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World War II Aviation

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Aircraft Databases
   Zeno's Control Tower: World War II Aviation Links
   Biplane Fighters from WW2
   The Great Airplanes
   The Probert Encyclopaedia - Aircraft
   Air Aces
   Aviafrance (French)
   World Air Forces

Dutch Airforces
   Dutch Historic Aviation Sites
   Air Battle over Holland May 1940
   Netherlands East Indies Air Force in Australia
   The Dornier Do-24 Homepage
   The Koolhofen Aeroplanes Foundation
   Wilko Jonker's Luchtvaart- en Modelbouwsite [Dutch, English]

United States Air Forces
   The United States Army Air Forces in W.W.II
   National Museum of the USAF Museum - History of the Air Force
   Army Air Force in Europe
   Army Air Force in W.W.II
   Hawaiian Aviation History Main Page
   World War Two and Aviation History

British, Dominion, and Commonwealth Air Forces
   RAF Commands 1939 - 1945
   Bomber Command
   Military Airfields in Australia
   Air of Authority - A History of RAF Organisation
   The History & Heritage of Royal Canadian Air Forces

   The Luftwaffe, 1933-45
   Luftwaffe Page of the 12 O'Clock High! site
   The Zeppelin Library
   Luftwaffe Resource Page - Directory
   The Dornier Do-24 Homepage
   Special Interest Group Luftwaffe in Norway

Misc. Aviation Matters
   Reggiane! Reggiane! (Italian)
   Uncle Ted's WW2 Air Combat Pages
   Pacific War Airfields Project
   The Romanian Royal Aeronautics in WWII
   Latvian Aviation, 1918 - 1940
   Danish Military Aircraft

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