Operation Desert Storm 1991

v.2.0 September 9, 2001

Terry Coello & Ravi Rikhye


Ravi Rikhye

During Desert Storm, Iraq lost 4000 tanks. The Coalition lost 4. A 1000 to 1 kill ratio does not indicate a war was fought. It indicates that a massacre took place. This was not even the Israelis vs. the Arabs 1967, because the Coalition was between 2 and 5 times more numerous than Iraqi forces in the Kuwait Theatre of Operations, and Arab and Israeli weapons were reasonable comparable. This war was akin to one between 3000 soldiers with automatic weapons on one side, and 1000 spear-wielding natives on the other

That said, the United States fielded, for Desert Storm, possibly the best-trained forces sent to war by any country in any era. These forces were superbly equipped and superbly officered. The United States can take credit for its victory, even if the foe was an unworthy one.

The final plan used to eject Iraq from Kuwait was only one of many considered. Earlier plans required only one US corps, and were probably realistic in assuming this. Other earlier plans called for a direct parachute and helicopter assault with two divisions into the heart of the Iraqi defenses, an amphibious assault, and link ups with heavy forces proceeding north.

The famous left hook in the ground war has been made much of. If, however, a reader looks at the deployment of Iraqi forces, and remembers that they were blind, immobile, and completely with air protection, anything other than the left hook would not have made sense. The Coalition deployed its weakest forces, composed of Arab armies - against the densest Iraqi defenses, those in the extreme south of Kuwait. The only concession made was to put the US Marine divisions with the weakest forces. Tough as the Marines might be, they are essentially infantry and have limited mobility, so in a tank-heavy environment it made sense to keep them out of harm's way. The bulk of the Coalition's ground combat power was put against four third-line Iraqi divisions on the Saudi-Iraq border. This is standard procedure, the difference was that since Iraq could not see what the Coalition was doing, and anyway had limited ability to shift and support troops in this very undeveloped part of its territory, the Coalition was free to conduct its shift west without interference.

The left hook was not about great generalship; it was about great logistics. The Americans have nothing to be ashamed of here; logistics is what wins or loses wars. Nonetheless, in general it is worth keeping in mind that the Gulf War 1991 was probably one of the most one-sided ever. Rather than marveling at how the Americans defeated one of the largest armies in the world in less than 100 hours, we should ask why American airpower, which was absolute, required six weeks to prepare the way for ground victory. We may also ask if the deployment of VII Corps from Germany was necessary. Of course, we have the wisdom of hindsight, but during the buildup there was ample dissent within the US military on this issue.


www.es.rice.edu/project/poli378/Gulf/aspin_rpt.html(Aspin Report)

www.fas.org/dod-101/ops/docs/cpgw.pdf (Conduct of the Gulf War: Final Report to Congress, April 1992)

The list probably does not list all Iraqi divisions. Most divisions facing Iran or in the north be of no consequence to Desert Storm.

Iraqi defenses were arranged in the Kuwait Theatre of Operations were organized in three tiers:

While I have the operational and strategic reserve divisions fairly well identified, the holding divisions on the border are not all identified.

The left hook rendered irrelevant this impressive - at least on paper defense because it cut through the sector most lightly held by Iraq, and went straight for the Euphrates River line, outflanking all three defense lines. The hook then turned east, to envelope all Iraqi forces in the KTO. The Iraqi forces were arrayed in a west-east direction, so the hook rolled them up by punching them in the side, one by one, and at speed.

The American heavy divisions with 3rd Army were so powerful, and so well-trained, that single brigades ran through crack Iraqi heavy divisions, destroying everything in their path, usually in hours, without suffering more than a few scratches in return. Unless the reader appreciates the disparity between the two sides, he or she cannot appreciate what happened during Desert Storm.

Much has been made of Iraqi soldiers surrendering without a fight. These were the low-grade troops, many of who had not even eaten properly once the air campaign began to cut Iraqi communication lines. Even then, many of the troops fought back, and the reserve divisions, fought back ferociously. Here was their difficulty: they were cut down before they could as much as see where the American tanks were. The battle was lost before the Americans even hove to within range of Iraqi tank guns. Those Iraqis still standing their ground were possibly discouraged to see their shot plinking off American tanks like peas shot at a steel plate, while single American shots hit with so much force that tank turrets were blown 20, 30, 40 feet into the air.

According to General H. Norman Schwarzkopf memoirs It Doesn't Take A Hero, one third of the Iraqi divisions were at 50% or lower strength; one-third at 50% to 75%; and one-third at full strength - which can mean 90% as opposed to the 110% or more a western country might require before opening operations. Almost without exception the divisions deployed in the first-line were Category C, to use the old NATO terminology for Soviet Divisions.

The Aspin report says that the Coalition may have used 700,000 troops against just 183,000 Iraqi troops in the KTO, though admittedly this is the lowest estimate we have seen. Nonetheless, the report indicates the possibility some Iraqi units were even at zero percent strength.

The Final Report to Congress notes that while Iraqi defenses were well laid out, in the weeks leading to war they were badly neglected and were in a state of considerable disarray. The holding divisions were manned by draftees of insufficient training and motivation, and Iraqi logistics, never designed for so massive a deployment at the edge of the country's borders, were insufficient to maintain these troops, who surrendered at the first chance. Iraq could not even fill out its existing divisions. Perhaps the Iraqi leader, like Hitler before him, found comfort in filling up maps with large numbers of division flags. Except the Republican Guard - and this does not except other heavy divisions - Iraq did not have any troops that could be considered to have any real capability against a first-class Western adversary. The lack of air cover in the desert, of course, would have rendered any considerations of quality moot even if all of Iraq's ground forces had been high quality. Speaking purely for myself, it is hard to escape the impression that Iraq was not really prepared for war, and did not believe the Coalition would actually attack, pitting Arab against Arab. Again, however, considering who it faced, even if Iraq had been ready, it could have at most delayed by a few days the inevitable defeat.

Last, if I may interject a personal opinion. I believe US V and VII Corps would have had the same success had they been called to fight Soviet Group of Forces Germany. Victory would have taken longer, and of course been much more costly. American weapon systems outclassed the Russian, the Russians tactics would have proved futile against an opponent fighting a 3-D mobile war, and as we saw from Chechnya, the average Russian soldier, NCO, and even officer, though brave to the point of foolishness, did not in any way equal his Americans adversary in terms of training. I make this statement because it is also important not to underrate the Americans just because their adversary was Iraq. The Iraqis had a very experienced, battle-hardened army. It was designed to play by a set of rules that the Americans chose to ignore. The Americans played by their own rules, and those who contemplate taking them on in a future war might do well to remember that.

Iraqi Deployments

Forces outside Kuwaiti Theatre of Operations

Northern Iraq (Kurdistan)

2 corps HQ

17-18 infantry divisions

6 forces command (equal to brigades?)

Western Iraq

2 tank regiments

1-2 infantry divisions


2 or more Republican Guard brigades

1 mechanized infantry division (forming)




Kuwait Coast

2 Infantry Division

U/I Infantry Division

11 Infantry Division (Kuwait City)

15 Infantry Division (Kuwait City)

VII Corps included RG units

19 Infantry Division (Kuwait City

18 Infantry Division

3 Armored Division (III Corps)

Kuwait Border

5 Mechanized Division (III Corps)

Madina Armored Division

Kuwait Southern border

6 Armored Division (IV Corps)

Hammarabi Armored Division

17 Armored Division (II Corps)

Special Forces Division

8 Infantry Division

51 Mechanized Division (II Corps)

29 Infantry Division

52 Armored Division

14 Infantry Division III Corps

12 Armored Division (West Jihad Corps)

Euphrates River Line

18 Infantry Division

10 Armored Division (West Jihad Corps)

(Talil to Basara)

7 Infantry Division

49 Division

30 Infantry Division

Nebuchadnezzar Division

16 Infantry Division

U/I Division

20 Infantry Division IV Corps

Adnan Division

21 Infantry Division

36 Infantry Division??

Saudi-Iraq Border

26 Infantry Division

1 or more may be holding divisions

27 Infantry Division

Saudi Border

28 Infantry Division

42 Infantry Division

Tawalkhana Mech Div

25 Infantry Division

31 Infantry Division

48 Infantry Division

45 Infantry Division

Iran Border

U/I Infantry Division (Faw)


Detailed Orbat

Terry Coello

Combined Command HQ

(Lieutenant General Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz)

(General H. Norman Schwarzkopf)

US Central Command (CENTCOM)

(Commander: General H. Norman Schwarzkopf)

(Deputy Commander: Lieutenant General Calvin A.H. Waller)

[USA & USMC units deployed for ODS incl. 34 tk bns, 14 cav sqns, 64 inf bns, 13 SF-recon bns, 21 combat avn bns, 60 FA bns & 21 ADA bns]

  1. US 3rd Army (ARCENT)

(Lieutenant General John J. Yeosock)

(HQ Riyadh)

[300,000 troops] [incl. US deployed for ODS: 9 abn inf, 9 air assault, 19 mech inf, 29 arm, 21 cbt av, 47 FA firing bns, 17 ADA bns & 11 cav sqns]

US 22nd Theater Army Support Command [SUPCOM]

[60,000+ troops]

318th Transportation Agency (Movement Control)

321st Material Management Center [USAR]

226th Support Group (Area) [AL ARNG]

301st Support Group (Area) [NY USAR]

593rd Support Group (Area)

Area Support Group Dhahran (Provisional)

7th Transportation Group (Terminal)

32nd Transportation Group (Composite) [FL USAR]

111th Ordnance Group (Ammunition) [AL ARNG]

475th Quartermaster Group (Petroleum) [PA USAR]

5th Special Operations Support Command (SOSC) Theater

Army (TA) (Airborne)

800th Military Police Brigade (Enemy Prisoner of War) [USAR]

301st, 400th, 401st, 402nd & 403rd MP POW Camps

1st EOD Group (Provisional)

304th Civil Affairs Group [PA USAR]

3rd Personnel Group

ARCENT Contracting Command

US 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade

D-1-7 ADA

2-7 ADA

2-43 ADA

3-43 ADA

2-52 ADA

US ARCENT Aviation Brigade

5-229 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn [elements]

4 Stinger Teams, 3-5 ADA

US 29th Aviation Group (Air Traffic Control) [MD ARNG]

US 416th Engineer Command [IL USAR]

411th Engineer Brigade [NY USAR]

US 6th Theater Signal Command (Army)

11th Signal Brigade

US 3rd Army Medical Command (Provisional)

173rd Medical Group [USAR-ARNG]

8th, 85th, 201st, 207th Evacuation & 47th, 300th Field Hospitals

202nd Medical Group [ARNG-USAR]

129th, 311th, 365th Evacuation Hospitals

244th Medical Group [ARNG-USAR]

144th, 217th Evacuation, 382nd Field, 316th Station & 50th General Hospitals

803rd Medical Group [USAR-ARNG]

111th, 251st, 350th Evacuation Hospitals

US 89th Military Police Brigade

US 3rd Military Police Group (CID) (Provisional)

US 513th Military Intelligence Brigade

US 4th Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Group (Airborne)

US Task Force (TF) Freedom

Combined Civil Affairs (CA) TF

352nd CA Command [MD USAR]

Kuwait TF

Support Command TF

US 3rd Army Signal Command (Provisional)

US 10th Personnel Command (PERSCOM)

US 3rd Army Personnel Command (Provisional) (?)

US 3rd Army Finance Command (Provisional) (?)

US 352nd Civil Affairs Command (Provisional) (?)

US 96th Civil Affairs Brigade

US XVIII Airborne Corps (Lieutenant General Gary E. Luck)

[118,000 troops in 9 bdes, 1 ACR with 5 tk bns, 4 cav sqns, 23 inf bns {5 mech + 18 lt}, 10 cbt avn sqns-bns & 21 FA bns]

? Airborne Infantry Bn [from 82nd Abn Div] [rear area protection]

2-502nd Infantry (Air Assault) [from 101st Abn Div]

? [Stinger] Section, 2-52 ADA

TF 2-1 ADA [= TF Scorpion]

US 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) (Major General Barry R. McCaffrey)

[26,000 troops in 4 tk & 5 mech inf bns with 249 MBTs]

1-5 ADA [elements - 3 plts]

124 Signal Bn

LRS Det, 124 MI Bn

24 MP Company

TF 2-4 Cavalry Squadron

3 Engineer Bn

1st Brigade (Col John LeMoyne)

2-7 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

3-7 (Mechanized] Infantry Bn

4-64 Armor Bn

1-41 FA Bn

A-1-5 ADA [elements]

2nd Brigade (Col Paul Kern)

3-15 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

1-64 Armor Bn

3-69 Armor Bn [elements]

3-41 FA Bn

B-1-5 ADA [elements]

197th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) (Separate) [attached]

1-18 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

2-18 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

2-69 Armor Bn

4-41 FA Bn

C-1-5 ADA [elements] with 3 Sqn, 4 Plt, A-1-5 ADA under command

197 Support Bn (?)

72 Engineer Company (?)

Troop D, 4 Cavalry Regiment Aviation Brigade

2-4 Cavalry Squadron (Air)

1-24 Aviation Bn

3-24 Aviation Bn

A-13 FA Bn ?


1-41 Field Artillery Bn

3-41 Field Artillery Bn

G-333 Field Artillery Bn (TA) [elements]

A-13 Field Artillery Bn

4 (Stinger) Plt, HQ Btry, 1-5 ADA



24 Support Bn (Forward)

224 Support Bn (Forward)

724 Support Bn (Main)

91 Chemical Company (NBC Recon)

212 FA Brigade [attached from III Corps]

2-17 FA Bn

3-27 FA Bn

2-18 FA Bn

C-25 FA Bn

C-5-62 ADA Regiment

171 Corps Support Group (NC USAR) [attached]

548 Corps Support Bn

16 Quartermaster Company

460 Support & SVCS Company (MI ARNG)

260 Quartermaster Bn

110 Quartermaster Company

851 Support & SVCS Company (AL USAR)

24 Ordnance Company

46 Transport Company


211 MP Company (NC ARNG)

36 Engineer Group [attached]

5 Engineer Bn (Combat) (Corps)

299 Engineer Bn (Combat) (Corps)

US 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment [attached] (Col Doug Starr)

1/3 Cavalry Squadron

2/3 Cavalry Squadron

3/3 Cavalry Squadron

4/3 (Air) Armored Cavalry Squadron

3-18 FA Bn

B-5-62 ADA Bn

B-6-62 ADA Bn

Avenger Plt, Regt HQ Trp

43 Engineer Company

12 Aviation Brigade (Combat) [attached]

5-6 Cavalry Squadron (Attack)

3-227 Aviation Bn (Attack)

5-158 Aviation Bn (Command)

TF Warrior

B-6-158 Aviation Bn

C-7-158 Aviation Bn (Assault)

US 82nd Airborne Division (Major General James H. Johnson)

[9 abn inf bns]

1st Brigade

1-504 Parachute Infantry Bn

2-504 Parachute Infantry Bn

3-504 Parachute Infantry Bn

C-3-73 Armor Bn (Abn)

3-319 FA (Abn) Bn

A-3-4 ADA (Abn) [elements]

2nd Brigade

1-325 Parachute Infantry Bn

2-325 Parachute Infantry Bn

4-325 Parachute Infantry Bn

B-3-73 Armor Bn (Abn)


2-319 FA (Abn) Bn

B-3-4 ADA (Abn) [elements]

3rd Brigade

1-505 Parachute Infantry Bn

2-505 Parachute Infantry Bn

3-505 Parachute Infantry Bn

A-3-73 Armor Bn (Abn)

1-319 FA (Abn) Bn

C-3-4 ADA (Abn) [elements]

Aviation Brigade

1-82 Aviation (Attack Helicopter) Bn

Stinger Sec, Tm D (Provisional), 3-4 ADA (Abn)

1-17 (Air) Cavalry Squadron with LRS Det, 313 MI Bn under command


1-39 Field Artillery Bn (Airborne)

2-73 Armor Bn (?)

TF 3-73 Armor Bn

3-4 ADA (Abn) [elements]


Stinger Sec, Tm D (Provisional), 3-4 ADA (Abn) [TF Provider]

Stinger Sec, Tm D (Provisional), 3-4 ADA (Abn)


US 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

(Major General James H. Binford Peay)

[9 air aslt inf bns]

1st Brigade

1-327 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn

2-327 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn

3-327 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn [to 2 Bde 27.2.91]

1-502 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn [from 2 Bde until 27.2.91]

Team, Pathfinder Det

2-320 FA (Air Assault) Bn

A-2-44 ADA [elements]

2nd Brigade

1-502 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn [from 27.2.91]

3-502 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn

1-320 FA (Air Assault) Bn

B-2-44 ADA [elements]

3rd Brigade

1-187 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn

2-187 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn

3-187 Infantry (Air Assault) Bn

3-320 FA (Air Assault) Bn

C-2-44 ADA [elements]

Aviation Brigade

2-17 (Air) Cavalry Bn

1-101 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn with TA Plt, A-1-9 Cav (Air) under command

3-101 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

2-229 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

Pathfinder Det [elements]


5-8 Field Artillery Bn [from 18 FA Bde {Abn}]

2nd FA Det (TA)

LRS Det, 311 MI Bn

Team, Pathfinder Det

2-44 ADA Bn [elements]


Team, Pathfinder Det

French 6e Division Légère Blindée (6e DLB) (6th Light Armoured Division (Division Daguet)) (Brigadier-General Jean-Charles Mouscardes)

[12,000 troops in 1 tk bn {44 MBTs}, 2 cav bns, 4 inf bns, 2 cbt avn bns & 1 FA bn]

Under US XVIII Abn Corps tactical control

2e Régiment d’Infanterie de Marine (2 Marine [mech] Infantry Reg) [attached from 9 Marine Div]

with Co, 21e Régiment d’Infanterie de Marine (21 Marine Inf Regt) [mech inf] under command [Div reserve]

Commandos de Recherche et d’Action dans le Profondeur (CRAP) [attached from 11 Abn Div] [deep ops cdo unit] [c. 120]

13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes (13 Parachute Dragoon Regt) LRRP} [elements] [attached from 1 Army]

35e Régiment d’Artillerie de Marine (35 Marine Artillery Regt) [TA battery only?] [attached from 11 Para Div]

? (AF?) ADA Sec

PC Vert (Command Post Green)

4e Régiment de Dragons (4 Dragoon Regt) [tk bn] [attached from 10 Arm Div] [reinforced by elements of 503e Régiment de Chars de Combat {503 Combat Tk Regt}] [44 MBTs]

3e Régiment d’Infanterie de Marine (3 Marine [mech] Regt [attached from 9 Marine Div] with mech inf Co & 2 AT Secs, 21 Régiment d’Infanterie de Marine (21 Marine Inf Regt) & Co, Régiment d’Infanterie-Chars de Marine (Marine Inf-Tank Regt) [recce] under command

1st Sqn, 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes (1 Para Hussar Regt) [lt recce] [attached from 11 Para Div]

1er Régiment d’Hélicopteres de Combat (1 Combat Helicopter Regt) [attached from 4 Airmobile Div]

Composite Inf Co formed from 1er Régiment d’Infanterie (1 Inf Regt) airmobile-Atk] [attached from 4 Airmobile Div] & 1er Régiment Etranger d’Infanterie

PC Rouge (Command Post Red)

1er Régiment Etranger de Cavalerie (1st Foreign Legion Cavalry Regt) [recce]

1er Régiment de Spahis [recce]

2e Régiment Etranger d’Infanterie (2 Foreign Legion [mech] Infantry Regt) with Co, Régiment

d ’Infanterie-Chars de Marine (Marine Inf-Tank Regt) [recce] under command

3rd Sqn, 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes (1 Para Hussar Regt) [lt recce] [from 11 Para


3e Régiment d’Hélicopteres de Combat (3 Combat Helicopter Regt) [from 4th Airmobile Div]

Composite Inf Co formed from 1er Régiment d’Infanterie (1 Inf Regt) [airmobile-Atk] [attached

from 4 Airmobile Div] & 1er Régiment Etranger d’Infanterie

11e Régiment d’Artillerie de Marine (11 Marine Artillery Regt) [attached from 9 Marine Div]

6e Régiment Etranger du Génie (6 Foreign Legion Engineer Regt) [attached from 6 Lt Arm Div]

6e Régiment de Commandement et de Soutien (6 Command & Support Regt) [attached from 6 Lt Arm Div] with under

command 1er Régiment Parachutiste d’Infanterie de Marine (1 Marine Parachute Regt) [special ops] [elements]

[attached from 11 Para Div]

5e Régiment d’Hélicopteres de Combat [elements]

17e Régiment de Commandement et de Soutien (17 Command & Support Regt) [elements]

[attached from Rapid Action Force]

7e Régiment Parachutiste de Commandement et de Soutien (7 Para Command & Support Regt)

[elements] [attached from 11 Parachute Div]

Groupement de Livraison par Air (Air Delivery Group) [elements]

Gendarmerie Nationale (National MP) [elements]

17e Régiment de Génie Parachutiste (17 Para Engineer Regt) [2 cos.] [from 11 Para Div]

28e Régiment de Transmissions (28 Signals Regt) [2 EW cos.] [from Rapid Action Force]

US 12th Aviation Brigade

5-6 (Attack Helicopter) Cavalry Squadron

3-227 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

D-5-158 Aviation Bn

4 Plt, D-3-5 ADA Bn

US 18th Aviation Brigade (Airborne)

4-17 (Air) Cavalry Squadron [elements]

US XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery

18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne)

3-8 FA bn

5-8 FA Bn

6-27 FA Bn [elements]

1-39 FA Bn (Abn)

1-201 FA Bn [WV ARNG]

A-5-62 ADA Bn

1 FA Det (TA)

196th Field Artillery Brigade [ARNG]

1-181 FA Bn [TN ARNG]

1-623 FA Bn [KY ARNG]

212th Field Artillery Brigade

2-17 FA Bn

2-18 FA Bn

3-27 FA Bn

C(TA)-25 FA Bn [elements]

C-5-62 ADA Bn

20th Engineer Brigade (Airborne)

36th Engineer Group

265th Engineer Group [GA ARNG]

937th Engineer Group

1st Corps Support Command (COSCOM)

46th Support Group (Corps)

101st Support Group (Corps)

171st Support Group (Corps) [NC USAR]

507th Support Group (Corps)

44th Medical Brigade

1st Medical Group

2nd, 5th, 10th MASH & 28th, 41st, 46th,47th CSH

62nd Medical Group

15th, 44th, 86th, 93rd, 109th Evacuation Hospitals

16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne)

525th Military Intelligence Brigade (Airborne)

D(LRS)-522 MI Bn

35th Signal Brigade (Airborne)

360th Civil Affairs (CA) Brigade [SC USAR]

18th Personnel Group (Airborne)

18th Corps Finance Group (Airborne)

Dragon Brigade

US VII Corps (Lieutenant General Frederick M. Franks)

[146,000 troops in 12 bdes with 22 tk bns, 7 cav sqns, 13 mech inf bns, 9 cbt av sqns-bns & 24 FA bns with 1,500+ MBT, 1,300+ AFVs, 650+ SP guns & 200+ attack helicopters]

TF Jayhawk [= WSRO provisional Bn]

TF 8-43 ADA

US 1st Cavalry Division (-) (Major General John Tilelli) [Theater Reserve 23-26.2.91]

[4 tk & 2 mech inf bns]

8 Engineer Bn (?)

1-82 FA Bn [SP] (?)

1-7 Cavalry Squadron [elements] with Trps A&B,2-1 Cav [from 2 Arm Div] under command

4-5 ADA [elements]

LRS Det, 312 MI Bn


1st Brigade

3-32 Armor Bn

2-8 Cavalry Bn (Armor)

2-5 Cavalry Bn [mechanized inf]

1-82 Field Artillery Bn

A-4-5 ADA

2nd Brigade

1-32 Armor Bn

1-5 Cavalry Bn [mechanized inf]

1-8 Cavalry Bn [armor]

3-82 Field Artillery Bn

C-4-5 ADA

Aviation Brigade

1-227 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

1-3 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

US 1st Armored Division (Major General Ronald Griffith)

[c. 17,000] [6 tk & 4 mech inf bns]

6-3 ADA [elements]

LRS Det, 501st MI Bn


2nd Brigade

35 Armor Bn [elements] with D-4-7 (M) Inf under command

2-70 Armor Bn

4-70 Armor Bn

6-6 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

2-1 Field Artillery Bn

B-6-3 ADA

16 Engineer Bn (?)

3rd Brigade

3-35 Armor Bn

1-37 Armor Bn

7-6 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

3-1 FA Bn

C-6-3 ADA

54 Engineer Bn (?)

3rd Brigade [attached from 3rd Infantry Division]

4-66 Armor Bn

1-7 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

4-7 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn [elements] with A-1-35 Arm Bn under command

2-41 Field Artillery Bn

A-6-3 ADA

Task Force W Engineer Bn (?)

Aviation Brigade

1-1 [Air] Cavalry Squadron

2-1 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

3-1 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn


4-27 FA Bn [elements] with A-94 FA Bn under command

B(TA)-25th Field Artillery Bn

US 3rd Armored Division (Major General Paul Funk)

[17,000 troops in 6 tk & 4 mech inf bns]

4-7 Cavalry Squadron

1st Brigade

4-32 Armor Bn

4-34 Armor Bn [from 8 Inf Div]

3-5 Cavalry Bn [mechanized inf]

5-5 Cavalry Bn [mechanized inf]

2-3 FA Bn

A-5-3 ADA [from 8 Inf Div]

1st Plt, D-5-3 ADA [from 8 Inf Div]

2nd Brigade

4-18 (Mechanised) Infantry Bn

3-8 Cavalry (Armor) Bn

4-8 Cavalry (Armor) Bn

4-82 FA Bn

B-5-3 ADA [from 8 Inf Div]

3rd Brigade

5-18 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

2-67 Armor Bn

4-67 Armor Bn

2-82 FA Bn

D-5-3 ADA

Aviation Brigade

4-7 [Air] Cavalry Squadron with Stinger Plt (Provisional), 5-3 ADA [from 8 inf Div] under command

2-227 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn with A-5-229 Avn (AH) [from Apache Tng Bde] under command


A-40 Field Artillery Bn (MLRS]

F-333 Field Artillery Bn (TA)

5-3 ADA Bn [elements]

23 Engineer Bn (?)

143 Signal Bn (?)

LRS Det, 533 MI Bn


US 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (Col L Donald Holder)

1/2 Cavalry Squadron

2/2 Cavalry Squadron

3/2 Cavalry Squadron

4/2 Air Cavalry Squadron (Aviation)

2-1 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Squadron

Stinger Plt, Regt HQ Trp

Operational Readiness Float (ORF) Plt

210 FA Brigade (?)

3-17 FA Bn

4-27 FA Bn [elements]

6-41 FA Bn

82 Engineer (?)

US 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized) (Major General Thomas G. Rhame)

[6 tk & 3 mech inf bns]

1-4 Cavalry Squadron

1st Brigade

5-16 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

1-34 Armor Bn

2-34 Armor Bn

1-5 Field Artillery Bn

A-2-3 ADA [elements]

9 Engineer Bn (Combat) (?)

588 Engineer Bn (?)

2nd Brigade

2-16 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

3-37 Armor Bn

4-37 Armor Bn

4-5 Field Artillery Bn

B-2-3 ADA [elements]

317 Engineer Bn (Combat) (?)

3rd Brigade [attached from 2nd Armored Division]

1-41 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

2-66 Armor Bn

3-66 Armor Bn

4-3 Field Artillery Bn

C-2-3 ADA [elements] with 4 (Stinger) Plt, C-2-5 ADA under command

176 Engineer Bn (?)

Aviation Brigade

1-1 Aviation (Attack Helicopter) Bn

1-4 [Air] Cavalry Squadron with ? Stinger Tm, 4 Plt, A-2-3 ADA + LRS Det, D-101 MI Bn under command


B-6 FA Bn (MLRS)

D-25 FA (TA) [elements] with ? Radar Sec, C-26 FA (TA) under command [from 2 Arm Div]

9 Engineer Bn [attached] (?)

317 Engineer Bn [attached] (?)

588 Engineer Bn [attached] (?)

176 (ARNG) Engineer Group (?)

2-3 ADA [elements]


1st (UK) Armoured Division (Major General Rupert Smith)

[25,000 troops in 3 tk bns {160 MBTs}, 1 cav sqn, 4 inf bns {+ 3}, 2 cbt avn bns & 5 FA bns]

1 Bn Queen’s Own Highlanders [HQ & rear area security]

1 Armoured Division HQ & Signals Regt

Divisonal Artillery Group (DAG)

General Support-Recce Strike Group (Depth Fire Group)

16-5 The Queen’s Royal Lancers [-] [with A Sqn 1 Queen’s Dragoon Guards attached]

32 Heavy Regt, RA

39 Heavy Regt, RA

26 Field Regiment, RA [with 2 batteries, 26 Fd Regt under command]

12 AD Regiment, RA

23 AD Battery, RA

4 Regiment, AAC


654 Squadron

659 Squadron

661 Squadron

127 AD Battery, RA

21 AD Battery, RA

39 Engineer Regiment, RE [elements]

32 Armoured Engineer Regiment, RE

3 Field Squadron, RE

37 Field Squadron, RE

14 Field Support (Topographic) Squadron, RE

15 Field Support Squadron, RE

45 Field Support Squadron, RE

49 EOD Squadron, RE

Joint Helicopter Support Unit [elements]

7 Tank Transport Regt, RCT [elements]

10 Regt, RCT [elements]

1 Armoured Division Transport Regiment, RCT [elements]

4 Armoured Division Transport Regiment, RCT [elements]

17 Maritime & Port Regt, RCT [elements]

30 Signals Regt, Royal Corps of Signals [elements]

14 EW Regt, Royal Corps of Signals [elements]

1 Armoured Field Ambulance, RAMC [elements]

5 Armoured Field Ambulance, RAMC [elements]

16 Field Ambulance, RAMC [elements]

24 (Airmobile) Field Ambulance, RAMC [elements]

22 Field Hospital Group, RAMC [elements]

33 Field Hospital Group, RAMC [elements]

205 General Hospital, RAMC (TA) [elements]

28 Ambulance Squadron, The Gurkha Transport Regt

174 Provost Co., RMP

203 Provost Co., RMP

187 Co., Royal Pioneer Corps

518 Co., Royal Pioneer Corps

908 Pioneer Labour Support Unit

4th Armoured Brigade (Brigadier Christopher Hammerbeck)

14-20 King’s Hussars [-] [reinforced by Queen's Co., 1 Bn, Grenadier Guards &

elements 1 Bn, Queen’s Own Highlanders]

1 Bn, The Royal Scots [-] [reinforced by A Sqn, The Life Guards, elements 1 Bn,

Queen’s Own Highlanders & A Sqn, 14-20 King’s Hussars]

3 Bn, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers [-] [reinforced by 2 Co., 1 Bn, Grenadier Guards, B & D Sqns, 14-20

King’s Hussars & elements 1 Bn, Queen’s Own Highlanders]

204 Signals Squadron

2 Field Regiment, RA

21 Engineer Regiment, RE

7th Armoured Brigade (Brigadier Patrick Cordingley)

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards [-] [reinforced by elements of 14-20 King’s Hussars,

17-21 Lancers & 4 RTR] (Lt Col John Sharples)

Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars [-] [3? troops of 17-21 Lancers attached]

1 Bn, The Staffordshire Regiment [-][reinforced by elements of 1 Bn, Grenadier Guards,

2 Bn, Royal Anglian Regt, 1 Bn, Prince of Wales’s Own Regt of Yorkshire & 1 Bn, Royal Green

Jackets) (Lt Col Charles Rogers)

207 Signals Squadron

40 Field Regiment, RA

664 Squadron, AAC

21 Engineer Regiment, RE

A Squadron, 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards

1 Armoured Field Ambulance, RAMC

PoW Guard Force (PWGF)

1 Bn, Coldstream Guards [-] [from 56 (London) Brigade]

1 Bn, King’s Own Scottish Borderers [from 52 (Lowland) Brigade]

1 Bn, The Royal Highland Fusiliers [from 54 Infantry Brigade]

Armoured Delivery Group(ADG) [= battle loss replacement units]:

The Lifeguards [-]

1 Bn, Scots Guards [-]

22 SAS Regiment [elements] [c. 250]

Special Boat Squadron, RM [elements]

US 11th Aviation Brigade

2-6 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

4-229 (Attack Helicopter) Aviation Bn

C(?)-4-159 Aviation Bn

US VII Corps Artillery

42nd Field Artillery Brigade

3-20 FA Bn

1-27 FA Bn

2-29 FA Bn

75th Field Artillery Brigade

1-17 FA Bn

5-18 FA Bn

1-158 FA Bn [elements] [OK ARNG]

A-6-27 FA

C(TA)-26 FA [elements]

142nd Field Artillery Brigade [ARNG]

1-142 FA Bn [AR ARNG]

2-142 FA Bn [AR ARNG]

A-1-158 FA Bn [OK ARNG]

210th Field Artillery Brigade

3-17 FA Bn

C-4-27 FA Bn

6-41 FA Bn

E(TA)-333 FA Bn

US 7th Engineer Brigade

109th Engineer Group [SD ARNG]

176th Engineer Group [VA ARNG]

926th Engineer Group [AL USAR]

US 2nd Corps Support Command (COSCOM)

7th Support Group (Corps) (Forward Support)

16th Support Group (Corps) (Rear Area Support)

30th Support Group Corps (Rear Area Support) [NC ARNG]

43rd Support Group (Corps)

159th Support Group (Corps) (Forward Support [MT USAR]

332nd Medical Brigade [USAR-ARNG]

127th Medical Group

31st, 128th, 377th, 403rd CSH

341st Medical Group

159th, 475th, 807th, 912th MASH & 345th CSH

TF EVAC (Provisional)

12th, 13th, 148th, 312th, 410th Evacuation Hospitals

US 14th Military Police Brigade

US 207th Military Intelligence Brigade

F (LRS), 51 Inf

US 93rd Signal Brigade

US 354th Civil Affairs Brigade [MD USAR]

US 7th Personnel Group

US 7th Corps Finance Group

B. US Special Operations Command (Central) (USSOCCENT) (Colonel Jesse L Johnson) (HQ Riyadh)

[US elmts = 6 bns {2 in Turkey} & 2 Delta Force sqns]

3rd Special Forces Group (Abn)

1st Bn, 3rd Special Forces Group (Abn) [reinforced by A-3-10 SFGA]

A-4-17th Cav

1st Kuwaiti SF Bn [c . 500]

5th Special Forces Group (Abn) [reinforced by elements of 7th & 10th SFGA]

1-5 SFGA

2-5 SFGA

3-5 SFGA

TF 160 = 3rd Bn, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regt (Abn) [reinforced by elements of 2nd Bn]

3 Naval SPECWAR Task Units [incl. 2 SEAL platoons]

1st Special Operations Detachment D (Abn) (‘Delta Force’) [elements {prob 1st & 2nd Sqns}]

Co. A, 1st Bn, 10th SFGA

Co. A, 2nd Bn, 10th SFGA

Co. B, 75th Ranger Regt. [reinforced]

5th Theater Area Special Operations Support Command (TASOSC) [with 112th Signal & 528th Support

Bns (Abn) attached]

352nd Civil Affairs Command (USAR)

C. US Marine Forces, Central Command (MARCENT) (Lieutenant General Walter E. Boomer)

US 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (Lieutenant General Walter E. Boomer)

[66,000 troops] [23 infantry {incl. 2 afloat in Med}, 5 arm, 3 LAI, 2 recon, 3 amphibious assault, 13 FA & 4 ADA bns]

Det 2, HQ Btry, 14th Marine Regt [TX USMCR]

1st Surveillance, Recon & Intelligence (SRI) Group

(1st?) Force Recon Group (?Bn?) (Composite)

1st-4th Force Recon Companies [-]

24th Marine Regiment [USMCR] [elements]

2-24th Marine Bn

3-24 Marine Bn

US 1st Marine Division (Major General J. K. Myatt)

[9 inf bns & 2 tk bns]

Division Forward CP

Co C, 1-1 Marine Bn

Co B, 3rd Light Armored Infantry (LAI) Bn Division Main CP

1st Recon Bn [elements] with Co A [-], 3rd Recon Bn under command

TF Papa Bear (1st Marine Regt)

1/1 Marine Bn [-] with 4 Plt, AT Co, 1st Tk Bn & Co B, 3rd Aslt Amphib Bn under command

3-9 Marine Bn [-] with Co B, 1st Tk Bn, 1 Plt [-], AT Co, 1st Tk Bn & Co C, 3rd

Aslt Amphib Bn under command

1st Tank Bn [-] with Co I, 3-9 Marines, 1st Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 3rd Marines under command

AT Plt, HQ Co, 1st Marines (?)

1st Plt, Btry B, 3rd LAAD Bn

TF Taro (3rd Marine Regt)

1/1 Bn with 1st Sec, 3rd Plt, AT Co, 1st Tk Bn, ? Tm, Sec C, 3rd Plt, Btry B, 3rd LAAD Bn under command

3-3 Marine Bn with Armor Det, H&S Co, 1st Tk Bn, ? Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 3rd Marines & 3rd Sec, 3rd Plt, AT Co, 1st

Tk Bn under command

AT Plt [-], HQ Co, 3rd Marines (?)

2nd Sec, 3rd Plt, AT Co, 1st Tk Bn

Co C, 1st LAI Bn

3rd Plt, Co A, 3rd Recon Bn

2nd Plt, Co C, 3rd Recon Bn

Sec C [-], 3rd Plt, Btry B, 3rd LAAD Bn

TF Grizzly (4th Marine Regiment)

2-7 Marine Bn with ? Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 4th Marines & ? Tm, 3rd LAAD Bn under command

3-7 Marine Bn

AT Plt [-], HQ Co, 4th Marines

2nd Plt, Co A, 1st Recon Bn

Co D [-], 1st Recon Bn

? LAAD Unit

TF Ripper (7th Marine Regiment) (Major General John L. Hopkins)

1-5 Marine Bn with Co A, 1st Tk Bn, 3rd Plt, AT Co, 3rd Tk Bn & Co A, 3rd Aslt

Amphib Bn under command

1-7 Marine Bn [-] with Co A, 3rd Tk Bn, AT Plt [-], HQ Co, 7th Marines & Co D [-], 3rd

Aslt Amphib Bn under command

3rd Tank Bn [-] with Co A, 1-7 Marines, 1st Plt, Co D, 3rd Aslt Amphib Bn under command

Co D, 3rd LAI Bn

2nd Plt, Co C, 1st Recon Bn

2nd Plt, Co C, 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn

TF Shepherd

1st LAI Bn [-]

Det, 3rd LAI Bn

Sec A, 2nd Plt, Btry B, 3rd LAAD Bn

TF King (11th Marine {Artillery} Regiment)

1-11 Marines

3-11 Marines

5-11 Marines

1-12 Marines

3-12 Marines

TF Warden [EPW processing]

1-25 Marines [USMCR] with Wpns Plt, Co D, 2-25 Marines under command

H&S Co, 3rd Aslt Amphib Bn

US 2nd Marine Division (Major General William M. Keys)

[20,500 troops in 6 inf & 2 tk bns]


Co A, Marine Barracks, Washington, DC

AT Co [-], 4th Tk Bn [OK USMCR]

Btry B [-], 2nd LAAD Bn 6th Marine Regiment

2-2 Marines with Co A, 8th Tk Bn, 2nd Plt [-], AT Co, 8th Tk Bn, ? Sec, 3rd Plt, AT Co, 8th Tk

Bn & Co. B, 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn under command

1-6 Marines with Co C, 8th Tk Bn, 2nd Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 6th Marines, 1st Plt [-], AT Co, 8th

Tk Bn & Co B, 1st Armd Aslt Bn under command

3-6 Marines with 3rd Sec, AT Plt, Hq Co, 6th Marines & 1st Sec, 3rd Plt, AT Co, 8th Tk Bn

under command

8th Tank Bn [-] [USMCR] with Det, 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn under command

AT Plt [-], HQ Co, 6th Marines (?)

Co B, 2nd LAI Bn [MD USMCR]

TF Breach Alpha incl Det, 8th Tk Bn

TF Vega incl ? Sec, 1st Plt, AT Co, 4th Tk Bn, Co D, 4th Recon Bn & Det, 2nd LAAD Bn

Det, H&S Co, 2nd Recon Bn

Det, 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn

1st Plt [-], Btry B, 2nd LAAD Bn with 2nd Sec, 2nd Plt, Btry B, 2nd LAAD BN

8th Marine Regiment

2-4 Marines with 1st Plt, Co C, 4th Tk Bn, ? Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 8th Marines, Co B, 2nd Recon

Bn & Co B, 4th Aslt Amphib Bn under command

1-8 Marines [-] with Co B, 4th Tk Bn, ? Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 8th Marines, 1st Sec, 2nd Plt, AT

Co, 2nd Tk Bn, Co C, 2nd Recon Bn & Co D [-], 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn

3-23 Marines [USMCR] with 2nd Sec, ? Plt, AT Co, HQ Co, 8th Marines under command

Co C, 4th Tk Bn with AT Plt, HQ Co, 8th Marines under command

3rd Sec, 2nd Plt, AT Co, 2nd Tk Bn

? Sec, ? Plt, AT Co, 4th Tk Bn

Co F, 2nd LAI Bn

3rd Sec, 1st Plt, Btry B, 2nd LAAD Bn

10th Marine (Artillery) Regiment

2-10 Marines

3-10 Marines

5-10 Marines

2-12 Marines

Det 1, HQ Btry, 14th Marines

1st Sec, 1st Plt, Btry B, 2nd LAAD Bn

A-92 FA (USA)

4 Radar Sec, A(TA)-26 FA (USA)


2nd Tank Bn [-] with Co B, 1-8 Marines, AT Plt, HQ Co, 24th Marines & 2nd Plt, Co D, 2nd Aslt

Amphib Bn under command

2nd Light Armored Infantry Bn with 1st Sec, 2nd Plt, Btry B, 2nd LAAD Bn under command

2nd Recon Bn [-] with 1st Plt [-], AT Co, 4th Tk Bn under command

H&S Co, 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn

General Engineer Support Unit (Provisional), 2nd Aslt Amphib Bn

1st (‘Tiger’) Brigade, US 2nd Armored Division [attached] (Col John Sylvester)

1-67 Armor Bn

3-67 Armor Bn

3-41 (Mechanized) Infantry Bn

2nd LAI Bn, USMC [elements]

1-3 FA Bn

B-4-5 ADA

4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) [incl RLT 2 with 1-2 & 3-2 Marines] did not see combat.

5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB)

Regimental Landing Team (RLT) 5

3-1 Marines with Det 11, 1st LAI Bn, 1st Plt (?), Co A, 1st Recon Bn & ? Aslt Amphib Plt under command

2-5 Marines

3-5 Marines with Co L, 3-1 Marines, Co A, 4th Tk Bn, 3rd Sec, AT Plt, HQ Co, 5th Marines. Co A, 4th Aslt Amphib Bn

& ? LAAD Sec under command

AT Plt [-], HQ Co, 5th Marines

AT Plt, HQ Co, 23rd Marines

Co A [-], 4th LAV Bn with 2nd Plt [+], Co F, 2-25 Marines under command

Co B, 1st Recon Bn

2-11 Marines [Artillery]

13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC)

1-4 Marines with Co B [-], 1st LAI Bn, 3rd Plt (?), Co A, 1st Recon Bn, 1st Plt, Co A, 3rd Aslt

Amphib Bn & Btry B, 1-11 Marines [Artillery] under command

Det, 1st Force Recon Co

Det, 3rd LAAD Bn

3rd Civil Affairs Group (CAG) (USMCR) [reinforced]

3rd Naval Construction Regiment

1st Force Service Support Group (FSSG)

General Support Group 1

General Support Group 2

Direct Support Command

Direct Support Group 1

Direct Support Group 2

Combat Replacement Regiment [10 companies]

Joint Forces Command (JFC)

(Commander: Lieutenant General Khalid bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz)

[Saudi forces incl. 6 tk bns, 4 cav sqns, 16 inf bns, 1 cbt avn bn & 8 FA bns]

[Kuwaiti forces incl. 2 tk bns, 8 inf bns, 1 cbt av bn & 3 FA bns]

[7 other inf bns & 1 FA bn]

A. Forward Forces Command ‘Ar’ar

Royal Saudi Land Forces 5th Airborne Bn (?)

Saudi Arabian National Guard King Faisal Brigade

Pakistani 7th Armoured Brigade [2 tk, 1 inf & 1 FA bn]

B. Joint Forces Command North (JFC-N) (Major General Sulaiman al-Wuhayyib)

Egyptian II Corps (Major General Salah Mohammed Attia Halabi)

[c. 36-40,000 troops in 9 tk bns {c. 450 MBTs}, 2 cav sqns, 9 inf bns & 14 FA bns; units detached from 3rd Field Army]

Egyptian 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division

8th (?23rd?) Tank Brigade

11th (?10th?) Mechanised Brigade

12th (?22nd?114th?) Mechanised Brigade

39th Artillery Brigade

126th AAA Brigade

recce bn

ATk bn

Egyptian 4th Armoured Division

2nd Tank Brigade

3rd Tank Brigade

6th Mechanised Infantry Brigade

4th Artillery Brigade

recce bn

ATk bn

ADA bn

Egyptian 1st (?20th?) Ranger Regiment (? 5th Para Bde?)

Syrian 9th Armoured Division [c. 15, 000 troops; 7 tk, 1 cav sqn, 5 mech inf bns & 4 FA bns with c. 250 MBTs]

52nd Tank Brigade

53rd Tank Brigade

43rd Mechanised Brigade

89th Artillery Regiment

79th Anti-Aircraft Brigade

recce co.

Syrian 45th (?4th?) Commando (?SF?) Brigade (?Group?) (Major General Ali Habib) [c. 600]

122nd Special Forces Bn

183rd Special Forces Bn

824th Special Forces Bn

Syrian 89th Artillery Regiment

TF Khalid Muthannah (Muthena) Force

Royal Saudi Land Forces 20th Mechanised Infantry Brigade

Kuwaiti 35th (Shahid {Martyrs}) Mechanised Infantry Brigade

Sa’ad Force

Royal Saudi Land Forces 4th (King Fah’d) Armoured Brigade

Kuwaiti 15th (Al-Tahir) Infantry Brigade


Niger infantry Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces 1st Aviation Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces 15th FA (MLRS) Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces 7th Target Acquisition Company

Kuwaiti Al Haq Brigade

Kuwaiti Khulud Brigade

C. Joint Forces Command East (JFC-E) (Major General Sultan ‘Adi-al-Mutairi) (c. 37,000)

Task Force (TF) Omar

Royal Saudi Land Forces 10th Mechanised Infantry Brigade

UAE Mechanised (?Motorised?) Bn

Omani Northern motorised infantry Bn (?brigade?) [or with TF Othman]

Task Force (TF) Othman

Royal Saudi Land Forces 8th Mechanised Infantry Brigade

Bahraini motorised infantry company

Kuwaiti Al-Fatah [lt motorised?] Brigade

Kuwaiti 2-15 Mechanised Bn

Task Force (TF) Abu Bakr

Saudi Arabian National Guard 2nd Motorised Infantry Brigade (Col Turki al-Firmi)

5th Combined Arms Bn

6th Combined Arms Bn

7th Combined Arms Bn

8th Combined Arms Bn

Qatari mech inf bn (?)

Task Force (TF) Tariq

Royal Saudi Marine Bn

Moroccan 6th Mechanised (? Motorised?) Bn [or with TF Omar]

Senegalese 1st Infantry Bn [-?]


Qatari mechanised Bn

Bangladeshi 1st East Bengal Infantry Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces 2nd AT Co (?)

Royal Saudi Land Forces 14th FA Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces 18th Missile Bn (MRLS)

Royal Saudi Land Forces 6th Target Acquisition Battery

Kuwaiti-UAE Combat Aviation Bn

D. Joint Forces Command Reserves

Saudi Attack Aviation Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces 15th MLRS Bn

Royal Saudi Land Forces Anti-tank Company

Royal Saudi Land Forces 4th Airborne Bn [or JFC-N reserve]

Czech NBC Defence Company

Iraqi Land Forces

[c. 336,000 troops, possibly as few as c. 200,000 by G-Day]

Republican Guard Forces Command (RGFC)

1st sub-Corps:

1st Hammurabi Armoured Division (c. 4,600)

8th RGFC Armoured Brigade

1st (52nd) Regiment

2nd (53rd) Regiment

3rd (59th) Regiment

Mechanised Bn

15th Armoured Brigade

17th Armoured Brigade

2nd Medina Manarwah Armoured Division

3rd Tawakalnah al Allah Mechanised Division

18th Mechanised Brigade (12 MBTs)

29th Brigade

9th Armoured Brigade

4th Al-Faw Motorised Infantry Division

2nd sub-Corps:

5th Baghdad Mechanised (?) Infantry Division

6th Nebuchadnezzar Mechanised (?) Infantry Division

7th Adnan Motorised Infantry Division

II Corps ????

1st Infantry Division (?)

37th Infantry Division

III Corps [southern Kuwait-Saudi border-coast-Kuwait City-Basrah)

(Major General Salah Aboud Mahmoud)

Front Line:

7th Infantry Division

14th Infantry Division

18th Infantry Division

29th Infantry Division

Second line:

27th Infantry Division (c. 4,700 + 9 MBTs)

28th Infantry Division

31st Infantry Division (c. 4,000)

35th Infantry Division

49th Infantry Division

51st Infantry Division

Kuwait City:

11th Infantry Division

15th Infantry Division

19th Infantry Division

Corps [armoured] reserve:

3rd Saladin Armoured Division

12th Armoured Brigade

1st Regiment

2nd Regiment

3rd Regiment

Mechanised Bn

8th Mechanised Brigade (c. 1,480 + 29 MBTs)

34th Brigade

1st Mechanised Division

5th Mechanised Division

22nd Brigade

7th Regiment (Maj Adai)

IV Corps [western Kuwait-Saudi border-Iraq border]

Front line:

34th Infantry Division

21st Infantry Division

8th Infantry Division

Second line:

16th Infantry Division

20th Infantry Division

47th Infantry Division

6th Armoured Division

(Armored) Reserve:

10th Armoured Division

17th Armoured Division

52nd Armoured Division

52nd Armoured Brigade (c. 500 + 18 MBTs)

VII Corps (inside southern Iraq-Saudi border)

Front line:

48th Infantry Division (c. 3,100 + 27 MBTs)

30th Infantry Division (c. 3,750)

25th Infantry Division

Second line:

12th Armoured Division

50 Brigade

37th Armored Brigade

26th Infantry Division

45th Infantry Division

841st Infantry Brigade

842nd Infantry Brigade

843rd Infantry Brigade

17th Border Guards Brigade

54th Tank Bn

642nd Artillery Bn

951st Artillery Bn

440th Naval Infantry Brigade [Faylaka Island]

 Units not committed to Kuwait operation

I Corps [northern Iraq]

2nd Infantry Division

38th Infantry Division

V Corps [northern Iraq]

4th Infantry Division

Northern Corps

Al Abel Republican Guard Motorised Infantry Division

Southern Corps

Al Nedaa Republican Guard Armoured Division

N.B. 4 divisions unidentified, although total of divisions may have been as high as 59.


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