)
  4 F-15DJ-26-MC (79-0282/79-0285) to (12-8051/12-8054)
  2 F-15DJ-29-MC (79-0286/79-0287) to (12-8051/12-8054)
  2 F-15DJ-32-MC (81-0068/81-0069) to (32-8057/32-8058)
  2 F-15DJ-33-MC (81-0070/81-0071) to (x2-8059/x2-8060)
  2 F-15DJ-36-MC (83-0052/83-0053) to (x2-8061/x2-8062)

Peace Eagle (?)

also sold to/built in Japan (FMS program):
  8 F-15J-24-MC kits from McDonnell Douglas
  177 F-15J / F-15DJ license-built by Mitsubishi

Peace Echo (I)

FMS/MDAP program / Operation, 44 (or 47) new F-4E and 6 new RF-4E for Israel (03/1969 - 02/1971):
  4 F-4E-38-MC (68-0396/68-0399)
  11 F-4E-39-MC (68-0414/68-0417, 68-0430/68-0431, (and 68-0432 ?), 68-0433, (not 68-0434/68-0437 ?)
  12 F-4E-40-MC (68-0454/68-0457, 68-0469/68-0472, 68-0484/68-0487)
  20 F-4E-41-MC (68-0499/68-0502, 68-0519/68-0525, 68-0539/68-0547)
  6 RF-4E-45-MC (69-7590/7595)

Peace Echo II

FMS/MDAP program, 6 ex-USAF F-4E for Israel (1971):
  6 F-4E-42-MC (69-0294/69-0296, 69-0299/69-0301)

Peace Echo III

FMS/MDAP program, 18 ex-USAF F-4E for Israel (1971):
  18 F-4E-42-MC (69-7224/69-7227, 69-7237/69-7250)

Peace Echo IV

FMS/MDAP program / Operation, 24 ex-USAF and 18 new F-4E for Israel (04/1972 - 10/1973):
  13 F-4E-48-MC (71-0224/71-0236)
  5 F-4E-49-MC (71-1071, 71-1080, 71-1082, 71-1090, 71-1093)
  6 F-4E-50-MC (71-1393, 71-1396, 71-1399/71-1402)
  8 F-4E-51-MC (71-1779/71-1786)
  7 F-4E-52-MC (71-1787/71-1793)
  3 F-4E-53-MC (71-1794/71-1796)

Peace Echo V

FMS/MDAP program, 24 ex-USAF and 24 new F-4E and 6 new RF-4E for Israel (1974 - 1976):
  4 F-4E-54-MC (72-1480/72-1481, 72-1487/72-1488)
  7 F-4E-55-MC (72-1491/72-1492, 72-1495/72-1499)
  5 F-4E-57-MC (73-1157/73-1159, 73-1161/73-1162)
  4 F-4E-58-MC (73-1169/73-1170, 73-1178/73-1179)
  4 F-4E-59-MC (73-1190/73-1191, 73-1201/73-1202)
  2 F-4E-60-MC (74-1014/74-1015)
  6 F-4E-61-MC (74-1016/74-1021)
  16 F-4E-62-MC (74-1022/74-1037)
  6 RF-4E-63-MC (75-0418/75-0423)

Peace Falcon

FMS program, 14 F-16A ADF and 5 F-16B ADF for Jordan (199_):
  5 F-16A-15 ADF (80-0544, 80-0546/80-0547, 80-0555, 80-0567) to (220, 221, 222, 223, ?)
  4 F-16A-15A ADF (80-0582, 80-0585, 80-0590, 80-0592) to (224, 225, 226 (?), 227)
  1 F-16A-15B ADF (80-0618) to (228)
  1 F-16A-15C ADF (81-0672) to (229)
  2 F-16A-15D ADF (81-0689, 81-0702) to (230, ?)
  1 F-16A-15E ADF (81-0714) to (231)
  1 F-16B-15J ADF (82-1028) to (232)
  2 F-16B-15K ADF (82-1030, 82-1032) to (233, ?)
  1 F-16B-15N ADF (82-1044) to (234)
  1 F-16B-15P ADF (82-1048) to (235)

Peace Fox (I)

FMS program, 4 F-15A for Israel:
  1 F-15A-5-MC (72-0116)
  3 F-15A-6-MC (72-0117/72-0118, 72-0120)

Peace Fox II

FMS program, 19 F-15A and 2 F-15B for Israel:
  10 F-15A-17-MC (76-1505/76-1514)
  9 F-15A-18-MC (76-1515/76-1523)
  2 F-15B-16-MC (76-1524/76-1525)

Peace Fox III

FMS program, 18 F-15C and 8 F-15D for Israel:
  3 F-15C-27-MC (80-0122/80-0124)
  3 F-15C-28-MC (80-0125/80-0127)
  3 F-15C-29-MC (80-0128/80-0130)
  2 F-15C-35-MC (83-0054/83-0055)
  7 F-15C-36-MC (83-0056/83-0062)
  2 F-15D-27-MC (80-0131/80-0132)
  4 F-15D-28-MC (80-0133/80-0136)
  2 F-15D-35-MC (83-0064/83-0064)

Peace Fox (?)

also sold to Israel (FMS program):
  1 F-15A (76-0120)
  5 F-15D (90-0275/90-0279)

Peace Icarus

FMS program, 36 + 2 (attrition replacements) F-4E for Greece (1971 contract, delivered 03/1974 - 1974/1975):
  8 F-4E-54-MC (72-1500/72-1507)
  16 F-4E-55-MC (72-1508/72-1523)
  12 F-4E-56-MC (72-1524/72-1535)
  2 F-4E-60-MC (74-1618/74-1619)

Peace Icarus (?)

also sold to Greece (FMS program), 18 F-4E (05/1978 - 12/978) and 8 RF-4E (06/1978 - 04/1979):
  8 F-4E-65-MC (77-1743/77-1750)
  10 F-4E-66-MC (77-1751/77-1760)
  8 RF-4E-66-MC (77-0357/77-0358, 77-1761/77-1766)

Peace Jack

FMS/development program (12/1974 - 1977) for Israel, F-4X / RF-4X with HIAC-1 camera and Mach 3+ performance and later F-4E(S):
  1 F-4E-44-MC (69-7576) converted to RF-4X mock-up)
  3 F-4E-44-MC converted to F-4E(S): (69-7567, 69-7570, 69-7576) also (N97576, N97570, N97567)

Peace Marble (I)

FMS program, 67 F-16A and 8 F-16B for Israel (07/1980 - 1981):
  18 F-16A-5 (78-0308/78-0325)
  10 F-16A-10 (78-0326/78-0335)
  10 F-16A-10A (78-0336/78-0345)
  4 F-16A-10B (78-0346/78-0349)
  16 F-16A-10C (78-0350/78-0354, 80-0649/0659)
  9 F-16A-10D (80-0660/0668)
  8 F-16B-5 (78-0355/0362)
  + 20 F-16A cancelled (80-3694/80-3713)

Peace Marble II

FMS program, 51 F-16C and 24 F-16D for Israel (10/1987 - ???):
  4 F-16C-30 (86-1598/86-1601) to (301, 304, 305, 307)
  15 F-16C-30A (86-1602/86-1612, 87-1661/87-1664) to (309, 310, 315, 317, 318, 321, 324, 326, 332, 333, 337, 340, 341, 344, 343)
  15 F-16C-30B (87-1665/87-1679) to (348, 349, 350, 353, 355, 356, 360, 364, 367, 368, 371, 373, 374, 377, 378)
  16 F-16C-30C (87-1680/87-1693, 88-1709/88-1710) to (381, 384, 386, 388, 389, 391, 393, 394, 392, 397, 399, 383, 385, 376, 359, 313)
  1 F-16C-30D (88-1711) to (329)
  1 F-16D-30A (87-1694) to (020)
  4 F-16D-30D (87-1695/87-1698, 88-1712/88-1720) to (?, ?, ?, ?, 065, 069, 070, 072, 074, 077, 078, 079, 083)
  10 F-16D-30E (87-1699/87-1708) to (036, 022, 041, 045, 039, 046, 050, 057, 061, 055)

Peace Marble III

FMS program, 30 F-16C and 30 F-16D for Israel (08/1991 - ???):
  6 F-16C-40H (89-0277, 90-0850/90-0854) to (502, 503, 506, 508, 511, 512)
  8 F-16C-40J (or also F-16C-40H ?) (90-0855/90-0862) to (514, 516, 519, 520, 522, 523, 525, 527)
  8 F-16C-40K (90-0863/90-0870) to (528, 530, 531, 534, 535, 536, 538, 539)
  8 F-16C-40L (90-0871/90-0874, 91-0486/91-0489) to (542, 543, 546, 547, 551, 554, 557, 558)
  4 F-16D-40H (90-0875/90-0878) to (601, 603, 606, 610)
  8 F-16D-40J (90-0879/90-0886) to (612, 615, 619, 621, 624, 628, 630, 633)
  8 F-16D-40K (90-0887/90-0894) to (637, 638, 642, 647, 648, 651, 652, 656)
  10 F-16D-40L (90-0895/90-0898, 91-0490/91-0495) to (660, 664, 666, 667, 673, 676, 678, 682, 684, 687)

Peace Marble (?)

FMS program, 50 surplus USAF 36 F-16A and 14 F-16B for Israel (08/01/1994 - late 1994), including:
  3 F-16A-1 (78-0012, 78-0014, 78-0018), 1 F-16A-5 (79-0288)
  19 F-16A-10 (79-0289, 79-0291/79-0293, 79-0295, 79-0297, 79-0299, 79-0302, 79-0304, 79-0305, 79-0319/79-0321, 79-0325, 79-0328, 79-0333, 79-0339, 79-0347, 79-0356)
  3 F-16A-10A (79-0358, 79-0361, 79-0369)
  1 F-16A-10B (80-0474 ?)
  4 F-16A-10C (80-0491, 80-0501/80-0503)
  5 F-16A-10D (80-0514, 80-0516/80-0517, 80-0532, 80-0534)
  2 F-16B-1 (78-0086, 78-0095)
  7 F-16B-5 (78-0106, 78-0108 (temporarily), 78-0109, 78-0111 (temporarily), 78-0114 (temporarily), 78-0115, 79-0410)
  1 F-16B-10 (79-0423)
  2 F-16B-10A (79-0424/79-0425)
  1 F-16B-10B (80-0624)
  1 F-16B-10D (80-0632)

Peace Onyx (I)

FMS program, 101 F-16C and 15 F-16D for Turkey:
  17 F-16C-30B (86-0066/86-0072, 87-0009/0018)
  17 F-16C-30E (87-0019/87-0021, 88-0019/0032)
  17 F-16C-40A (88-0033/0037, 89-0022/89-0033)
  8 F-16C-40D (89-0034/89-0041)
  5 F-16C-40F (91-0001/91-0005)
  16 F-16C-40H (91-0006/91-0021)
  17 F-16C-40L (92-0001/92-0017)
  4 F-16C-40P (92-0018/92-0021)
  3 F-16D-30E (87-0002/87-0003, 88-0013)
  3 F-16D-40A (88-0014/0015, 89-0042)
  3 F-16D-40D (89-0043/89-0045)
  3 F-16D-40J (91-0022/91-0024)
  3 F-16D-40L (92-0022/92-0024)

Peace Onyx II

FMS program, additional F-16s for Turkey

Peace Patch

FMS/MDAP program / Operation, 13 (or 12 ?) F-4E for Israel (early 1971):
  13 F-4E-44-MC (69-7547/69-7549, 69-7553, 69-7554, 69-7567/69-7570, 69-7575/7578)

Peace Pharaoh

FMS program, 35 (or 34 ?) F-4E (plus 3 attrition replacements) for Egypt (09/1979 - 1980) (also MiG-21 and MiG-23 in return):
  1 F-4E-32-MC (66-0337)
  11 F-4E-33-MC (66-0340/66-0341, 66-0343, 66-0349, 66-0353, 66-0358, 66-0360, 66-0362, 66-0364, 66-0366, 66-0375) to (7814, 7823, ?, ?, ?, ?, 7802, ?, 7801 (?), 7813, 7801 (?)
  3 F-4E-33-MC (67-0211/67-0213) to (?, 7825, ?)
  8 F-4E-34-MC (67-0220, 67-0231, 67-0236, 67-0238, 67-0239, 67-0242, 67-0264, 67-0278) to (7831, ?, ?, 7811, ?, ?, 7809, 7835)
  8 F-4E-35-MC (67-0289, 67-0305, 67-0307, 67-0309, 67-0313, 67-0317, 67-0322, 67-0341) to (7817, 7820, 7816, ?, 7815, 7806, 7812, 7832)
  3 F-4E-36-MC (67-0355, 67-0371, 67-0373)
and attrition replacements:
  2 F-4E-35-MC (67-0328, 67-0332) to (?, 7824)
  1 F-4E-36-MC (67-0366)

Peace Pheasant (I)

FMS program, for South Korea ?

Peace Pheasant II

FMS program, 37 F-4E for South Korea (1978):
  19 F-4E-64-MC (76-0493/76-0511)
  18 F-4E-67-MC (78-0727/78-0744)

Peace Reef

FMS program, 24 F-4E loaned to Australia (contract 06/22/1970, delivered 09/1970 - 10/1970, 23 returned 10/1972 - 06/21/1973):
  4 F-4E-43-MC (69-0304/69-0307)
  20 F-4E-43-MC (69-7201/69-7217, 69-7219/69-7220, 69-7234), of which 69-7203 was lost 06/16/1971 and not returned

Peace Sentinel

FMS program, including 5 E-3A AWACS and eight KE-3A tankers for Saudi Arabia

Peace Shield

FMS program, complete air-defense system including AN/FPS-117 for Saudi Arabia

Peace Spectator

FMS/MDAP program, 18 former USAF F-4D for South Korea (08/1969 - 1970):
  4 F-4D-24-MC (64-0931, 64-0933/64-0935)
  13 F-4D-25-MC (64-0941, 64-0943/64-0944, 64-0946/64-0948, 64-0950/64-0951, 64-0955, 64-0957/64-0958, 64-0961/64-0962)
  1 F-4D-25-MC (64-0966)

Peace Spectator ?

also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 1 former USAF F-4D (attrition replacement or on loan ?) (1970):
  1 F-4D-28-MC (65-0709)

Peace Spectator ?

also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 18 former USAF F-4D (originally only on loan) (1972/1973):
  1 F-4D-25-MC (64-0978)
  6 F-4D-26-MC (65-0582, 65-0589, 65-0591/65-0592, 65-0605, 65-0610)
  6 F-4D-27-MC (65-0620, 65-0622/65-0623, 65-0630, 65-0640, 65-0650)
  5 F-4D-28-MC (65-0678, 65-0691, 65-0715, 65-0732, 65-0762)

Peace Spectator ?

also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 1 former USAF F-4D (attrition replacement or on loan ?) (1973):
  1 F-4D-27-MC (65-0663)

Peace Spectator ?

also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 6 former USAF F-4D (attrition replacements) (1982), including:
  2 F-4D-28-MC (65-0679, 65-0755)
  1 F-4D-29-MC (65-0797)
  others may have been: F-4D-29-MC (65-0778, 65-0786, 65-0795), F-4D-29-MC (66-0239, 66-0274), and F-4D-31-MC (66-7732)

Peace Spectator ?

also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 24 former USAF F-4D (12/1987 - 04/1988):
  5 F-4D-30-MC (66-7507, 66-7555, 66-7577, 66-7608, 66-7618)
  10 F-4D-31-MC (66-7673, 66-7690, 66-7709, 66-7715, 66-7737, 66-7747, 66-7750, 66-7753, 66-7758, 66-7762)
  7 F-4D-32-MC (66-8701, 66-8734, 66-8737, 66-8756, 66-8758/66-8759, 66-8765)
  2 F-4D-33-MC (66-8806, 66-8810)

Peace Station

FMS program, Boeing 707-3J9C tanker for Iran

Peace Sun (I)

FMS program, 45 F-15C and 15 F-15D for Saudi Arabia:
  6 F-15C-28-MC (80-0062/80-0067)
  7 F-15C-29-MC (80-0068/80-0074)
  11 F-15C-30-MC (80-0075/80-0085)
  14 F-15C-31-MC (80-0086/80-0099)
  7 F-15C-32-MC (80-0100/80-0106)
  4 F-15D-27-MC (80-0107/80-0110)
  2 F-15D-28-MC (80-0111/80-0112)
  2 F-15D-29-MC (80-0113/80-0114)
  3 F-15D-30-MC (80-0115/80-0117)
  2 F-15D-31-MC (80-0118/80-0119)
  2 F-15D-32-MC (80-0120/80-0121)

Peace Sun II

FMS/MDAP program, for Saudi Arabia ?

Peace Sun III

FMS/MDAP program, for Saudi Arabia ?

Peace Sun IV

FMS/MDAP program, for Saudi Arabia ?

Peace Sun V / VI

FMS program, 25 F-15I for Israel:
  (94-0286/0310 ???) to (001/021 ???)

Peace Sun (?)

also sold to Saudi Arabia (FMS program):
  9 F-15C (90-0263/90-0271)
  3 F-15D (90-0272/90-0274)

Peace Trout

FMS/development program, 1 German air force RF-4E fitted with an AN/APR-39-based ELINT system

Peace Vector (I)

FMS program, 34 F-16A and 7 F-16B for Egypt:
  3 F-16A-15A (80-0639/80-0641) to (9301/9303)
  2 F-16A-15B (80-0642/80-0643) to (9304/9305)
  2 F-16A-15C (81-0643/81-0644) to (9306/9307)
  3 F-16A-15D (81-0645/81-0647) to (9308/9310)
  3 F-16A-15E (81-0648/81-0650) to (9311/9313)
  3 F-16A-15F (81-0651/81-0653) to (9314/9316)
  4 F-16A-15G (81-0654/81-0657) to (9317/9320)
  4 F-16A-15H (81-0658/81-0661) to (9321/9324)
  2 F-16A-15J (82-1056/82-1057) to (9325/9326)
  3 F-16A-15K (82-1058/82-1060) to (9327/9329)
  3 F-16A-15L (82-1061/82-1063) to (9330/9332)
  2 F-16A-15M (82-1064/82-1065) to (9333/9334)
  4 F-16B-15A (80-0644/80-0647) to (9201/9204)
  1 F-16B-15B (80-0648) to (9205)
  1 F-16B-15C (81-0662) to (9206)
  1 F-16B-15N (82-1043) to (9208)

Peace Vector II

FMS/MDAP program, for Egypt ?

Peace Vector III

FMS/MDAP program, for Egypt ?

Peace Vector IV

FMS/MDAP program, for Egypt ?

Peace Vector V

FMS program, 21 F-16C for Egypt:
  21 F-16C-40 (96-0086/96-0106)

Peace Xenia

FMS program, 34 F-16C and 6 F-16D for Greece:
  2 F-16C-30H (88-0110/88-0111) to (110/111)
  12 F-16C-30J (88-0112/88-0123) to (112/123)
  16 F-16C-30K (88-0124/88-0139) to (124/139)
  4 F-16C-30L (88-0140/88-0143) to (140/143)
  4 F-16D-30H (88-0144/88-0147) to (144/147)
  2 F-16D-30J (88-0148/88-0149) to (148/149)

Phoenix ... (CIA Operation)

Phoenix Aviator 20

PA 20, Transition Program for military pilots to become airline pilots, when retiring at 20 years

Phoenix Hawk

AMC Training Program, two-year intern program designed to develop leaders with mobility experience, established 1993 or 1994

Phoenix Raven

AMC Training Program, for security forces, each person has unique 'Raven' number, 240+, established early 1997

Phoenix Scorpion (I)

Deployment ?

Phoenix Scorpion II

Deployment, to Persian Gulf ("Southwest Asia"), -06/1998


Pica Poste


Pilot Fish

USN, tactical RDT&ogram

Pine Tree Line

NORAD Early Warning Radars, augmented by Mid-Canada Line and DEW Line

Pipe Stem

Initial deployment of RF-101C Voodoos to Vietnam, 1961+

Plain Jane

7 AC-130A '53-3129, '54-1625', '54-1627', '54-1628', '54-1629', '54-1630', '56-0490'


Operation, [...]

Pony Express

JCS-directed Operation, involving 2 WC-130s of 54th WRS, based at Guam, 1986

Port Bow

Operation, planned against Korea after Pueblo incident, included 26 B-52Ds and 10 KC-135s based at CCK, 02/1968

Prairie Schooner

USN, SIGINT project/operation

Prairie Wagon

USN, SIGINT project/operation


Prize Crew

Army/Navy evaluation of ultra quiet surveillance platforms in Vietnam, 1968; based on powered Schweizer SGS 2-32, designated QT-2PC


Promise Kept

Operation, with Red Cross, retrieval of remains of Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher from Iraq, 12/09/1995 - 12/15/1995


Proud Shield



Proven Force JTF



Provide Comfort

Operation, to protect Iraqi Kurds in Iraq, and enforce Un-sanctioned No-Fly Zone, north of 36th parallel, from Iraqi military (but not from Turkish military), Incirlic AB, Turkey and Pirinclik AB, Iraq, 12/01/1995 - 12/31/1996, to Northern Watch


Ptarmigan Track



Quick Bolt

Advanced anti-radiation missile technology development program, based on AGM-88 HARM missile


Quick Fix (I)

EH-1H SEMA, modified by Tracor Aerospace ?


Quick Fix II



Quick Fix IIB



Quick Look (I)

JOV-1B, JOV-1C, JOV-1D ELINT tests and RV-1D in operational use


Quick Look II

Operational RV-1D and RV-1E ELINT/SIGINT systems


Quick Start

Conversion program to add cartridge starters to all 8 engines of all B-52G/Hs for simultaneous and instantaneous start of all 8 engines, 1974-1976


Quick Switch




Third conversion program to fix B-52B/C/D/E/F fuel leaks, see also Hard Shell, 1958


Ranch Hand

Operation, spraying of more than 18 million gallons of 'Agent Orange' and other herbicides from UC-123s over South-Vietnam, 1962-1971


Rapid Road

Project, [...]


Razor Sharp



Reach Back

Communications System for sending U-2S Intelligence Data from an OL to Beale AFB, CA, to Fort Meade, MD, and back to theater commanders "in 10 minutes or less"


Readiness Challenge

'Excercise', biennial Air Force Civil Engineer, Services and Chaplain Service combat and contingency skills competition (RC VII: at Tyndall AFB, FL, 04/29/2000 - 05/05/2000, cancelled 1999)



Project, [...]


Recce Strike

Project, NKC-135A, [...]


Red Flag

Excercise, ACC (was TAC), Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground, also against Aggressors, multiple every year, several days/weeks, Nellis AFB, NV


Retract Elm

USN tactical RDT&E program


Retract Juniper

USN tactical RDT&E program


Retract Maple

USN tactical RDT&E program



Excercise, biannual, joint maritime, RIMPAC 2000: 50+ ships, 200+ aircraft from USAF/USN, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Korea, UK


Rivet ... (ELINT/ECM systems)

Rivet Ace

Update of B-52G/Hs (ECP2519), aka Phase VI ECM Defensive Avionics System, including: AN/ALR-20A, AAN/ALQ-46(V), AN/ALQ-117, AN/ALQ-122, AN/ALQ-153, AN/ALT-28, AN/ALT-16, AN/ALT-32H, AN/ALT-32T, 12 AN/ALE-20, and 8 AN/ALE-24; possibly also AN/ALQ-127, QRC-496, QRC-515; 1971-1980+

Rivet Amber

was Lisa Ann, 1 RC-135E '62-4137', 01/1967-06/05/1969 (disappeared), modified under Big Safari

Rivet Ball

was Wanda Belle, 1 RC-135S '59-1491', 01/1967-03/10/1969 (w/o after crash), modified under Big Safari

Rivet Bat

Updating of analogue ECM systems ion strike/non-strike aircraft; AN/ALR-46

Rivet Brass

was Office Boy, 3 RC-135D, '60-0356' 'Rivet Brass 2', '60-0357' 'Rivet Brass 1', '60-0362' 'Rivet Brass 3', 01/1967-1976, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Card

(see Rivet Cord)

Rivet Clamp

part of Combat Talon, 17 Skyhook C-130E-I, later 14 plus 1 additional to MC-130E-C (inofficial also C-130H(CT), EC-130E, HC-130E), '64-0508', '64-0523', '64-0547', '64-0551', '64-0555', '64-0558', '64-0559', '64-0561', '64-0562', '64-0563', '64-0566', '64-0567', '64-0568', special operations aircraft with Fulton STARS, 1970-1976, to Combat Talon I

Rivet Cord

6 RC-135M '64-4131', '64-4132', '64-4134', '64-4135', '64-4138', '64-4139', 1967-1980, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Dandy

1 RC-135T '55-3121', 05/1971-07/1973, 1 KC-135R '58-0126', 07/1973-01/1976

Rivet Digger

3 NC-135A '60-0369', '60-0370', '60-0371', quick-response airborne diagnostic airplanes to verify NTBT, 1964-1970s, converted by GD under Big Safari

Rivet Fire

12+ EC-130H(CC) Compass Call, modifications for C3CM

Rivet Haste

F-4C/D, AIM-9

Rivet Hawk

LGM-25 Titan update, using Universal Space Guidance System

Rivet Jaws

also Cobra Jaws/Busted Jaw/Rivet Jaw, 1 KC-135T '55-3121', 03/1969-05/1971, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Joint

Collection of radiation & communications intelligence; RC-135V; QRC-259 AEELS (Automatic Elint Emitter Location System)

Rivet Joint (I)

RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari; includes QRC-259 AEELS (Automatic Elint Emitter Location System)

Rivet Joint II

RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Joint III

RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Joint III+

RC-135V, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Joint IV

RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Joint V

RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Joint VI/6C

RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Mile

Minuteman Integrated Life Extension

Rivet Pacer/Racer

Improvement of ECM systems & engines in RB-66B/E

Rivet Quick

2 KC-135R (I) (or RC-135M?) '58-0126', '59-1514', 06/1969-1973, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Rambler

Update of B-52Ds (and B-52Gs), aka Phase V ECM fit, including: AN/ALR-18, AN/ALR-20, AN/ALT-6B OR AN/ALT-22, 2 AN/ALT-16, 2 AN/ALT-32H, AN/ALT-32L, AN/APR-25, 6 AN/ALE-20, 8 AN/ALE-24, some B-52Gs also with AN/ALE-25 or with AN/ALQ-119(V), 1967-1969

Rivet Rider

4 EC-130E(RR) '63-7773', '63-7783', '63-7869', '63-9817', psyops, all to WWCTV, C3CM aircraft

Rivet Save

Reduction of manpower in ICBM launch control facilities

Rivet Stand

was Speed Light, also Garlic Salt and Briar Patch, 3 KC-135A '55-3121', '59-1465', '59-1514', all 1967 to KC-135R (I), 1964-12/1969, modified under Big Safari

Rivet Swap

part of Combat Talon, 2 NC-130E, redesignated MC-130E-S '64-0571', '64-0572', special operations aircraft for ELINT missions

Rivet Switch

Ground communications improvements, using CU-2274/GR, O-1701/GR

Rivet Top

EC-121; automatic relay of unattended ground sensors

Rivet Trim

ECM equipment for AC-130(?)

Rivet Victor (I)

11+ C-130A-II, COMINT/ELINT, 1957-1973, modified under Big Safari ?

Rivet Victor II

13+ C-130B-II, COMINT/ELINT, to RC-130B, 1959-1981, modified under Big Safari ?

Rivet Yank

was Rivet Yard I, part of Combat Talon, 4 MC-130E-Y '62-1843', '63-7785', '64-0564', '64-0565', special operations aircraft, 10/1972-today

Rivet Yard (I)

was Thin Slice, part of Combat Talon, 4 C-130E-CT '62-1843', '63-7785', '64-0564', '64-0565', special operations aircraft, 1966-10/1972, to Rivet Yank

Rivet Yard II



Rolling Thunder

Operation/Campaign, bombing attacks on North Vietnamese targets, started: 03/02/1965, limited to southern North Vietnam: 04/01/1968, halted: 11/01/1968; Losses: 531 aircraft destroyed, 547 airmen KIA, POW, or MIA

Rough & Ready 2000

Excercise, PfP, Joint Disaster Relief, USA (CA ANG and CA ARNG), Ukraine (military and civilian emergency response teams), 05/2000 obervers from: Greece, Japan, Belarus, India, Russia), in Kharkov, Ukraine

Round Up

Operation, [...]

Roving Sands

Excercise, Joint-Service, (Theater) Air (and Missile) Defense (2000: 06/13-23/2000: at JTF HQ, Suffolk, VA, Ft. Bliss, TX, Nellis AFB, NV, NAS Norfolk VA, AEGIS TRC Dahlgren, VA; participants: USAF 8th AF, US Army, USMC, USN, RAF, RCAF RNethAF, Luftwaffe, observers from Turkey




ELINT satellite, renamed to Aquacade

Science Dawn

USAF HQ/SAC project, concept study for RLV, 3 different manufactures, 1 SSTO, 2 assisted SSTO

Science Realm

USAF HQ project, follow-on to Science Dawn, production of

Scope Light




Project Seascan

Program associated with NK-121K electronic warfare test aircraft

Seat Back


Second Look


Seek ...

Seek Axle


Seek Bandit


Seek Bang

Nuclear-armed Walleye guided weapon (Walleye MK 6 MOD 0)

Seek Baron

Investigation of vulnerability of Have Quick radios to jamming

Seek Bat

XAIM-97A air-to-air missile; modified AGM-78 with infrared seeker

Seek Bus

Developed into JTIDS; CNI, UCNI, PLRACTA

Seek Cargo

Ground communications system for combat airlift management

Seek Century/Sentry

Iranian air defence improvement programme; AN/FPS-113, AN/TPS-32, AN/TPS-43, AN/TSQ-73; formerly Peace Crown

Seek Clock

USAF tactical program

Seek Data

Command & control system for CINCPACAF

Seek Dawn

Semi-automated air surveillance system: 416P

Seek Eagle

Munitions qualification (including: JSOW, JASSM, and GAM) using predictive techniques & wind tunnel tests; A-7D, A-10, F-4, F-15

Seek Flex

Automated tactical control center

Seek Frost

Upgrading of DEW-line radars; AN/FPS-117, AN/FPS-124

Seek Ice


Seek Igloo

Upgrading of radars in Alaska; AN/FPS-117

Seek Ram

Upgrade of AN/ALQ-131

Seek Sail

Phased array radar for SPADATS (Space Detection & Tracking System)

Seek Score

Bombing run scoring system for SAC; AN/TPQ-43

Seek Screen

Investigation of vulnerability of Tactical Air Control System to ECM

Seek Shield

Modifications to increase range of AN/TRC-97 troposcatter system; 102' antenna towers, 15' parabolic reflectors

Seek Skyhook

DARPA program comprising anchored balloon fitted with the Westinghouse Pocket Veto surveillance radar; also mounted on UH-1 helicopters; AN/DPS-5, AN/TPS-61

Seek Spinner

YCGM-121B mini-drone for use against air-defence radars; development of YCQM-121A Pave Tiger

Seek Star

Satellite-oriented information bus

Seek Storm

Improved high-resolution weather radar; WC-130

Seek Straw


Seek Talk

Anti-jamming UHF communications

Senior ... (USAF HQ/Pentagon program)

Senior Blade

ELINT/SIGINT program, U-2 related

Senior Blue

Air-to-Air Anti-Radiation Missile (?)

Senior Book

U-2R COMINT system, used on flights from OL-20, 1970s - 1980s

Senior Bowl

2 B-52Hs '60-0021' and '60-0036', modified to carry 2 Lockheed D-21B "Tagboard" reconnaissance drones

Senior Citizen

Classified program; probably a projected Special Operations stealth and/or STOL transport aircraft

Senior CJ

Northrop B-2A stealth bomber; continuation of Senior Ice

Senior Crown

SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft, based on CIA-sponsored A-12 "Oxcart"

Senior Dance

ELINT/SIGINT program, maye U-2 related ?

Senior Glass

ELINT/SIGINT program, U-2 related

Senior Guardian

Grob/E-Systems D-500 Egrett, high-altitude surveillance / reconnaissance aircraft, German-US cooperation, 1980s

Senior High

Study program for potential stealth applications in 1978, which led to the F-117A, B-2A and other stealth aircraft

Senior Hunter

C-130E/Hs used for Senior Scout reconnaissance/ELINT missions, and/or maybe support aircraft for EC-130E(RR) / EC-130E(CL) Commando Solo missions;
Conflict? Support of the shelters used by Rivet Rider, Volant Solo, Senior Scout

Senior Ice

ATB (Advanced Technology Bomber) stealth bomber design by Northrop; won design competition against Lockheed Senior Peg and was developed as B-2A under Senior CJ program

Senior Jade

USAF Special Access Program

Senior Jump

U-2 ELINT/SIGINT program, related to Senior Book

Senior Lance

U-2R with Goodyear SAR in inflatable dome

Senior Mace

SIGINT exploitation system

Senior Open

U-2R with rotating LOROP camera nose system

Senior Peg

ATB (Advanced Technology Bomber) stealth bomber design by Lockheed; lost design competition against Northrop Senior Ice

Senior Pennant

Classified stealthy air-launched cruise missile; USAF study under JTACMS (Joint Tactical Missile System) program; evolved into AGM-137 TSSAM (Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile)

Senior Prom

Stealthy air-launched cruise missile by Lockheed

Senior Ruby

U-2R with E-Systems ELINT/SIGINT gear

Senior Saber

ELINT/SIGINT program, maybe U-2 related ?

Senior Scout

PHOTINT/ELINT package/modification (a roll-on/roll-off shelter, fitted with DCPS - Data Collection & Processing System) for C-130E/Hs, including: EC-130E(CL) '63-7815', C-130H '74-2134', C-130H '89-1185'

Senior Shuffle

ELINT/SIGINT program, maybe U-2 related ?

Senior Sky

ATF (F-22) development of stealth fighter, Lockheed

Senior Smart

ELINT/SIGINT program, maybe U-2 related ?

Senior Span

U-2R satellite data link, aka 'C-Span III'

Senior Spear

U-2R with ELINT/SIGINT pods, at least 4 different Phases: I, II, III, IV, 1980s

Senior Spur

ELINT/SIGINT program, U-2 related

Senior Stretch

U-2R with ELINT/SIGINT pods

Senior Surprise

AGM-86C CALCM (for Operation Desert Storm in 1991)

Senior Trend

Lockheed F-117A stealth fighter, follow on to Have Blue

Senior Troupe

AN/AIC-38(V)2 communication system

Senior Warrior

Marine Corps PITINT/ELINT system; uses Air Force Senior Scout on USMC C-130s

Senior Year

SYPO (Senior Year Projects Office), located at Warner-Robbins AFB, GA, (oversees all SENIOR programs, not all are on aircraft; the U-2 main logistics support depot is also at Warner-Robbins)
SYERS (Senior Year Electro-optical Reconnaissance System, not only used for U-2s



US Army, classified intelligence program

Shining Brass

Team/Program, infiltration of US and South Vietnamese SOF into Laos, to monitor the 'Tiger Hound' sector of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 1965-

Shining Hope

Operation, UN/NATO, US-led, part of Kosovo Campaign, 04/04/1999 - 07/10/1999, coincided with Operation Sustain Hope

Silk Purse

SAC EC-135H Airborne Command Posts deployed in Europe

Silver Dawn


Silver Dollar




Skoshi Tiger

Evaluation of USAF F-5 Tigers in SE Asia, based in Thailand

Sky Anvil

Operation, "NATO putting pressure on Yugoslavia to settle the turmoil in Kosovo", including: 6 F-15C of 493rd FS, RAF Lakenheath, UK, deployed to Cervia AB, Italy, 10/1998 - 11/1998+

Sky King

SAC HF radio station, [...]


part of Combat Talon, 17 Skyhook C-130E-I, 14 plus 1 additional later to MC-130E-C Rivet Clamp '64-0508', '64-0523', '64-0547', '64-0551', '64-0555', '64-0558', '64-0559', '64-0561', '64-0562', '64-0563', '64-0566', '64-0567', '64-0568', special operations aircraft with Fulton STARS, 1965-1970, to Rivet Clamp





Sleigh Ride


Smart Wing (I)


Smart Wing II

Smart Materials and Structures Demonstration program, $8 million contract, for UAV/UCAV/UTA, NGC, USAF

Sneaky Pete

C-130 ELINT missions, 1960s

South Bay

Update of 28 B-52F to cary up to 24 M117 750 lb bombs externally, similar to Sun Bath, 06/1964-08/1964

Southern Watch

Operation, "OSW", enforcing the UN-sanctiond no-fly zone over Iraq, south of the (38°) parallel, 199x - 1998

Speckled Trout

also Pacer Speckled Trout, KC-135A '55-3126' (mid 1960s-1974), and later (1975-today) C-135C '61-2669', Avionics Testbed, named after Faye Trout, the civilian program monitor at the Lab, 'who had a lot of freckles'

Speed Light

KC-135A '55-3121', '59-1465' (maybe 'Alpha'), '59-1414' ('Delta'), 1961, used for recon, modified under Big Safari


Operation, logistics and other support of INTERFET (UN peacekeeping forces in East Timor), 10/1999

Star Cast

Optical tracking and collection system on WC-135B (see also Cast Glance)





Stay On

Operations, [...]

Steel Tiger

OpOrd for B-57 night attacks in Laos, 04/01/1965 - 1970+



Story Teller

P-3C C3I/SIGINT system

Stray Goose

OpOrd for 4+ C-130E-I Combat Talon I, leaflet dropping, inserting and re-supply of special operations teams, and other missions, over North Vietnam, 1966 - 1968 ?; crew 'S-01' (11 crew members) lost 12/28/1967, over North Vietnam

Sun Bath

Update of 46 B-52F to cary up to 24 M117 750 lb bombs externally, similar to South Bay, 06/1965-07/1965

Sun Run

OpOrd or modification program, RF-101C '56-0165', and others ?

Sun Valley (I)

OpOrd for C-130A-II Rivet Victor I COMINT/ELINT missions ?

Sun Valley II

OpOrd for C-130B-II / RC-130B Rivet Victor II COMINT/ELINT missions ?



Sure Thing


Surprise Package

AC-130A '55-0011', modified to Pave Pronto gunship prototype, 1969

Sustain Hope

Operation, UN/NATO, US-led, part of Kosovo Campaign, 04/04/1999 - 07/10/1999, coincided with Operation Shining Hope



Tacit Blue

Stealth technology demonstrator aircraft by Northrop

Tacit Rainbow

Northrop AGM-136A; anti-radar missile/UAV


CIA project, Lockheed D-21, MD-21 combination


(A)C-131B '53-7820' modified as gunship


Covert (black) Operation, during Vietnam war, A-1s attacking targets in Laos, using teargas and other weapons, (only 16 men involved ?), 1970 ?

Talon ...

Talon Command

Delivery of continuous real-time and near real-time information from national sources; included Talon Shield & Talon Hook

Talon Hook

Rescue of downed airmen using GPS integrated with survival radios (AN/PRQ-7); part of Talon Command

Talon Lance

Analysis of intelligence from offboard sensors: satellites, RC-135 Cobra Ball, Rivet Joint, E-3, E-6, EC-130 and ABCCC III, to support F-15, F-16, B-1B, B-2, F-117 and E-2C; uses Constant Source, TIBS, TRAP; part of Talon Shooter

Talon Night

Development of small devices for special forces

Talon Ready

Use of space resources by operational mission planners; included Talon Scene, Talon Spectrum, Talon Stamp

Talon Scene

Imagery support by national, theater and tactical systems for advanced precision guided weapons; part of Talon Ready

Talon Shield

Use of DSP satellites for missile defense support; uses Joint Tactical Ground Station AN/TYS-1; part of Talon Command

Talon Shooter

Enhancing aircrew situational awareness; includes Talon Lance, Talon Sword, Talon Zebra

Talon Spear

Use of space assets and national systems to enhance Red Flag and other training exercises; imagery, electronic and signal intelligence, weather support to Nellis AFB

Talon Spectrum

Correlation and merging of Landsat, Spot, and national systems; dissemination of digital versions to wing and squadron level intelligence & planning staff; part of Talon Ready

Talon Stamp

Linking national resources to national mission planning; part of Talon Ready

Talon Sword

Location of SAM sites by long-range airborne sensors; data processed by ground station (in tests, EA-6B supported F-15, F-16); part of Talon Shooter

Talon Touch

Enhancement of existing space communications and development of new capabilities to support other Talon programmes

Talon Vision

Programme to receive, process, correlate, fuse, manipulate, and display all source information/imagery into systems

Talon Zebra

Highly accurate imagery and GPS information for precision guided weapons; part of Talon Shooter


Tamale Pete

Planning name for Okinawa TTF at Kadena AB, 1964/1965, to Young Tiger

Tan Anchor

Air-refueling area, Vietnam


OSD, classified RDT&E program

Teal ...

Teal Amber

Ground-based sensors for detection of moving objects (satellites?)

Teal Blue

Electro-optical space surveillance system

Teal Cameo

DARPA project to define a high-altitude theatre unmanned vehicle as TR-1 replacement

Teal Dawn

Development of air-launched cruise missile stealth technology; related to later development of AGM-129A ACM (Advanced Cruise Missile)

Teal Feather

Communications system (P-3C)
No explanation of how a US Navy system is listed under a US Air Force codename - perhaps it uses USAF satellites?

Teal Jade

Detection of small missiles by visible light and infrared space sensors

Teal Rain

DARPA, Long-Endurance UAV study project

Teal Ruby

ADI project to develop a satellite which could detect and track aircraft from space by IR-signature measurement


Teapot Dome


Ten High


Thin Slice

C-130E-CT Combat Talon (I) for Heavy Chain missions ?

Third Pilot

Program, KC-135, [...]

Thirst Watcher

OSD, classified RDT&E program

Thule Monitor


Tiger Cup TTF

was Foreign Legion, OpOrd for KC-135s from Don Muang IAP, to support tactical strikes in Laos, 1965+

Tiger Hound

USAF interdiction missions over the North of Laos, 12/1965-1970+

Top Off

Exercise, stands for 'Top Officials', combines JFCOM, DTRA, FEMA, FBI, others, annual ?, JTF-CS, TO 2000: 05/20/2000 - 05/30/2000, Pease ANGB, NH

Top Sail


Tractor ...

Tractor BAT

US Army, Brilliant Anti-Tank munition

Tractor Cage

US Army, classified strategic RDT&E program

Tractor Card

US Army, appears to be an advanced tactical missile technology program

Tractor Dirt

US Army, classified strategic RDT&E program

Tractor Dump

US Army, classified tactical RDT&E program

Tractor Field

US Army, classified RDT&E program

Tractor Flop

US Army, classified strategic RDT&E program

Tractor Hike

US Army, classified strategic RDT&E program

Tractor Hip

US Army, classified RDT&E program

Tractor Hole

US Army, classified strategic RDT&E program

Tractor Red

US Army, classified strategic RDT&E program

Tractor Rig

US Army, appears to be an advanced tactical missile technology program

Tractor Rose

US Army, classified RDT&E program

Tractor Rut

US Army, classified program

Tractor Tread

US Army, classified tactical RDT&E program



Simulation Exercise, annual, JTF, '98: planned for 10/1998

Tree Horn


Tree Shark


Trojan Horse

U-2 deployment to OL-20 (Bien Hoa)

Tropic Moon (I)


Tropic Moon II

B-57B '52-1518', '52-1580', '53-3860', tested with LLLTV pod under wing from Phan Rang AB, 12/1967-07/1968

Tropic Moon III

16 RB-57G for night interdiction: '52-1578', '52-1580', '52-1582', '52-1588', '53-3860', '53-3865', '53-3877', '53-3878', '53-3886', '53-3889', '53-3898', '53-3905', '53-3906', '53-3928', '53-3929', '53-3931'

Trout 99


Union Flash

Simulation Exercise, annual, '98: WPC, Einsiedlerhof AFS, Germany, 05/1998

Uphold Democracy

Operation, 'invasion' of Haiti, 1994

Urgent Fury

Operation, invasion of Grenada, 10/1983

Vigilant Look

AFSPC Training Program, intense one-week orientation program for senior leadership, established 03/2000

Vigilant Scholar

AFSPC/AFIT Training Program, 12-month program to build in-depth aerospace knowledge and expertise for hand-picked officers, established 03/2000

Vigilant Warrior



Operation, Berlin Air Bridge, 1948/1949

Volant ... (MAC/AMC OpOrd, also for associated ANG and AFRES units)

Volant Cross

Meteorological reconnaissance in support of tactical air deployments, WC-130

Volant DEW

MAC OpOrd, LC-130H resupply missions to the Distant Early Warning (DEW) radar sites in Greenland

Volant Eye

Tracking hurricanes along US coast, WC-130

Volant Forest

MAC OpOrd, C-130E fire fighting missions with MAFFS installed

Volant Ghost

Meteorological reconnaissance in less developed areas of the World, WC-130

Volant Oak

MAC OpOrd, C-130 support missions for US Southern Command from Howard AB

Volant Solo

was Coronet Solo II, MAC OpOrd, EC-130E(VS) psyops and C3CM missions, to Commando Solo; related/similar to Rivet Rider?



SIGINT satellite, new designation of the platform previously known as Chalet

Walking Shield

Operation, civil-military collaborative program to help improve the quality of life for American Indians living on reservations

Wanda Belle

was Nancy Rae, 1 RC-135S '59-1491', named after Wanda Leigh O'Rear, daughter of Big Safari program director F. E. O'Rear, 01/1964-01/1967, to Rivet Ball, modified under Big Safari

Wanda Lee


Water Pump

Operation, Air Commandos, training Laotian and Thai pilots in Ho Chi Minh trail interdiction missions, 1960s

West Stream

Operation, 12 B-52 strike on Laos, 02/1966

White Cloud

USN, reconnaissance/surveillance satellite

Wild Weasel I

USAF SEAD program based on the F-100F

Wild Weasel II

USAF SEAD program based on the F-105F (with Bendix electronic warfare system); not ordered

Wild Weasel III

USAF SEAD program based on the F-105F; operational

Wild Weasel IV

USAF SEAD program based on the F-4C; operational

Wild Weasel V

USAF SEAD program based on the F-4E; operational

Willow Freeze

Operation ?

Wing Fix


Woodland Cougar

Excercise, joint personnel recovery, USN, JSSA

Yankee Team TTF

was Lima Mike X, OpOrd for KC-135s from Clark AB, to support tactical strikes in Laos, early 1964-09/03/1964, to Foreign Legion

Young Tiger TTF

planned under Tamale Pete, OpOrd for KC-135s from Kadena AB, an later CCK (1967+), refueling tactical air operations in SEA, 1965+)



3 Sources

Sources for section 1 "Names — Another Form of Designation":

The list of names is based on a list provided by Andreas Gehrs-Pahl, with some contributions by (in alphabetical order) Joel Carpenter, Jacobus Coetzee, David Huie, Kenneth Katz and Andreas Parsch. The information was collected over a long time from numerous public sources.

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