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Brigade HQ of 1 Spartan, 4 FV432, 2 FV434 and 1 FV432 Amb
-Signals Squadron of 18 FV436 and 4 FV439
-Tactical HQ of 1 Warrior Command

1 Armoured Regiment:
-HQ of 2 Challenger 2, 5 Sultan, 1 Spartan and 5 L/rover
-Recce Troop of 8 Scimitar, 1 Spartan and 1 Sampson
-HQ Squadron:
--A1 Echelon (1 Sultan and 1 Samaritan)
--A2 Echelon (1 Sultan and numerous wheeled vehicles)
--LAD Troop of 1 Challenger ARV, 1 Spartan and 1 Warrior 512
--B Echelon (numerous wheeled vehicles)
-4 Tank Squadrons:
--HQ of 2 Challenger 2, 2 Spartan, 1 L/rover, 1 FV432 Amb and 1 Samaritan
--4 Troops of 3 Challenger 2
--Admin Troop of 2 L/rover, 2 4 ton and 2 8 ton
--LAD Section of 1 Challenger ARV, 2 FV432, 1 FV434 and 1 Warrior 512

2 Armoured Infantry Battalions:
-HQ of 5 FV432, 2 Warrior MCRV and 1 Warrior MAOV
-4 Armoured Infantry Companies (1 Coy has only 2 pltns):
--HQ of 2 Warrior, 1 FV432 Amb, 2 L/rover, 1 8 ton, HQ and Sniper Section
--3 Platoons of 4 Warriors, Pl HQ (51mm mortar), 3 Sections (2 LSW each)
--LAD Section of 1 Warrior MCRV, 1 Warrior 512 and 1 FV432
-Manoeuvre Support Company:
--HQ of 5 FV432, 2 Warrior MCRV and 1 Warrior MAOV
--Anti-Tank Platoon:
---HQ of 2 Warriors and 2 Milan Teams
---3 Sections of 1 Spartan (HQ) 3 Warriors and 6 Milan Teams
--Recce Platoon:
---3 Sections of 4 Sabres
--HQ ISTAR Group of 1 FV432
--Mortar Platoon:
---Pl HQ of 2 Sultan
---4 Sections of 3 FV432/81mm mortars
---OP Section of 4 MFC teams and 4 Spartan
--CSS Detachment of 1 FV432
--Pioneer Platoon of 4 Warriors, Pl HQ (51mm mortar), 3 Sections (2 LSW each)
--LAD Section of 1 FV432, 1 FV434 and 1 Sampson

Divisional/Corps Attachments

Up to 1 Helicopter Regiment (3 Regiment AAC):
-2 Squadrons of 6 Lynx/TOW and 6 Gazelle
-1 Squadron of 11 Lynx AH3/7 transports

Up to 3 Field Artillery Regiments:
-HQ of 2 FV432 and 2 FV432/Cymbeline
-4 Batteries of 8 AS90 and 1 Warrior MAOV

Up to 1 Field Artillery Regiment:
-HQ of 2 FV432 and 2 FV432/Cymbeline
-2 Batteries of 9 MLRS
-1 Battery of BMETS Troop, COBRA Troop and Phoenix Troop

Up to 1 Close Air Defence Regiment (12 Air Defence Regt):
-HQ of 4 Sultan
-3 Batteries:
--3 Troops of 12 HVM Stormers

Up to 1 Armoured Recce Regiment:
-HQ of 8 Sultan and 3 Spartan
-4 Squadrons:
--HQ of 2 Sultans and 1 Spartans
--3 Troops of 4 Scimitars
--1 Troop of 4 Strikers
--1 Troop of 4 Spartan, 4 Sections, 4 LSW

This organisation is based on the War Establishment, so the Infantry Battalions each have an additional infantry company, 4 Milan posts, 4 Sabres and 3 mortars. I'm not sure about the organisation of the mortar platoon, but after looking at all the evidence, I've opted for sections of 3 mortars, and I've also increased the number of OP teams from 3 to 4 (I assume that with the additional mortar platoon to bring the Pltn to WE strength would come an additional OP team).

I must confess to still being a little confused as to why the Recce troop in the Armoured Regt is 8 Scimitars, whilst those in the Reece Regt are 4 Scimitars, and the recce units in the Infantry Btns are organised as Pltns and sections (I would have expected them to retain their cavalry nomenclature). Any suggestions gratefully received. I would also be interested to find out why the Tank Sqn HQ has both a Samaritan and an FV432 Ambulance. I would have thought that if you must have two ambulances, using a single type would reduce the logistical burden.

Reply from Gordon A. MacKinlay
March 10, 2002

Recce troop in the Armd Regt is 8 Scimitars. The regt has four sqns, in British tactical thought, a armoured brigade divides into battle groups which are armoured or infantry heavy. Each sqn of the armd regt becomes a independent tactical identity, so the recce tp which is divided up into four tactical units (sections) of 2 recce vehicles each (this is the standard minimum deployed unit). Each sqn gets one section, for local recce.

Those in the Recce Regt are 4 Scimitars; the recce regt role is medium recce, the miniumum deployable unit being a recce regt troop. A troop has two sections, these two advance in mutual support - ie., two vehicles advance, the other two watch and shoot when necessary (although recce tps are not intended to fight for intelligence, they look, listen, record and communicate - they are the formation commanders eyes and ears), so a four vehicle is the norm.

Recce units in the Infantry Btns are organised as Pltns and sections ; this is because they are infantry sub units, not RAC. Section is the normal minor sub unit title.

Why the Tank Sqn HQ has both a Samaritan and an FV432 Ambulance. The 432 ambulance is not capable of keeping up with a tank tp of Challanger II's, therefore the Samaritan is used. This vehicle can only carry two stretchers and has limited available room within the vehicles hull, it acts as the immediate 'rescue' vehicle to remove casualties from AFVs. It returns these casualties to the parent sqn echelon, there the casualties are transferred to the 432 ( holds four stretchers with plenty?? of room) for backward movement to the regt support echelon.for treatment by the regimental medical officer (RMO) and transfer to the Royal Army Medical Corps treatment chain.

The original intention was to equip all first line units with vehicles of the Warrior family, unfortunately too expensive!!!

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