Sino-Vietnam War 1979

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This orbat is by Mr. Andrew Chan.

Time line:

Nov 20, 1978 was the deadline for preparation in Army level.

Dec 8, 1978. CMC meetings on tactical details of the attack.

Dec 13, 1978. GuangZhou MR’s units debark to the border area.

Dec 14, 1978. Recon started.

Dec 25, 1978. Close border

Dec 26, 1978. All units arrived from GuangZhou MR.

Facing the PLA is the 1st Vietnam military region. In the Eastern front., it had 11 Divisions, and 9 brigades/regiments divided into two lines. The first line had 6 divisions and 6 independent regiments.

325B Div

338 Div

3 Div

374 Div

304 Div

346 Div

43 Regiment

244 Regiment

576 Regiment

49 Regiment

Each county had one militia battalion

The 3rd and 346 Div were their best units, and assign to the protection of the Lang Son area

Second line had 5 divisions and 3 brigades/regiments

312 Division

431 Division

327 Division

329 Division

242 Island Defense Division

196 Regiment

38 Brigade

98 Regiment

27 military police units, about 100 men each

Vietnam Stationed 1st Army and 2nd Army in Hanoi area, their best.

346 Division nicknamed High North Division. It had the 246, 677, and 851 Regiments and 188 Artillery Regiment.

The 246 is consider the best regiment of the 346 Division, nicknamed the New Wave Regiment. It was form during the anti-French war. For a period of time it was direct control by the Vietnamese army HQ, and acted as its bodyguard. Took part in the Battle of Freeway Number 9.

3rd Division is nicknamed Golden Star. It had 2nd, 12, and 141 Infantry Regiments, and the 68 Artillery regiment. It is directly controlled by the 1st Military Region., and moved to Lang Son for the war. The 141 Regiment won the "Vietnam People’s Armed Power Heroes Award"; the 12 Regiment is the main force of the division, nicknamed "Hero Regiment", and considered the best in the Vietnamese Army.

Facing the Vietnamese are elements of 5 PLA field armies, a total of 88,000 men.

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