The Indian Army 1914

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In 1914 the British military force in India was made up of units of the British Army and of the Indian Army. The two armies were mixed together in the same command structure to provide a field force and forces for internal security duties.

The British Army provided 6,056 cavalry, 17,140 artillery, 165 engineers and 77,075 infantry.

The Indian Army consisted of 24,854 cavalry, 3,104 artillery, 4,877 engineers and 141,890 infantry

This combined force provided a field force of 9 infantry divisions and 8 cavalry brigades to defend the Indian subcontinent from the threat of Russian invasion via Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier. Units surplus to the requirements of the field force were employed on internal security duties throughout India. In peacetime, the internal security troops came under the command of the divisions and brigades of the field force. There was no formal provision for the use of troops in the defence of other parts of the British Empire, although Britain expected India to provide at least two infantry divisions for service outside the subcontinent: by 1914 such divisions had not been nominated or trained.

The field force was divided into two armies:

The Northern Army stretched from the North-West Frontier to Bengal. It had five divisions and three brigades under command. They were:

1st (Peshawar) Division

2nd (Rawalpindi) Division

3rd (Lahore) Division

7th (Meerut) Division

8th (Lucknow) Division

Kohat Brigade

Bannu Brigade

Derajat Brigade

The Southern Army stretched from Baluchistan to southern India. It had four divisions under command and two formations outside the subcontinent. They were:

4th (Quetta) Division

5th (Mhow) Division

6th (Poona) Division

9th (Secunderabad) Division

Burma Division

Aden Brigade

The whole force was commanded from Headquarters in Delhi by the Commander-in-Chief, India who was assisted by the Chief of the General Staff, India. All senior command and staff positions in India alternated between senior officers of the British Army and the Indian Army. In 1914, the above posts were held by General Sir Beauchamp Duff [Indian Army] and Lt General Sir Percy Lake [British Army.]

In the following pages units will be listed according to the British practice of 1914= British units, Indian units and Gurkha units.


HQ at Murree [Lt General Sir James Willcocks]

1st (PESHAWAR) DIVISION HQ=Peshawar [Major General C Blomfield]

1st Peshawar Infantry Brigade, Peshawar [Major General Young]

2 King’s Liverpool

1 Royal Sussex

14 Sikh

21 Punjabis

51 Sikh

72 Punjabis

VIII Brigade RHA-M Battery

XVI Brigade RFA-89, 90, 91 Batteries

III Brigade RFA- 75 Battery

72 Company RGA

2nd Nowshera Brigade, Nowshera [Major General Bannantine-Allason]

2 East Surrey

1 Durham Light Infantry

24 Punjabis

38 Dogra

46 Punjabis

82 Punjabis

112 Infantry

2/1 Gurkha

25 Mountain Battery

1st Risalpur (Cavalry) Brigade, Risalpur [Brigadier General Turner]

1 Lancers

13 Lancers

14 Lancers

Guides Cavalry

Guides Infantry

2ND (RAWALPINDI) DIVISION HQ=Rawalpindi [Major General G Kitson]

3rd Abbottbad Brigade, Abbottabad [Brigadier General Loch]

1/5th Gurkha

2/5th Gurkha

1/6th Gurkha

2/6th Gurkha

Q Battery RHA

VII Brigade RFA- 4, 38, 78 Batteries

68, 94, 104 Companies RGA

23, 27, 28, 30 Mountain Batteries

4th Rawalpindi Brigade, Rawalpindi [Brigadier General Cox]

21 Lancers

5 Cavalry


2 North Staffordshire

2 Rifle Brigade

35 Sikh

84 Punjabis

W Battery RHA

1, 6, 9 Mountain Batteries RGA

5th Jhelum Brigade, Jhelum [Brigadier General Macintyre]

21 Cavalry

37 Dogra

69 Punjabis

76 Punjabis

87 Punjabis

2nd Sialkot (Cavalry) Brigade, Sialkot [Brigadier General Leader]

17 Lancers

6 Cavalry

19 Lancers

32 Pioneers

1 Yorkshire

3RD (LAHORE) DIVISION HQ=Lahore [Lt General Sir Henry Watkis

7th Ferozepore Brigade, Ferozepore [Brigadier General R Egerton]

7 Lancers

1 Connaught Rangers

129 Baluchis

I Brigade RHA-A, B Batteries

82, 86 Companies RGA

8th Jullundur Brigade, Jullundur [Major General P Carnegy]

15 Lancers

37 Lancers

2 Royal West Kent

1 Manchester

47 Sikh

59 Rifles

1/1st Gurkha

1/4th Gurkha

2/4th Gurkha

III Brigade RFA-18, 62, 75 Batteries

9th Sirhind Brigade, Ambala [Major General Brunker]

4 Rifle Brigade

2 Northumberland Fusiliers

1 South Lancashire

1 Highland LI

34 Pioneers

XVIII Brigade RFA-59, 93, 94 Batteries

2, 5 Mountain Batteries RGA

3rd Ambala (Cavalry) Brigade, Ambala [Major General Pirie]

8 Hussars

9 Horse

30 Lancers


23 Cavalry

1 Duke of Wellington’s

23 Pioneers

28 Punjabis

7TH (MEERUT) DIVISION HQ= Mussorie [Major General C Anderson]

19th Dehra Dun Brigade, Dehra Dun [Brigadier General C Johnson]

1 Welsh Regiment

1/2nd Gurkha

2/2nd Gurkha

1/9th Gurka

2/9th Gurkha

XII Brigade RHA-V, W Batteries

VII Mountain Brigade RGA-21, 26 Batteries

59, 81 Companies RGA

20th Garwhal Brigade, Lansdowne [Major General Keary]

1/39 Garwhal

2/39 Garwhal

1/3rd Gurkha

2/8th Gurkha

VI Brigade RFA-77 Battery

IX Brigade RFA-19, 20, 28 Batteries

73, 74 Companies RGA [74-Delhi]

21st Bareilly Brigade, Bareilly [Major General Macbean]

4 Cavalry

2 Leicestershire

2 East

2 Black Watch


41 Dogras

128 Pioneers

1/3rd Gurkha

XI Brigade RFA-83, 84, 85 Batteries

V Brigade RFA-84, 73, 81 Batteries

91 Company RGA

Meerut (Cavalry) Brigade, Meerut [Brigadier General Edwards]

13 Hussars

3 Horse

18 Lancers


6 Dragoons

11 Probyns Horse

1 Seaforth Highlanders

13 Rajput

30 Punjabis

79 Battery RFA

74 Company RGA

HQ=Lucknow [Lt General Sir R Scallon]


22nd Lucknow Infantry Brigade, Lucknow [Major General A Wilson]

3 Royal Fusiliers


17 Infantry

36 Sikh

74 Punjabis

U Battery RHA

V Brigade RFA-63, 64, 73 Batteries

Fyzabad Brigade, Fyzabad [Brigadier General Kavangh]

12 Cavalry

1 Leinster

9 Bhopal

Allahabad Brigade, Allahabad [Brigadier General Cowper]

17 Cavalry

1 Royal Scots

3 Middlesex

62 Punjabis

92 Punjabis

Presidency Brigade, Calcutta [Major General May]

2 Royal Fusiliers


1 Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs

11 Rajput

22 Punjabis

93 Infantry

2/10th Gurkha

XVII Brigade RFA-10, 26, 92 Batteries

51, 62 Companies RGA

8th Lucknow (Cavalry) Brigade, Lucknow [Major General Cookson]

1 Kings Dragoon Guards

16 Cavalry

36 Horse

39 CIH


5 Light Infantry [Nowgong]

113 Infantry [Dibrugarh]

123 Infantry [Manipur]

1/8th Gurkha [Shillong]

KOHAT BRIGADE, HQ KOHAT [Major General A Campbell]

31 Lancers

53 Sikh

54 Sikh

56 Rifles

122 Rajputana

31 Mountain Battery

Frontier Force Garrison Artillery

BANNU BRIGADE, HQ BANNU [Major General O’Donnell]

25 Cavalry

33 Punjabis

52 Sikh

55 Rifles

29 Mountain Battery

DERAJAT BRIGADE, HQ SHEIK BUDIN [Major General G Younghusband]

35 Horse

18 Infantry

27 Punjabis

45 Sikhs

57 Rifles

32 Mountain Battery


HQ OOCTAMUND [Lt General Sir John Nixon]

4TH (QUETTA) DIVISION HQ= Quetta [Lt General H Grover]

1st Quetta Infantry Brigade, Quetta [Brigadier General Sitwell]

2 Somerset LI

12 Pioneers

19 Punjabis

58 Rifles

1/7th Gurkha

2/7th Gurkha

XXI Brigade RFA-101, 102, 113 Batteries

2nd Quetta Infantry Brigade, Quetta [Major General Mellis VC]

2 Royal Irish Fusiliers

40 Pathans

67 Punjabis

106 Hazara Pioneers

114 Mahrattas

IV Mountain Brigade RGA-3, 8 Batteries

4 Mountain Battery RGA

Karachi Brigade, Karachi [Brigadier General Shaw]

1 Lancashire Fusiliers

127 Baluchis

69 Company RGA

unbrigaded troops

10 Lancers [Loralai]

22 Cavalry [Jacobabad]

28 Lt Cavalry [Quetta]

15 Sikhs [Loralai]

29 Punjabis [Chaman]

31 Punjabis [Fort Sandeman]

60 Company RGA

5TH (MHOW) DIVISION HQ= Mhow [Major General H Payne]

Nasirabad Brigade, Nasirabad [Major General Davison]

27 Cavalry

1 Royal Irish Regiment

42 Deoli

43 Erinpure

44 Merwar

90 Punjabis

XIII Brigade RHA-X, Y Batteries

XI Brigade RFA- 83, 84, 85 Batteries

XIX Brigade RFA- 95 Battery

Jubbulpore Brigade, Jubbulpore [Major General Fanshawe]

2 Lancers

32 Lancers

2 Cheshire

1 York & Lancaster

2 East Yorkshire

16 Rajputs

63 Light Infantry

97 Infantry

98 Infantry

71, 90 Companies RGA

Jhansi Brigade, Mhow [Major General Townshend]

8 Cavalry

38 Central Indian Horse

2 Royal Berkshire

10 Jats

99 Infantry

107 Pioneers

116 Mahratta

60 Company RGA


14 Hussars

2nd Bn Hampshire

96 Infantry

125 Rifles

VI Brigade RFA-74, 77,79 Batteries

XX Brigade RFA-98, 99, 100 Batteries

6TH (POONA) DIVISION HQ= Poona [Lt General A Barrett]

16th Poona Infantry Brigade, Poona [Brigadier General Atkins]

29 Lancers

2 Dorsetshire

2 Cameron Highlanders

20 Infantry

48 Pioneers

104 Rifles

105 Mahratta

117 Mahratta

X Brigade RFA- 76, 81, 82 Batteries

17th Ahmednagar Brigade, Ahmednagar [Major General Dobbie]

33 Lt Cavalry

1 Oxfordshire

7 Rajputs

103 Mahratta

119 Infantry

130 Baluchis

XIX Brigade RFA-96 Battery

18th Belgaum Brigade, Belgaum [Brigadier General Fry]

2 Royal Norfolk

81 Pioneers

110 Mahrata

120 Infantry

Bombay Brigade, Bombay [Major General Gorringe]

1 Sherwood Foresters

95 Infantry

52, 77, 79, 85 Companies RGA

9TH (SECUNDERABAD) DIVISION HQ=Oootacamund [Lt General Woon]

1st Secunderabad Infantry Brigade, Secunderabad [Major General Wilkinson]

2 Kings Shropshire LI

1 Brahman

88 Infantry

94 Infantry

XIX Brigade RFA-97 Battery

2nd Secunderabad Infantry Brigade, Secunderabad [Brigadier General Rodwell]

1Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

6 Jat LI

83 Light Infantry

XIII Brigade RFA-2, 8 44 Batteries

27th Bangalore Brigade, Bangalore [Brigadier General Wapshare]

2 North Lancashire Regiment

61 Pioneers

101 Grenadiers

108 Infantry

IV Brigade RFA-7 14 66 Batteries

Southern Brigade, Wellington, Madras [Brigadier General W Hamilton]

2 The Buffs

1 Royal Dublin Fusiliers

73 Infantry

75 Infantry

86 Infantry

IX Brigade RHA-N, S Batteries

Secunderabad (Cavalry) Brigade, Bolarum [Brigadier General Wadeson]

7 Dragoon Guards

7 Hussars

20 Horse

26 Lt Cavalry

34 Horse


HQ=Maymyo [Major General T Pilcher]

Rangoon Brigade, Rangoon [Brigadier General Johnstone]

4th Bn Worcestershire

1st Bn Munster Fusiliers

66 Punjabis

79 Infantry

89 Punjabis

64, 75 Companies RGA

22 Mountain Battery RGA

Mandalay Brigade, Mandalay [Major General Raitt]

1 Border Regiment

64 Pioneers

80 Infantry

91 Punjabis

1/10th Gurkhas

ADEN BRIGADE [Major General Bell]

Aden Cavalry Troop

1 Royal Irish Rifles

109 Infantry

61, 70, 76 Companies RGA


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